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Reviews – “Breathtakingly Brilliant Beats” – Beyond – Sunday 26th January

With it being over a year since officially steeping out on our infamous spot, we found ourselves falling, once again, head over heels with the amazing atmosphere & ambiance of the awesome afterhours that cannot be beaten, Beyond still streets ahead of even the best of the rest pretenders to its colossal clubbing cavorting crown, this resplendent review re-engaging &… Read more »

Recommends – “Back With A Bang Bang A Bang “BOOM!!” – Matinee London – Saturday 1st February – Weekend Focus

With its “BOOM!!” theme still starring in a string of spectacles across the world, this Saturday (1st Feb) it’s the turn of London to step into the Spanish superclub spotlight, this brilliant brand returning to the place where it all first happened here in the capital, Area in Vauxhall, we looking back over its heavenly history before dishing up the… Read more »

Recommends – “Soho Starter Storms South” – The Friday Society – Friday 3rd January – Pick of The Day

It started like in Soho at the wonder on Wardour Street that was Lo-Profile, then re-emerged as a Sunday soiree south of the river and now extends back to its original slot on the capitals clubbing calendar, “The Friday Society”, having launched in December, kicks off the new year with a regular weekly schedule for January, filling a much needed… Read more »

Reports – “Winds Of Clubbing Change” – DM’s Seventh Day Sermon – Sunday 24th February

With new & renewed life about to be injected into a sagging London scene, we reflect on what used to be brilliant, but what then went badly wrong as competition crushing & monstrous monopolies mobbed, while with the winds of change about to blow, we also look at what is to come in restoring & rejuvenating both the diversity and… Read more »

Reports/Reviews – “Not Another One!!” – Beyond “Midnight” – Saturday 23rd February – Special Reflective Report

What was a brilliant brand and a fabulous favourite of ours, is fast losing both is brilliance and its favour with the twelve hour “Midnight” mould breaker that is effectively laying this colossal club to a first four waste, we once again, yet for the last time, looking at why & how Beyond is being broken when it needs no… Read more »

Previews – “Dad’s Army Antics” – Manic Panic & District XXX – The Launch – Friday 15th February

With February seeing a heap of new happenings from both new to the promoter game guys & experienced operators, it seems Orange Nation also wants to join the party as it announces the launch of its latest Friday frolic, replacing the ill fated Onyx & A:M “Ultra” forays, we delving into what new meet Manic & its two offshoot’s, District… Read more »

Reports/Recommends – “Mixed Messages Marring Magnificence” – Beyond “Pervert” – Sunday 3rd February – Extra Bites Special

While we make no secret that Beyond has become our favourite club of all-time, having wowed our world for over ten years now, recent developments have left us in dismay over some of the mixed messages that are marring its magnificence, while come Sunday (3rd Feb) all that will be brushed under the carpet as Beyond’s first big bash since… Read more »