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Picks/Music – “Disco Drenched Delectation” – Brent Nicholls “Disco Pills & Other Thrills” Mix – Podcast Of The Week/Special Feature – Tuesday 15th May

When a music mix includes the word “Disco” it is hard for us to resist, Brent Nicholls’ latest compilation creation one such example, his “Disco Pills & Other Thrills” mix making it to DM’s podcast of the week slot, download/stream options a banner selection away opposite or an image click below, while DM delves deeper on this Brent beats bonanza… Read more »

Reports – “Acceptance Speeches Await” – The 20th Anniversary Boyz Awards” – Monday 5th March

We were gushing over Grammy’s, beaming for the Bafta’s, bewitched by the Brits & overjoyed with the Oscar’s, and now it’s time to roll out the red carpet one more time, polish up those acceptance speeches & herald the winners once again, as the 20th Boyz Magazine awards are upon us. But with little over 20 hours to go before… Read more »

Recommends – “Final & Fond Farewell” – Industri The Last Dance – Wednesday 29th June – Extra Bites Special

We can count ourselves lucky to have been part of one of the world’s most vibrant clubbing scenes for close on 20 years now and yes, we can hear you say, “…you don’t look old enough…”, but botox & facelift jokes aside, it was 1991 when we made our first steps on a London scene which was, during that decade,… Read more »

Recommends – “No Bed If You’re A Party Head” – Weekend Best Bites & Short Shouts – Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th June

The bunch of bank holidays may have consumed the pockets of many, but as we move into June, the capitals clubbing scene shows no sign of taking a breather, this weekend already shaping up to be superb, with a new club launch, a brace of bargain bashes & a summer starter amongst many other offerings. So, naturally and having returned… Read more »

Recommends – “Life beyond Beyond” – Weekend Best Bites & Short Shouts – Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd May

It would be fair to say that for us, as well as a whole host of others, that our favourite outing, Beyond, was always the pot of gold at the end of the clubbing rainbow, or at least the pinnacle of any weekend of activity, this Sunday morning outing having become pretty much an institution for us and recent weeks… Read more »

Recommends – “Eggstravaganza Entertaiment” – Weekend Best Bites & Short Shouts – Friday 22nd to Monday 25th April

We can hardly believe just how quickly Easter has arrived and we find ourselves having just about recovered from five days of partying with the drop dead gorgeous Delice boys at their delightful “Dream Festival” in Barcelona, about to repeat the affair with a hectic weekend of activity across London’s clubland. So, in a slight departure from our usual format,… Read more »

Does… “Three’s Company” – Music Newsletter – Thursday 31st March

With March drawing to a close (actual of going to press its 7th April, oops) and with so much music still to catch up on after our European & South African adventures, it’s time to cut to the chase with this, out third music newsletter of the month, simply entitled “Three’s Company”, but one that will bring well over three… Read more »