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Music – “Podcast Picks & Tracks In The Mix” – DM Does The Music News – Monday 10th June – 2013 Newsletter Vol. 5

With heaps of heavenly house productions well & truly rocking all over our world, it looks like brevity will be the name of the game for our latest newsletter as our jukebox journey jets through a marvellous mix of podcast & track picks, short shouting sounds from some true global giants as well more modest music makers, movers & shakers,… Read more »

Recommends/Reports – “Festival Forecast For Shining Sun” – As One In The Park – Sunday 26th May – Extra Bites Special

With just one day to go and the sun expecting to shine, it’s all eyes on the billed biggest festival to storm the capital scene is years, we report of whether  the paper based promotion & propulsion looks like converting into a  gigantic gathering or a smaller smattering of crusaders to the cause, while touching on some eleventh hour event… Read more »

Recommends/Reports – “Superb Shoreditch Starters” – Disco Smack & Owsat – Thursday 23rd May – Pick(s) of The Day/Special Report

With the Thursday soiree scene seemingly soaring in Soho, it looks like Shoreditch is following suit with two new starters, we landing our first joint “Pick of The Day” on East Bloc’s “Disco Smack” & The Joiners Arms newbie “Owsat”, event details a rotational banner selection away opposite or image clicks below, while we deliver a dinky devotion on the… Read more »

Previews/Reports – “Fabulous Festival Or Failing Flop?!” – As One In the Park – Sunday 26th May – Special Feature

The doubters thought it would never happen, but with just a few days to go, As One In the Park is setting itself to take gay London & its clubbing scene & season by storm, a line-up of performers and collection of clubs that certain dreams of made of, while underneath the veneer, the cracks are beginning to show, we… Read more »

Recommends/Reports – “Soho Soiree’s Shift” – Revival & Gigolo – Monday 13th May – Extra Bites/News Nibbles

True to form & in an ever moving & changing capital clubbing circuit, we “Extra Bite” report on two Soho soiree slot shifts & what their switching means for the scene, while we also fit in some newsworthy nibbles on some upcoming events well worth considering your appearance attention.   In the conformist Monday to Friday, nine to five, working… Read more »

Recommends – “Soho Soiree Switch” – Gigolo “Cover Star” – Thursday 9th May – Pick of The Day

It started life at Lo-Profile on a Thursday, then found new legs at The Shadow Lounge on a Wednesday, but tonight see’s promoters L.a. & David Hart switch their Soho soiree back to Thursday’s, Gigolo the club that once again squares up against its counterpart on Greek St., we looking into this change & what it means for the Thursday… Read more »

Reports – “It Was All Going So Well” – Monthly Message – Monday 11th March

As we stutter & stumble into the third month of our year of positivity, 2013 is looking as rosy as the inclement weather, spring yet to have sprung in a second month that had plenty of positives but plagued with health negatives, we nevertheless looking back then forward with a yet further renewed sense of optimism for bigger & better… Read more »