Reviews/Films – “Captivating Capitol Hill Lobbyist Lyrical” – Miss Sloane – Monday 15th May

Charting the cut & throat business of lobbyists on capitol hill, boasting a charismatic stellar cast collective, but focussing its sophisticated & politically charged storyline on one high octane living & ruthlessly relentless yet respected operator and her insatiable desire to win out at any cost, while the ultimate twisted sting in her tail crescendo’s a simply stunning screenplay, this… Read more »

Reviews/Films – “Masochistically Macabre & Perverse Period Piece” – Lady Macbeth – Tuesday 9th May

With a giveaway title, we were anticipating a mound of deep dark moment although not quite the deluge delivered by this masochistically macabre & perverse period piece, initial innocence of the main character & the serene setting in which she sat shrouding her sexually & chauvinistic deceptive deviousness, but did “Lady Macbeth” score superbly with is shocking scenes or was… Read more »

Reviews/Films – “Confusing & Muddled Storyline Mess” – Unlocked – Monday 8th May

An awful English accent from an actor that should be better, added to a confusing & mixed up storyline that switched & stumbled awkwardly amidst this essentially entertaining but ultimately fault filled film, the familiar London scenery its only substantive saviour, but caused “Unlocked” to attract our callous critique & did any of the star cast collective shine in an… Read more »

Reviews/Films – “Perfectly Pitched Profoundly Moving Masterpiece” – The Zookeeper’s Wife” – Thursday 4th May

Amidst appalling animal cruelty in their own oasis within a city compound comes a heroic true tale of a compassionate couple fighting for the survival of the Polish Jewish community at risk of sectarian slaughter within war torn Nazi occupied Warsaw, “The Zookeeper’s Wife” one of the most emotive & touching motion pictures of the moment & of this terrible… Read more »

Reviews/Films – “Anger At Atrocities Against Armenians” – The Promise – Wednesday 3rd May

Remarkably revealing as well as angering narrative of the atrocities against Armenians by the Ottoman Empire genocidal government, “The Promise” chronicles the religious, social & ethnic divides within what is now known as Turkey, but did this modern-day epic of a movie live up to both its title & it’s more classical cinematic colossus’s, or did the potential of this… Read more »

Reviews/Films – “Barmy Beyond Belief Bogota Botch” – The Belko Experiment – Wednesday 3rd May

A substantive storyline amidst an austere South American setting presumed promise, but the combination of crass comedy with half-baked horror speedily signalled a destined to fall flat second rate screenplay, although as it advanced on its reckless & rocky reception road, it became clear that “The Belko Experiment” was barmy beyond belief, but to just what extent?     ”… Read more »

Reports/Music – “Marvellous Yesteryear Month” – Track(s) Of The Week – Friday 5th May

Showered with sublime sentiment throughout the month known for patches of precipitation, we look back on our four “Track of The Week” selections for April, our choices spanning the nineties through the noughties and engendering genres from electronic dance to indie pop & country crossover, but in rounding up the month of music just gone, who & what made their… Read more »