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With some seriously stiff competition from within his own ranks yet with this latest podcast in the Steve Pitron production stable catching us a little by surprise, how does “The Week – Toy Candy” measure up against what we think are his best two compilations in a colossal collection over well over a dozen delights



Steve Pitron - D.J. - Colour 3Being picky about podcasts has always been our way, after all, like so many music fans, we know what we like and rocks our boat the best and when an individual sets a brilliant benchmark time after production time, it makes the task of tipping the balance by others very difficult indeed. And when some simply flood the market with mixes and with only a certain amount of new music around to match their style, the risk of repetition is greater by simple statistics, while balancing output is perhaps the way to go, of course avoiding long drought periods. So, without naming names, the vast majority of main music producers on our favoured list tend to lean towards over output while the man in focus here has, in the last couple of years, gone a little too far the other way, 2014 seeing two podcasts, and 2015 not one, “Beyond NYD Steve Pitron - Banner2015” technically fell into 2014 by release design, Steve Pitron has come out of the 2016 blocks running with his WE “Paradise” production actually celebrating much of the music from this prolific party throughout the latter part of the previous year, one hitting our download files on the first day of 2016, this prolific podcast very much knocking on the door of we have described as Mr Pitron best ever compilation production, “Matinee BOOM!, we admittedly benefitting personally from a specially extended prototype version that didn’t go to final production press come publication.



Steve Pitron - D.J. - Colour Banner 2However, while still soaking up the splendour of “WE Paradise 2016” and constantly comparing it to the massive “Matinee BOOM!”, up pops another Pitron podcast in a wait of less than three months that was anything but, this second production of the year catching us both off guard and by pleasant surprise and one that, right from the very first listen, appeared to be biting at the heels of these other two, Steve marking his appearance at clubbing event The Week “Toy Candy” which took place last Sunday as part of the As One Easter Festival. So how does this latest compilation from this dynamic D.J./Producer that continues to cut a headlining & significant stride on the scene some twenty years since first stepping into the spotlight, fair and how does it stand up to his pinnacle podcasts above? Well, in short, extremely strongly, Steve selecting a shorter length & so punchier production for “Toy Candy” one that kicks Steve Pitron - D.J. - Black & White Banner 1off dreamily with a delectable dance version of the Nina Simone classic “Feeling Good”, neatly followed by the first of a string of selection from the Guaraber Recordings stable, Nacho Chapado’s “Rhythm Plans” blending with the first selection superbly and hinting towards what more to expect. Indeed, keeping with the Spanish influences for this Brazilian inspired creation, Mr Pitron then plumps for a Rafa Madrid track, “Hotel California” remixed here by fellow Spaniard Carlos Gallardo, Steve making the most of these first three meaning at this point we find ourselves a good seventeen minutes into the mix.


YouTube Preview Image


Steve Pitron - D.J. - Colour MainWith the pace at octane level, it has already become clear that “Toy Candy” is proving a formidable force in attempting to push both “WE Paradise” & “Matinee BOOM!” off their pedestals, two towering tracks upping the pace of this podcast even further, racing us to the half way point and what proves to be our favourite track on the whole production, a majestic remix of “Pride – A Deeper Love” another from the Guaraber stable one masterminded by Esteban Lopez, Pedro Pons & Jose Serra that sealed the fabulous fate on this Pitron podcast for us. But “Toy Candy” kept & keeps giving, D.J. Suri bringing the vivacious vocals of Soraya Naoyin into play with her track “Desire”, the hard hitting “Exterminate” following taking us on a much deeper journey with yet another hard hitting house music mix after that seeing “Toy Candy” falter slightly in our estimation. However, came & comes to the rescue super Spaniard Carlos Gallardo Steve At Beyond 2with his remix of Alex Newell’s “Basically Over You” track, thus pulling the podcast back from the brink, Steve saving two absolute corkers to see this colossal sixty seven minute compilation out, the first being “Bad Chick” which features the one & only Sasha, a Pitron favourite mix master from times gone by, Luque, Steve saving what might yet prove to be his best track selection for last, the superb Sia standing in the spotlight with the stunning “Alive” in special club remix form, probably by Cahill, but could possibly be the latest Pitron & Sanna mix production, well we hope & pray at least.


