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Always wishing to show our support to all corners of the capital’s clubbing circuit & push the various press releases we receive; it’s the turn of Manbar to stand in our supports spotlight, we propelling the details of their February schedule of shindigs, after giving our own tiny take on this sexy Soho spot.


Manbar - Banner Generic


Manbar - Image 1 Soho as a spot on the scene has changed considerably in recent years, a plethora of places having come & gone, think Profile/Lo-Profile as just two, while many more remain to make this a desirable destination, Room Service, Circa & the Edge right up there, while Rupert St & The Shadow Lounge keep the Soho flag well & truly flying. However, despite a decadent & debaucherous past, a venue on Charing Cross Road has certainly cleaned up its act & come of age with a seven day schedule that speaks vitalitous volumes and draws in a spree of scene stalwarts come favourites, party hosts including Elektra Paris, Johnny Hooley & Chrissy Darling, while with D.J. names such as Hifi Sean, Brent Nicholls & Lee Harris, Manbar very much makes for a many meet. And, with a pack of parties that include “Record Box”, “Hombre” & “Spunk” plus with new nights “Babylon” & “Genre” there is much going on, making this hotspot on the Soho scene well worth a visit, we sharing the rundown from Saturday to Friday plus all the contact & other details you need to know below. (DISCO MATT)



Manbar - Hombre GenericSaturday’s


Opening times: 5pm – 3.30am. Free before 11pm after £3 entry.

Every week the UK’s biggest club brand Beyond teams up with Manbar for the ultimate Pre-Party. Cheap £2.80 drink deals on Foster’s, Strongbow, house spirits and mixers before 11pm. Hosts include Electra Paris, Johnny Hooley,  with resident DJ Gretta Gargola joined by guests that include Jamie Head along with a jaw dropping performances from pole dancer Ray.



GENRE (launching 2nd Feb)

From 5pm until 11pm. Free Entry & Popcorn!

The London Gay FIlm Club brings to Manbar a Sunday evening movie-inspired event that will bring London’s film lovers together each week. For the launch they are screening the Oscar nominated Best Film Philomena starring Judi Dench. Just turn up from 5pm to watch short films and trailers. With the main feature screening at 8pm. Free admission + popcorn! With cheap £2.80 drink deals all day on pints of Foster’s & Strongbow, house spirits + mixers. Other film highlights for February include Rush & Captain Phillips.


Manbar - Beartrap GenericMonday’s


Stop your horsing around and get down to Soho’s biggest Bear party starring Beartrap’s resident DJ Gretta Gargola (La Urbana, Bearbie, Gula Gula). Hosted by Kurt Hoffman who will feed ALL of the bears up close and personal. Super cheap £3 pints of Foster’s & Strongbow all night long. Dates include their Chinese New Year party on 3rd Feb, their 1st Birthday on 10th Feb & their “Traffic Light” party on 17th Feb.




Hosted by West End star Topsie Redfern and produced by delicious Duncan Day with three guests acts each week! DJ Keyth David keeps the party vibe going all night until 3.30am. £12 bottles of house wine. Highlights include their Voice 2nd Semi Final on 11th Feb and the final on 18th Feb.


Manbar - Record Box - GenericWednesday’s


From 5pm – 3.30am. Free Entry.

DJ legend Hifi Sean presents an eclectic mix of music with anthems, rare and special, B-side and other gems of musical delight. Hosted by the one and only Glendora, expect gossip galore with a bit of camp slung. From disco, new wave, indie or northern soul to rock’n’roll.



BABYLON (launching 13th Feb)

From 5pm – 3.30am. Free Entry

The new home of gay burlesque in London. Expect show-stopping performances from aerialists, acrobats, bendy bone people and much more. Ease your way into madness that is Babylon with Happy Hour £2.80 drinks deal before 11pm on pints of Foster’s, Strongbow, house spirits and mixers. With resident House Nation DJ Lee Harris spinning commercial remixes.


