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Recommends – “Shimmering Shoreditch Star” – Super Electro Party Machine – Friday 31st May – Pick of The Day/Extra Bites Feature

It started out the size of a minnow, grew to a tadpole, but is now a fully fledged frog, leaping & bounding across the partying pool that is not just the Shoreditch scene but the whole capital clubbing circuit, currently riding on a Friday foray dominating wave crest, Larry Tee’s creation once again landing our “Pick of The Day”, event… Read more »

Reviews – “Superb Scene Shift Start” – Covert “A New Beginning” – Saturday 16th March – Full Size Review

With much promise posed ahead of its “A New Beginning” event and with plenty of talk about Covert both championing change across the capitals clubbing circuit, was  Saturday’s party the proof of the pudding in the eating, what was our verdict on this gigantic gathering and how much more did we learn about this clubbing change concept.     There… Read more »

Recommends – “Charitable Clubbing Change Champions” – Covert “A New Beginning” – Saturday 16th March – Weekend Focus Special

Hailed as “A New Beginning” for the capitals clubbing circuit in an event that brings together like minded club owners, promoters, D.J.’s & scene figureheads, we dive into the dynamic detail of this magnificent meet with commentary & links a-plenty.     Having effectively stood back and watched the splendid scene that was London crumble before our eyes, the once… Read more »

Recommends – “Brilliantly Blended Or Badly Buckling Brands – Matinee vs. Beyond “Ghetto Fabulous” – Saturday 10th November – Weekend Focus

Despite a complete lack of PR and serious question marks over the D.J. line up, we throw our Weekend Focus attention on Matinee, which returns to London this Saturday, once again going head to head with Beyond in a towering ten hour happening that, however, leaves us asking lots of blending or buckling brand questions, this along with other issues… Read more »

Picks – “Classics Catalogue” – Beyond “Midnight – XLsior Pre-Party” – Sat/Sun 7th/8th April – Pick Of The Day

With all roads not only leading but looking to start here, Disco Matt chooses Beyond “Midnight” which takes place tonight/tomorrow (Sat/Sun 7th/8th April) at Area in Vauxhall, as his pick of the day, not least as DM’s premier player, Steve Pitron, will be delivering a captivating catalogue of classics in his showstopper of a set, all the detail a supporting… Read more »

Recommends – “Appetising Alternative Trio Of Treats” – Discotec, Fiction & Dish – Thurs 5th, Fri 6th & Sun 8th April – Easter Extra Bites

Having covered “The Big Easter Weekend Ticket” trio of treats, it’s time to let another appetising trio of treats take to the DM spotlight, three exceptional events that deserve to have their Easter say, as the weekend hails the return of two brilliant brands form our partying past, well as a special Sunday serving Stephan style, Disco Matt biting into… Read more »

Recommends – “Orange Easter Others” – Gravity “Bad Thursday”, Onyx “Holy Trinity”, A:M “Easter Headliners”, Later “WE Warm Up” & “Extra”, Beyond “Recharged” – Thurs 5th to Mon 9th April – Easter Extra Bites Special

While the emphasis on “The Big Easter Weekend Ticket” having propelled it’s trio of treats to the fore, there is little doubt that The Orange Group have plenty more on offer, a collective of clubs that carries you from Thursday to Monday, Disco Matt biting into the seven other Orange Nation Easter events that make this the biggest gay weekend… Read more »