YouTube Preview Image


Steve Pitron - The Week Podcast CoverSo that’s “Toy Candy” and what do we conclude. Well, despite being a fan of the fuller length productions, what this latest Steve Pitron podcast does do, is open up to an audience that may not have the time & patience to listen for a full two plus hours, while it also proves a formidable competing force to its two other nemesis. Does “Toy Candy” triumph in the best yet stakes, possibly not but it comes a very close third to the two which are split by a hairs breadth, meaning a photo finish for first for this prolific podcast is our ultimate judgement. But what is yours? Well the only way you can make up your mind is by heading to (DISCO MATT)


Historically the most popular party slot of any Easter weekend schedule, expectations were high for what, om paper at least, was the headline happening of the seven event strong As One Easter Festival, but what was the reality of The Week “Toy Candy”, did it live it to its boisterous billing or were we deflated by this fun fair filled frolic.



IMG_5256When it comes to pronounced and prolific fun filled partying, there is little to match the exuberance of the Brazilian’s, the carnival atmosphere they create truly cherishing come captivating, even the country boasting some of the best clubbing venues in the world, in fact one occupying top spot in the latest DJ mag poll. Indeed, the well established Brazilian brand “The Week” has a solid reputation among its piers, an LGBT party that was founded back in 2004 in Sao Paulo, expanding its empire to Rio in 2007 and Florianopolis the following year, speaks opulence volumes both in the eyes of its fans & its beholders, the Sao Paulo outfit for example, IMG_5327sport a swimming pool and garden, the only London venue coming close, being The Kensington Roof Gardens. And with a touring repertoire that extends to many European points & ports including Paris, Rome, Madrid & Barcelona, we are no stranger to this brand here in the capital, The Week having held its own in among previous festival events, including As One, resident D.J. Leandro Bekker having made a number of visits both with the brand and on his own back, its parties always having been a huge success here as well as on the continent, albeit not on the size & scale of back home in Brazil. So when we saw The Week once again involved in in this year’s As One Easter Festival, earning its own Sunday slot amidst promised production, state of the art visuals & actual attractions for clubbers to cavort on, our expectations for this “Toy Candy” fairground themed event were high, elevated even further by news that superstar D.J. Steve Pitron would be playing, but how did the party play out and did our enthusiastic expectation bear fruit or did it fade fast following our arrival?


YouTube Preview Image


IMG_5286Being held at The Coronet in Elephant & Castle, a theatre style venue with a capacity in excess of 2500, one that has played host to some of the most successful international branded parties on the capitals clubbing circuit including the mighty SuperMartXe which reigned supreme for a good three years, superseded more recently by the wonder of WE, this superb Spanish outfit having sported the most packed out party in Coronet history, coincidentally called “Candy” packing a phenomenal popular punch that has yet to be matched, it was certainly the right fit for The Week, itself sporting weekly turnouts as high as the Coronet’s capacity. And the promotional blurb for “Toy Candy” was plumped full of promise, a real life carousel the centre piece IMG_5328of the production, while a five strong D.J. line up suggested the team behind this exceptional event were, like us, expecting a sizable turnout. However, it seemed that the gods were not to shine on The Week on Sunday, the weather for a start absolutely atrocious, horizontal rain and winds strong enough to blow you over hampering our arrival at the Coronet at just gone 1 am, the party having been going a good two hours already, an expected queue to get in amazingly absent, while even the usual wait at the coat check did materialise. And on entering the main room, our suspicions that it was quieter than expected were confirmed, a reasonable amount of people up in the bar area and on the VIP balcony, but the extensive dancefloor space was sparse of socialites, D.J. Matt Bogard nevertheless serving up some scintillating sounds & getting the place pumping despite the desolation of dancers in front of him.