Manbar - Spunk GenericFriday’s


From 5pm – 3.30am. Free Entry b4 11pm, after £3 entry.

Hosted by the towering legend Chrissy Darling, Manbar brings the party to Soho every Friday with Spunk. Hot gogo guys and special acts, the bar is packed every Friday. Expect nothing but the latest commercial dance remixes from resident DJs and Brent Nicholls from 8pm with cheap £2.80 drink deals before 11pm on pints of Foster’s & Strongbow, house spirits + mixers.



For more details contact General Manager Chris Amos on

Office: 020 7434 2567

Mobile: 07879 816369

Or visit the Manbar website at


Entering the final month of the year with a flourish, there can be no doubt that all Sunday morning roads will be leading to Beyond, which multi tasks magnificently this Sunday, combining the official WE “Formula 2” afterparty with a World AIDS Day fundraiser, entertaining a special D.J. guest from the USA, Brett Henrichsen headlining this brilliant brand’s bash with a brimming bag of heavenly house hits, we focusing in on the finite with a extra Weekend feature.



If there was ever a club to gather more of our attention than any other it is the brilliant brand that is Beyond, no surprise when you consider that we were right there for the launch back in 2001 and have been crossing its threshold virtually weekly ever since. Indeed, while we have a certain sentimentality towards the Colosseum days, even travelling in from Essex to succumb to its splendours, it is in the amazing Area that Beyond holds the most magical memories and is, without doubt the place where our infamous “spot” surfaced, yes that position just left to the main room D.J. booth that tends to get re-emulated at other events in other venues. Yet, Beyond is about so much more, the music, the lighting, the atmosphere, the effects, the people, the promoters, the D.J.’s, the dancers, the organisers & the guests, and having traversed continental Europe, experiencing a host of  club brands & venues, nothing can quite compare to the ballistic brand that is Beyond. But there is more, it also having spread its wonderful word continentally, as near as Paris, as far as Mykonos, across in Brussels & down in Barcelona, it’s even been on a Mediterranean cruise, hit the holy land in Israel and stormed the Ibiza sun terraces with its terrific treats, while back home in London, it has lifted award after award and remains the single most popular party on the capitals clubbing circuit by far.


So all this means that the Beyond ticket in any weekend is a wonderful one, indeed, despite recent constant changes to its running format, the side-lining of long time resident D.J.’s and enjoyable elements of the club having seemingly been lost forever, Beyond still remains at the top of its game. But when these WE weekends come along, Beyond makes heavenly hay, serving up special parties with equally special guests, this Sunday (2nd Dec) being no exception to the un-written rule. But this is a particularly special weekend, for us as well as many others, as World AIDS Day falls on the Saturday (1st) and so the organisation behind Beyond, Orange Nation, have decided to mark this occasion by combining the WE after-party with a WAD fundraiser, while for us this Beyond marks a run of events that will lead to our birthday, so is one we will definitely be making, this post a WE Party that starts our birth month of with a breathtaking bang. There is more however, as on top of this multi tasking theme setting, Beyond promoter Ben Kaye is pleased to present a special guest D.J. to compliment the prolific pick he has made from the strongest roving residency team in the capital, Brett Henrichsen jetting in from The US to headline this hypnotic happening.


So what do we know about Brett?, well to be honest, until now we had not come across him at all, although Ben tells us that he “…has played at almost every major circuit event in the United States, including Gay Days Orlando, New York Pride Pier Dance, San Diego Zoo Party, Cherry 8, White Party Palm Springs and White Party Miami, Masterbeat New Year’s Los Angeles, Miami New Year’s and many more. Brett has headlined international events including WE Party Madrid, Circuit Barcelona and Sydney’s Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras…” that WE Party connection providing the continuity here, while the Masterbeat link is actually much stronger than Ben makes out, as Brett is the founder of thus US music brand and continues to drive the label as their Chief Creative Officer, having stepped back as the corporations CEO in February this year, a role he held since the brand was born. This has allowed Brett to pursue his D.J.’ing career, which always played second fiddle while he was CEO, he now able to hold down regular residencies in clubs across the US, from New York to San Francisco & Los Angeles, while more international appearances are now possible too, while music making the Master beat way is still the cornerstone of his commitments, launching his own podcast series last year, the collection up to number 4 which is probably the closest to his residency clubbing style, while we suspect that number 3 will be closer to what we will experience in his set at Beyond on Sunday. But all four are worthy additions to your collection by going to


