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Recommends – “Magnificent Monday Meet” – Popcorn – Monday 6th January – Extra Bites Focus

It might be the first day of the working week, but when it comes to Popcorn & it’s phenomenal popularity & tremendous turnout, it may as well be the weekend, this magnificent Monday meet consistently pulling in a colourful crowd into the thousands, confirming its claim as the UK’s biggest mixed weekday party, making it fabulous fodder for focussing on,… Read more »

Reviews – “Superb Scene Shift Start” – Covert “A New Beginning” – Saturday 16th March – Full Size Review

With much promise posed ahead of its “A New Beginning” event and with plenty of talk about Covert both championing change across the capitals clubbing circuit, was  Saturday’s party the proof of the pudding in the eating, what was our verdict on this gigantic gathering and how much more did we learn about this clubbing change concept.     There… Read more »

Disco Matters – “Operation Overhaul” – Covert “A New Beginning” – The Alan K Interview (Part One) – Friday 15th March

With a sense of real optimism that the competition crushing & clubbing monopolisation that has dominated the capitals clubbing circuit in the last handful of years, we are thrilled to bring you access to the first part of an exclusive interview with the man behind this exciting “A New Beginning” movement, a D.J. tuned club promoter and a man extolling… Read more »

Recommends – “Charitable Clubbing Change Champions” – Covert “A New Beginning” – Saturday 16th March – Weekend Focus Special

Hailed as “A New Beginning” for the capitals clubbing circuit in an event that brings together like minded club owners, promoters, D.J.’s & scene figureheads, we dive into the dynamic detail of this magnificent meet with commentary & links a-plenty.     Having effectively stood back and watched the splendid scene that was London crumble before our eyes, the once… Read more »

Previews – “Championing Clubbing Change” – Covert – Tuesday 12th March – Special Feature

Shaking up the scene and championing clubbing change across the capitals circuit, we find Vauxhall’s Club Covert at the centre of this magnificent movement, so delve deep into the aims & achievements of this band of brotherly club owners, promoters & figure heads, both for this coming Saturday’s “A New Beginning” event and for the future bright blue with brilliance…. Read more »

Reports/Reviews – “Not Another One!!” – Beyond “Midnight” – Saturday 23rd February – Special Reflective Report

What was a brilliant brand and a fabulous favourite of ours, is fast losing both is brilliance and its favour with the twelve hour “Midnight” mould breaker that is effectively laying this colossal club to a first four waste, we once again, yet for the last time, looking at why & how Beyond is being broken when it needs no… Read more »

Recommends – “Sidings Signal Green For Go” – This Is Prohibition “Love Resurrection” – Saturday 16th February – Extra Bites

We have previewed, we focussed and now we Extra Bite on the hot off the press detail of the latest and confirmed D.J. line-up across the three sidings dances spaces, while recapping on all the dynamic detail ahead of tomorrow night’s launch of new clubbing combo, This Is Prohibition and its “Love Resurrection” event.       Cutting to the… Read more »