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Reviews – “Bitter Sweet Soiree Swansong” – Industri “The Last Dance” – Wednesday 29th June – Bite Size Review

We look back over the last three years, having seen a myriad of club nights, events & other occasions come & go, while for those that remain, as well as those newcomers making their mark, we can count on one hand the clubs that have had a meaningful impression upon us, one in particular very much responsible for our existence… Read more »

Recommends – “Final & Fond Farewell” – Industri The Last Dance – Wednesday 29th June – Extra Bites Special

We can count ourselves lucky to have been part of one of the world’s most vibrant clubbing scenes for close on 20 years now and yes, we can hear you say, “…you don’t look old enough…”, but botox & facelift jokes aside, it was 1991 when we made our first steps on a London scene which was, during that decade,… Read more »

Reports – “Soho Society Social Soiree Showdown” – Industri, Room Service & Society – Wed 4th, Thurs 5th & Fri 6th – Preview The Review Special

Welcome to yet another “Preview The Review” (PTR) report, a series that is proving increasingly popular due not just to their bite sized nature, but that they hit our pages & the wider world before any other reviews in magazines & on-line. And continuing that tradition is our latest fresh felt reflection, but a very special one, as it captures… Read more »

DM Recomends – “Get Us To The Plane On Time” – Weekend Best Bites & Short Shouts” – Fri 18th to Sun 20th February

Its definitely feeling like a short month compared to January, as we already find ourselves at the penultimate weekend of February and one that will see us running around in final preparations for our three week trip to South Africa, with more of that international reporting that is figuring in our lifestyle right now. Now, while we will be indulging… Read more »

DM Recommends – “Love Is In The Air” – Weekend Best Bites & Short Shouts – Fri 11th to Sun 13th February

Having gotten caught up in the raptures and romance of Paris last week, the run up to our weekend was full with sightseeing & socialising, meaning that precious little time was available to share our usual Best Bite shouts back here in the capital, although judging by pictures in the press, it was a reasonably sedate start to the shortest… Read more »

Special Review – “Vibrant Village Visit” – Soho’s Hip & Happening Hangouts – Barcode, Rupert St & Profile/Lo-Profile – Friday 28th Janaury

Since arriving & settling in London umpteen years ago, we have always been attracted to the charms or otherwise of Soho, the history of this once salubrious district of the West End very much painted with porn, vice & well, sex, even when we landed in the capital, not a street corner without a drug dealer, a pimp or a… Read more »

DM Recommends – “Carnival Collective” – Weekend Best Bites – Fri 28th to Sun 30th January

Well, what a month it has been in Disco Matt land, first the flu & then a nasty ear infection that has left us most out of sorts, although it hasn’t stopped us getting out & about on the scene, and when we haven’t, recommending the places to be & be seen. So as the first month of 2011 draws… Read more »