Well that kind of leads us to the rest of the pack & also the detail of the party, Beyond boasting some of the residency best, as Jamie Head & Mikey D sandwich Brett in the main room, while David Jimenez,, D’Johnny & then Fat Tony keep the clubbers cavorting in The Chapel, Verity Mayes & Bryony Masters going back-to-back (again, yawn!) in The Terrace, a word in Ben’s ear possibly required as this was always the heartbeat of Beyond for us but has been sadly lacking of late. D.J.’s aside, there will be the usual delectation of delightful dancers headed up by Elektra Paris, all surely given us a feel of  WE “Formula 2” bridges Beyond, while the decor will lean in a definite red direction to remind us that this is a World AIDS Day fundraiser, all donations going to the worthy cause that is The Terrence Higgins Trust. As for the detail?, well this Beyond bash takes place on Sunday (2nd Dec) at Area in Vauxhall, doors opening at 5 a.m. and the club running through till midday, advance tickets available online at–4/ priced at £15, while Soho outlets Prowler, Clone Zone & 50 Dean have them on sale too, news in that bars Ku, Comptons & Rupert St also have stocks, while a deal has just been secured to sell them from Lo-Profile very Sunday morning from 3 a.m.. Now, advance tickets of definitely the way to go, as this looks like being another roadblock event, but if you can’t make it into Soho or can’t get online, then you can pay on the door but expect to pay more, more info on this party & other Beyond happenings out at or, if you can work out where, on the not that impressive Orange Nation website,


As for us, well you will find us spinning on our spot as usual, intermixed with some pre & post birthday celebrations with fab friend Tom Fuller, so if you see us come say hi, but make sure you don’t miss out on this Beyond bash as its looking like being one very special shindig and in doing so, make sure you “Go There! Be There! (DISCO MATT)  


As the scene shakes off the hangover resulting from the biggest weekend of the year so far, some sporting the spoils of success, others simply reflecting on what could have been, time rests for no man, victorious or defeated, so the scene steps forward into April, Disco Matt picking out his top of the tree three places to be stepping out on the scene in Soho, Vauxhall & Shoreditch.



What an Easter weekend that was, a whole host of parties & events recording terrific turnouts, some very much against the form book, while others that had promised so much, failed to deliver, our own weekend reflecting that situation a thrilling Thursday followed by a phenomenal Friday, led a superb Saturday night  come Sunday morning , then turned into a soggy rest of a Sunday & a manically depressive Monday (and we aren’t talking weather here folks), Room Service, Society, Play>time, A:M & Beyond our real winners, while WE “Fluro” & As One ended up condemning what could have been a brilliant “big” weekend to our own review rubbish heap. But with the winners still to reap our reflections, it’s our coming weekend recommendations that get our immediate attention, our top of tree three places to be seen on the scene this weekend, our brief look at a trio of best bites across Soho Vauxhall & Shoreditch.


