Reviews/Films – “All At Sea Story Springs A Leak” – The Mercy – Sunday 18th February

With a plethora of powerhouse motion picture performances between them seemingly pointing to “The Mercy” being a formidable film and a worthy watch, what we instead found, despite the might of both Colin Firth & Rachel Weisz, was a banal sea-based biopic that lacked, as did the ordinary outcome, sufficient wind in its sails to save this sinking ship of… Read more »

Reviews/Films – “Compellingly Crafted Cinematic Masterpiece” – The Shape Of Water – Saturday/Sunday 17th/18th & Saturday 24th February

Adorned with the kind of attention a-kin to that dreadful dance disaster from last year’s award’s season, with a satisfying (and we have to admit) sense of relief, “The Shape Of Water” proved, within mere minutes of beginning, worlds apart from the la la lousiness that was our biggest disappointment of 2016/7, rather a compellingly crafted cinematic masterpiece which has… Read more »

Reviews/Films – “A Tense & Tangled Stitch In Time” – Phantom Thread – Saturday 3rd February

With the amazing acting credentials that come with the names Daniel Day Lewis & Lesley Manville, this alone was reason enough to put “Phantom Thread” on our must see movie list, but with the setting of this screenplay being primarily in the affluent central London suburb of Fitzrovia along with the premise of this motion picture being fashion designers to high… Read more »

Reviews/Films – “Little World Whimsy Loses It’s Way” – Downsizing – Saturday 27th January

Tempted in by the trailer which touted a marvellous mixture of cute comedy & fascinating science fiction, while with lead actor Matt Damon rarely performing in a pup of a picture, given all of this and the lengthy lead in attention that “Downsizing” was afforded,  this little world whimsy was too tempting to resist, but did the promise of this… Read more »

Reviews/Films – “Predictable Hanks, Streep & Spielberg Screenplay” – The Post – Saturday 20th January

With Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg & Meryl Streep in the mix, combined with a seventies political storyline that has culpable comparisons with current White House conspiracies, this along with considerable media coverage this side of the pond & ahead of its release, “The Post”, like many others in this awards soaked season start, was a must see, but did it… Read more »

Reviews/Films – “Proverbial Cinematic Train Crash” – The Commuter – Saturday 20th January

Being a huge fan of film’s “Non-Stop” & “Unknown” as well as two of the “Taken” series of screenplay’s, the billing & the trailer for this latest Liam Neeson action come suspense thriller promised plenty. But, given “The Commuter” had much to live up to, did this train themed motion picture stick to its expectation timetable or did it get… Read more »

Reviews/Films – “Comparison Plagued Churchill Pictorial Portrayal” – Darkest Hour – Sunday 14th Jaunary

With the saying of “…how many ways can you…” ringing in our expectant ears of this latest Churchill characterisation screenplay, this along with the knowledge that that portrayal of this most singularly recognisable statesman of 20th century British history is knowingly played by an actor required to be plastered in prosthetics, just how plausible was Oldman as Winston and why,… Read more »