YouTube Preview Image


IMG_5288So having spotted a gathering of friends up by the bar, that’s pretty much where we stayed for the rest of Matt’s set, only the occasional stray down the far side where we were greeted by superb Spaniard Carlos Gallardo and then the incumbent special guest D.K. & The Week resident, Leandro Bekker, while we were still awaiting the arrival of Steve Pitron who had been rescheduled to star in the final set of this “Toy Candy” spectacle. However, the spectacle that we had expected, the real life carousel was nowhere to be found and the stage production was less than impressive, clearly not the “…indoor fairground complete with a real life carousel and other fun fair favourites…” that was pushed in the event promotion, neither did we see the acrobats IMG_5330& aerialists that was in the blurb. However, what we did see, once the dancers came on stage and the lighting exploded into action, were stunning visuals and great pyrotechnic effects, although if we are honest, nothing we hadn’t seen before, spectacular as it was. But finding ourselves in the charming company of Steve Pitron who had been released from duty was the biggest bonus of this Brazilian born bash, as the fun & laughter we had totally eclipsed all the disappointments & absences, a moment at the bar leaving us both in fits of hysterics not seen since the “Adele Moment” (long story), while with further friendly arrivals including the brilliant Bel, the Pitron posse in the right hand corner of the dancefloor were in delirious delight, nothing seemingly going to dampen the terrific time we were having. And when Leandro Bekker selecting superb song “Release Me”, notoriously our very own anthem, all inhibitions broke loose, this towering tune sending us & all around into a scintillating spin, the atmosphere amazing and the enjoyment enthralling.


YouTube Preview Image


IMG_5294So in conclusion, what did we think of this “Toy Candy” affair in the end? Well, to be honest, it looked like a real corker on paper and as we touched on earlier, this Sunday slot is usually the most popular & packed of the whole Easter weekend, but given the fact it wasn’t could have been down to a number of factors. First, with heavyweight happenings such as WE “Showboys”, Papa “Don’t Preach” and Beyond “The Resurrection” all taking place before, the consensus seemed to be that people were simply partied out, although there were more contributing factors, the weather for one, as it was simply atrocious outside, storm Katie having dumped inches of rain & hurricane force winds on London that night, while you have to also consider that the capital was a bit like a ghost town compared to a normal weekend, many clearly choosing to make IMG_5324the most of the four day break by heading off for sunnier, or at least, different climbs. That said, the peeps that did make an appearance seemed to enjoy this event and while clearly the promoters reacted early, scaling down the stage show & all the accompaniments at relatively short notice, it didn’t leave use ultimately disappointed or deflated as we had a tremendous time in the hands of “Toy Candy”. With charming, nay captivating company, with the thrill of meeting & chatting with Carlos Gallardo after many months & moons, with the joy of having Steve Pitron by our side for most of the night and by having danced, drank, laughed & socialised till way gone 4 am to marvellous music & eye catching entertainment, there was nothing much more we could have asked for. And the upbeat carnival atmosphere that The Week is renowned for delivering was evident right through this “Toy Candy” cavort and while we reckon this Brazilian brand would have been better standing alone as an event, rather than being swallowed up (some would say lost within) by the As One Festival, it certainly played its part even if the lack lustre turnout questioned whether it paid its way. (DISCO MATT)


Steve Pitron - The Week Podcast Cover - Banner Size

Scheduled in the second half of the massive As One Easter Festival, brilliant Brazilian brand The Week is on tour in London tomorrow evening (Sun 27th March) in what we are billing as the biggest & best bash of the bunch, we delving into the detail on “Toy Candy” as well as propelling a prolific podcast produced especially for the occasion