So, let’s get to it and to Soho first, it coming as little or no surprise to you regular readers of our recommendations, that it is Profile & Lo-Profile that gets our Best Bite pick here, having served us superbly well not just last weekend, but for much of March (well the whole year so far to be honest), the captivating combination of bar above & club below, very hard to beat, especially as both venues continue to draw in some of the scene top D.J. names, along with fresh new talent to tantalise & tickle your musical taste buds, while with now firmly established brands that include “Society”, “Play>Time”, “ClubNation” & “Beartrap”, that along with the might of Gaydar behind them, this delightful duo look set to, once again, prove to be the places to be & be seen on the Soho scene this weekend. So, with D.J. regulars Rob Sykes tonight (Fri 13th) and Jamie Head tomorrow (Sat 14th) upstairs in Profile, both kicking off the music from 8.30 p.m. through till the 11.30 p.m. finish, it is downstairs that gets our full if but briefer best bite attention, the award winning “Play>Time” up first, prolific promoter Jay Roberts back after (it has to be said0 probably THE best event in the brands history so far, but will be pulling out all the stops to top last week, not least that he welcomes fellow award winning D.J/producer & all round good egg Steve Pitron to the decks, along with cheeky chappy & a damn fine D.J. in his own right, Steven Artis. Add to that an ashes style porn star shoot out, as Brit boy Marco Sessions squares up to Aussie hunk Tate Ryder in a go-go dance off & back room play off, Jay your referee & you ((if you’re the luck one) caught in this sexy & seductive man hunk of a scrum, further details up in our “Pick Of The Day” post at Then, tomorrow (Sat 14th) sees the return of “ClubNation” & also the return of Lee Harris, who will be performing a specially extended five hour set very much in the vein of his similarly named House Nation podcasts, which means you can expect plenty of uplifting, chunky & euphoric house hits, Lo-Profile swinging open its doors on both nights at 10.30 p.m. & running through until 4 a.m., entry & other details available by going to


Onto Vauxhall now and there is lots going in within The Orange Group (or is that Orange Nation?!?) who grab our Best Bites slot this weekend, not least the breaking news that Onyx has been put out to grass for a while, so leaving a pretty vacant gap in the usually hectic schedule, although very much paving the way for A;M to possibly extend its opening hours, although more news on that to follow. However, one club that is definitely extending its hours this weekend & then henceforth, is Beyond, the new starting time of 3 a.m. every week looking like a pretty popular move, although only time will tell how successful a move this will actually be, our hope however, is that it consigns the all too often “Midnight” format to just the occasional & special scheduling. Add to the a mini shake up within the team of resident D.J.’s and as of going to press, we are not sure who will be playing come this Sunday morning (15th Apr), but reckon The Sharp Boys, Alan K, Fat Tony, The Oli & Paul Christian will surely be in situ, while Steve Pitron is taking a rest this weekend after his colossal classics set last, which pretty much stole the “XLsior” show. However, one party that we can be confident about when picking the D.J. & other line up, is the “Easter Thank-You” party at Fire tomorrow night (Sat 14th), as it’s all about award winners, D.J.’s The Sharp Boys, Junior Moura & (naturally) Steve Pitron, stepping into the spotlight, while there will be plenty of other guests, including D’Johnny & Paulo Moreno, to fill out the two rooms of fun, similarly award winning hosts Chrissy Darling & Elektra Paris sharing the duty plaudits, further details on this event out at, including opening times, door prices & guest list opportunities. But with Later & Orange completing the partying picture, it is another hectic weekend of activity in both Fire & Area, whiles the new jewel in the Orange Nation crown, Covert, prepares for its launch party in three weeks, more on that coming up in a special feature.


