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Recommends – “Minty’s Marvellous Monthly Meet” – 9 Below The Launch – Saturday 18th January – Extra Bites Focus

Always being prepared to push & propel new parties, especially when one of the most heavenly of hostesses on the capitals clubbing circuit is involved, it goes without saying that the launch night of 9 Below simply has to get at least a short shout mention, this exceptional event seeing Hrh Minty reunited with playing & promotional partner in clubbing… Read more »

Reviews – “Emotinally Enthralling Epilogue” – Beyond “Midnight – Music Is All You Need”- Sunday 30th December – Full Size Review

Having commenced the year with a colossal classics celebration, our first dervish dominated by a performance of prolific Pitron proportions, who would have thought that our concluding dancing day would find us soaking up a set so spectacularly similar & stunning, Steve once again at the epicentre of our excitable cavorting, the club on both occasions being Beyond, this final… Read more »

Picks/Recommends – “Last December Dance” – Beyond “Midnight – Music Is All You Need” – Sunday 30th December – Pick Of The Day/Weekend Extra Bites

It will be starting 2013 as it means to go on and is ended 2012 as it has done for the whole of the year, at the top of the capitals clubbing circuit game, Beyond once again making it to our “Pick Of The Day” choice for today (Sun 30th Dec), all the party promo a banner selection away opposite… Read more »

Picks/Recommends – “Brilliant Knockout Blow Of A Bash” – A:M Ultra’s “Boxing Day Blowout” – Wednesday 26th December – Pick Of the Day/Festive Focus Extra

Sales shopping sorted, sporting activities accomplished and Christmas leftovers lapped up, there’s only one thing that should be on your roster radar this spiritual St Stephen’s sacrament, as A:M Ultra rolls out its “Boxing Day Blowout” tonight (Wed 26th Dec), a prolific party which wrestled our “Pick of the Day” choice from the Popcorn & Gigolo competition, all the event… Read more »

Picks/Recommends – “Classic Chrimbo Cavourting” – Orange “The Christmas Day Institution” – Tuesday 25th December – Pick Of The Day/Festive Focus Extra

Turkey & all the trimmings devoured and nothing much to watch apart from repeats means that there is only one chrimbo choice tonight (Tues 25th Dec), that being the clubbing institution that has become an Orange outing to break the boundaries of Christmas conformity, this enthralling event our “Pick Of The Day”, all the detail a banner selection away opposite… Read more »

Picks/Recommends – “Citric Champers Celebration” – Orange “The Birthday, 14 Glorious Years” – Sunday 11th November – Pick Of The Day/Special Focus Extra

From the backwater of Bermondsey to the vibrancy of Vauxhall, the scene’s longest running & surviving weekly marks fourteen years of citric clubbing splendour tonight (Sun 11th Nov) meaning that the orbicular outing that is Orange simply had to make it to our “Pick Of The Day” choice, all the event detail a banner selection away opposite or an image… Read more »

Recommends/Picks – “Friday Saturday Shift” – A:M “Ultra” – Friday 2nd November – Weekend Focus Extra/Pick of The Day

For over nine years it’s been storming Saturday mornings, pushing the mid to late A.M. boundaries, but the club of the same name is about to embark of the biggest change its history, shifting into Friday as well as Saturday, A:M going all “Ultra” on us from tonight (Fri 2nd Nov), meaning it not only makes our “Pick Of The… Read more »