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Music & Video – “Podcast Picks & Tracks In The Mix” – Newsletter Volume One – Wednesday 2nd March

Back with a bang is our “Podcast Picks & Tracks In the Mix” music newsletter, dedicated to those latest movers & shakers in sound rocking our world, while for this first volume of 2016, we are playing catch-up, looking back on a pack of premier picks that have hit our heavenly music mark in the last few months.   While… Read more »

Press Releases – “Hussling Hookers Annual Awards” – Hookies Prelim At Manbar – Friday 21st February

Now into its fifth year here in the capital, the prelim for the annual “Hookies” celebration sits bang slap in the middle of awards season here, this perhaps the UK porn industry equivalent to the Brits of the BAFTA’s and in new home, Manbar, it has found the perfect partner to pitch its party, we sharing the press release details… Read more »

Recommends – “New Manly Nights” Manbar ~ “Genre” & “Babylon” – Sunday 9th & Thursday 13th February – News Nibbles

Relative new kid in old shoes now sparkling on the Soho scene block, Manbar, having gone through some managerial changes, is revamping its weekly line up to include two new nights, we nibbling into the detail in each before giving a short shout to Wednesday wonder “Record Box”.     For those who have trodden the Soho social scene circuit… Read more »

Press Releases – “Mansize Meets” – Manbar In February – Tuesday 21st January

Always wishing to show our support to all corners of the capital’s clubbing circuit & push the various press releases we receive; it’s the turn of Manbar to stand in our supports spotlight, we propelling the details of their February schedule of shindigs, after giving our own tiny take on this sexy Soho spot.      Soho as a spot… Read more »

Music – “Podcast Picks & Tracks In The Mix” – DM Does The Music News – Monday 10th June – 2013 Newsletter Vol. 5

With heaps of heavenly house productions well & truly rocking all over our world, it looks like brevity will be the name of the game for our latest newsletter as our jukebox journey jets through a marvellous mix of podcast & track picks, short shouting sounds from some true global giants as well more modest music makers, movers & shakers,… Read more »

Music – “Podcast Picks & Tracks In the Mix” – DM Does The Music News – Sunday 26th May – 2013 Newsletter Vol. 4

Scoring a line under the music missed since our last newsletter in January, we rather look to now and, in mini mention form, rattle through a small selection of our website promoted podcast picks, also bringing you lots of hot of the press releases from some of the biggest names on the clubbing scene, sharing download, stream & YouTube links,… Read more »

Recommends – “Roberts’ Resplendent Return” – PLAY>TIME – Friday 10th May – Pick of The Day

A favourite Friday frolic that stormed Soho right from the start, attained awards & accolades & proved of formidable force on the capitals clubbing circuit, after the sudden closure of its historical home, PLAY>TIME is now back, bigger, braver & bolder with a super sized soiree tonight (Fri 10th May), this prolific party making our “Pick of The Day”, details… Read more »