So to the third in our trio of top of the tree choices, this time seeing us head across to Shoreditch & to East Bloc, the hip & happening hangout on City Road, masterminded by the one & only Wayne Shires, he, the venue & all the brands its sports very much flying the alternative clubbing scene flag, a stable of showings including Gutterslut, SOS, The Men Who Fell 2 Earth, Paradise 45 & Dish, while regular Friday nighter, Super Electro Party Machine, which once again opens its doors tonight (Fri 13th Apr) from 10 p.m., is a great way to get your weekend going. However, our main focus of attention goes to Saturday night (14th Apr), when our very own Shoreditch son, Kris Di Angelis, rolls out a further instalment in the already soaring success story that is his new venture, “War”, a club that has pretty much be born out of the sad passing of “Meat”, the former club collaboration between Kris & Tom Stephan. And while Tom’s new prolific project, “Dish”, was in the Shoreditch spotlight last weekend, it’s the turn of “War “ this, Kris being joined in the “Warzone” main room by Severino & Joshyouare, while over in the “Battlefield” second space, its Jodie Harsh, Munroe Bergdorf & Kingsley shooting off the sounds. Plus with hosts JJ Clark, Jonathan Beastley, Ben Kaye & Alex Palemo, not only doesn’t it have a pseudo Room Service feel about it, be you can bet your bottom dollar that of cream of the east end girl to west end boy scene set will be out to wage wonderful clubbing & socialising war tomorrow night, doors at East Bloc (217 City Rd, nearest tube Old St.)  opening at 10.30 p.m. & the club running through to a planned 6 a.m. finish, entry £8 before midnight & then £12 thereafter (so get there early folks), while free entry passes will be up for grabs at the “War” pre-party at Circa in Soho tonight (Fri 13th), more details on that coming up in our Short Shouts, while further info on “war” itself can be found by going to


Now just before we go we thought, having not yet fully paid our respects to the sad loss to the scene of the gentle giant of the club promotions game, Steve Elliot, we would mention our upcoming tribute, “Salvation Star Much Missed”, to the man behind the international success of this brilliant brand in recent years, we looking back on his clubbing career & including fellow friend’s own tributes to this untimely & premature passing. Plus, with news this week that iconic drag queen Adrella has also been taken from us, our thoughts are very much with the families of both of these much treasured & already much missed pillars of the scene and we send our sincere wishes during what can only be the most difficult time for those that were close & dear to both Steve & Peter.


Right, that’s just about it for this Best Bites newsletter, but watch out for our Short Shouts part, “Shimmering Scene Seven”, while if you happen to lay your hat on one of our three here, then it is likely you may catch us too, “Play>Time” definitely on our schedule, while we are currently clearing the decks for either Fire or “War”, so keep your eyes peeled at for the live action as it happens & as we Go There! Be There!. (DISCO MATT)


With all roads not only leading but looking to start here, Disco Matt chooses Beyond “Midnight” which takes place tonight/tomorrow (Sat/Sun 7th/8th April) at Area in Vauxhall, as his pick of the day, not least as DM’s premier player, Steve Pitron, will be delivering a captivating catalogue of classics in his showstopper of a set, all the detail a supporting banner selection away opposite, an image click away below, or an Orange Group event explanation beneath.



The Orange Group say of this event…



Easter Saturday 7th April Midnight – Midday Sunday @ AREA


The UK’s leading clubbing brand throws a special Bank Holiday Saturday Midnight party serving up 12 hours of turbocharged house music to an up for it crowd celebrating the Easter Weekend.


Plus, as Beyond will host the official afterhours party at XLsior Festival Mykonos for the third consecutive year, we’re thrilled to host the official pre party for the 4 day gay dance event which takes later this year. We welcome their main resident DJ GSP to the decks, who’s played at fantastic clubs all over the world, including guest spots at Fire and WE Party.


As usual the Beyond all star DJ team rocks the house across all three rooms, with incredible production and massive gogo shows from Shaun Capewell and Elektra Paris.



Free entry before 1am with online guestlist, flyer or ad

Advance tickets £10 at &/or via usual Soho outlets

Otherwise £12 before 3am, £15 after

Those infamous arches in Vauxhall are open, both Gravity & A:M having shown the wonderful way for the capitals clubbers to celebrate Fire back in business, the path now clear for both the “Welcome Home” and “Keep Calm & Orange On” parties, Disco Matt shouting about it all right here right now & giving you plenty of reason to join in The Orange Group celebrations.