The Week - Brazil PanelWhen it comes to exuberant entertainment & prolific partying, the Brazilian’s often tend to take the biscuit, just look at the famous Rio carnival, one renowned as the most flamboyant  in the world, trumping all others, while the country sports some of the best nightclubs on the globe, “Green Valley” in Camboriu having wrestled number one spot back from “Space Ibiza” in the DJ Mag top one hundred poll last year, reflecting just what a torre de force in dance music & clubbing Brazil has become, the rise & rise of the clubbing scene in this South America significant bucking a trend across many other continents , where is seems to be contracting, not least in this country. And in amongst the wave of Brazilian clubs, venues & parties still surfing a wave crest of popularity is world renowned LGBT brand “The The Week - Brazil Banner 1Week”, an outfit that has been cutting a significant stride in Sao Paulo since 2004, branches in Rio de Janiero & Florianopolis soon following, plus with world tours of reputable recognition, not to mention ties with major global clubbing player “Matinee”, “The Week’s” credentials are undoubtable, its Sao Paulo outfit regularly attracted clubbing crowds in excess of 2500 every weekend, venue Lapa boasting 640,000 square feet of space, extending over two dancefloors, a VIP area, an outside pool & a plush garden space, very much pushing the boundaries of clubbing beyond those that we see here in London.


YouTube Preview Image


The Week - Easter PanelSo when “The Week” comes on tour and hits our shores, you can be guaranteed that its party will rank as one of the most colossal & prolific on the capital’s clubbing circuit calendar, this weekend, tomorrow in fact, one such occasion as this brilliant Brazilian brand joins in with the huge As One Easter Festival, engineered & powered by the mighty Orange Nation organisation, a clubbing conglomerate that sports the likes of A:M, Beyond, & Gravity within its plump portfolio of regular parties, while is also responsible for bring Matinee, WE Party & Papa to London, the latter two also part of their Easter clubbing fest which comes to a climax tomorrow (Sun 27th March) in the hands of “The Week” and its “Toy Candy” event. So what can you expect from this headline happening tomorrow? Well first and foremost plenty of Brazilian infused fun, as this themed event is set to follow the trend of “The Week” on its home turf by The Week - Easter Ticketspushing the boundaries of both visual & actual entertainment, “Toy Candy” promising a pleasure island party of magnificent proportions, our Orange Nation organisers telling us that they will be “…bringing you the best in entertainment with a troupe of gorgeous Go-Go’s, acrobats, aerialists & an indoor fairground complete with a real life carousel and other fun fair favourites…” adding that “…his truly is the ultimate immersive party where you can dance to some of the world’s best circuit DJ’s and get involved in all the fairground fun. Think confetti, Think Candy Floss, Think Sexy Sugar fuelled Candy Men & Enormous Entertainment. Think The Week!…”



Steve Pitron - The Week Podcast CoverBut no bash of the marvellous magnitude would be anywhere without majestic music and in the hands of special guest D.J. & “The Week” resident Leandro Bekker, who is joined at “Toy Candy” by London jocks Matt Bogard, Michel Mizrahi & fellow Brazilian Arnoldo Novais, you will have just that. However, we have little doubt that a certain prominent D.J. player looks set to step into our “Toy Candy” spotlight (and no doubt yours too), superstar Steve Pitron taking centre stage with a headline set that is sure to thrill. Indeed, to mark the occasion, Mr Pitron is produced a phenomenal podcast that very much points towards what we can expect from his stint behind the decks tomorrow, this especially devoted  67 minute compilation packed with pumping tunes, vocally The Week - Easter Posterinfused sounds & a sprinkling of classic dancefloor hits rehashed, not least a towering remix of “A Deeper Love” featuring original vocalist Alison Limerick but with turbocharged tones that can’t help but get the feet tapping & the body grooving, like the rest of this mesmeric Pitron podcast mix production, one well worth downloading by heading to As for “Toy Candy” itself which storms South London venue, The Coronet in Elephant & Castle from 11 pm tomorrow night, host Mauricio Ortiz will be in birthday celebratory mood and so welcomes all to what is sure to be THE host of the As One Easter Festival, The Coronet packed & pumping right through till the planned 7 am finish, tickets available by heading to, this definitely one prolific party you won’t want to miss. (DISCO MATT)


The Week - Easter Tickets


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