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Recommends – “Pride As It Should Be” – Orange Nation “World Pride Programme” – Fri 6th to Mon 9th July – Special Focus Feature

From A.M. to WE, Boylesque to Beyond, Onyx to Orange, plus Gravity, Later & newbie Infamous too, there is no doubt that Orange Nation is a superb Vauxhall & Southwark clubbing torre de force this “World Pride” weekend, also holding sway in Soho with an exclusive outdoor event, Disco Matt dishing up the detail of a superb sequence of showings… Read more »

Recommends – “Brave New Brand On The Block” – Blitz Bar London Launch – Friday 3rd February – Extra Bites Special

London may have been gripped by the terror of the blitz back in the 1940’s, but a new kind of blitz is looking to make a bang in the capital when, some seventy years later, the brave new brand on the block that is Blitz Bar launches with its “Peepshow” party, Disco Matt biting into the detail of this new… Read more »

Reviews – “Breathtaking Brace Of Brilliance” – Beyond – Sunday 4th & 11th December – Super Size Review

Well what a year it has been, the highs the lows, the ups the downs, the rollercoaster rides & the emotional tears of joy, the two main protagonists being the awesome afterhours that is Beyond together with one of its most prolific players. So, it seemed wholly appropriate to deliver our final review rapture of 2011 looking at the last… Read more »

Reviews – “Rollercoaster Ride Returns” – Beyond “WE Afterparty” – Sunday 9th October – Bite Size Review

If we could have predicted just how much one club would have stirred our emotions over the last few months, then we could have at least been a little bit prepared for the series of rollercoaster rides that we have found ourselves on. That said, given the gigantic year that this club has had, its own ride has been more… Read more »

Previews – “Awesome Afterhours Anniversary” – Beyond “The 10th Birthday” – Sunday 25th September – Special Preview

Having taken our tender steps onto the capital’s clubbing circuit some twenty or so years ago, we can count ourselves pretty lucky to have encountered some truly tremendous times in the hands of some of the biggest & best brands along the way, from Action to DTPM, Factor 25 to FIST, Matinee to SuperMartXe & Lovechild to Later, all making… Read more »

Reviews – “Revolution Renegade” – Brava “The Launch” – Sunday 28th August – Super Size Review

If we had a pound for every club launch we have seen come & go over the years we have been circulating the scene, we would be pretty rich by now, while the same could be said for the plethora of promoters that have tried & failed to make the mark. So much so, when news first hit our desks… Read more »

Recommends – “Final & Fond Farewell” – Industri The Last Dance – Wednesday 29th June – Extra Bites Special

We can count ourselves lucky to have been part of one of the world’s most vibrant clubbing scenes for close on 20 years now and yes, we can hear you say, “…you don’t look old enough…”, but botox & facelift jokes aside, it was 1991 when we made our first steps on a London scene which was, during that decade,… Read more »