Re-lit & RAWing

Just over six weeks ago we saw a capital clubbing circuit colossus close, this amidst a storm of controversy resulting in a clamp down by the council, plenty of wolves growling at the venue’s & its management doors with all sorts of claims, pressure from the police and rumours rife that the closure could be a permanent one. Yet as we reported at the time in our post “In The Line Of…”, this closure was only a temporary one, the six week period part of the licence renewal agreement, that alongside certain terms within the new licence that the venue would have to bed down then meet upon re-opening. And so we find ourselves now past this six week period, Fire already having sported two events since re-opening in the early hour(s) of yesterday morning, Gravity having celebrated its 7th birthday and just this morning A:M holding its “Xmas Headliners” event, welcoming special guest Per Q.X. for the second time in as many days. Indeed, with reports coming in, including “…A:M was amazing this morning! What a return to Fire. Per QX’s set was brilliant but the music was incredible right up till the lights came on and it was home time! Well done Steven Sharp and all the team for such a fantastic party…”, it is already apparent that slices of the scene & clubbing community are welcoming Fire’s re-opening with open arms.


Prolific Pyro Party

So, with the word welcome very much part of the prolific parcel, it is the “Welcome Home Pyro Party” that gets our attention here first, Fire very much continuing the celebration mode they find themselves in with an event that should capture the imagination, as well as a sizeable chunk of the clubbing community not tripping out east, plenty on offer to attract an adoring audience. With plenty planned, it is, naturally, the music that will be doing much of the talking tonight, the main room D.J. team including The Sharp Boys, D’Johnny & The Oli, while headliner Steve Pitron swaps his Beyond shoes to centre-stage the event with a set from 3 till 5 a.m. And, having gained exclusive access to his plans, we can spill the beans in shouting for a set that will very much be filled with a magnificent mixture of “…Juicy inspired classic tunes to the latest heavy hitting heavenly house tracks…” our guess that the likes of “Brighter Days”, “Last Forever” & “Take Me Away” vying for attention with “You Better”, “Levels” & “Fusion 2011”, intermixed with plenty more in-between, although this is just our hunch you understand. However, whatever the content, you can definitely expect yet another pitch perfect & precision Pitron performance, this along with a prolific P.A. in the form of Amanda Wilson, she famed for hits such as “Seek Bromance”, “Watchin” & Love On My Mind”, while over in the lounge space, its “…commercial dance & pop anthems…” all the way, with D.J.’s Lady Lloyd & Tuomo Fox.


Afterhours Appetite

Now, delving into the all important detail, this “Welcome Home Pyro Party” kicks off from 11 p.m. tonight (Saturday 17th Dec), running through to a planned 6 a.m. finish, entry on the door free with a flyer or advanced pass before 1 a.m., inclusion via online link adding you to the event’s guestlist, while post 1 a.m., entry on the door is a standard £10. And that door will be hosted by the dynamic duo that is Tom Fuller & Hrh Minty, while inside both Chrissy Darling & Elektra Paris will add their own giant doses of glamour to the gathering, the team in turn pulling out all the production stops with planned “…massive pyro’s (hence the name), confetti bursts, indoor rockets & plenty more…”, the effects, the decor & the dancers sure to delight. And talking of those dancers, Elektra will be rolling out her team of gorgeous gogo’s, taking to the main room stage throughout the event, including adding even more attraction & sparkle to Amanda Wilson’s stage showing. With more information on the event out at, don’t forget that the partying contuse across at Area afterwards with Beyond vs. Deviate “The Twisted Christmas Ball”, the detail on this dance delectation along with advance tickets at just £10 available via online direct link


Calm Yet Excited

Then, fast forwarding to Sunday night, Fire welcome’s back the party that started the whole spectacular story as promoter Steven Sharp asks you to “Keep Calm & Orange On”, although we suspect that calm will be just one of many adjectives being used to address this amazing attraction. And having spoken with Steven just last Sunday morning on the Beyond dancefloor, we know that “exciting” will definitely be in the long list of words being used, this prolific promoter telling us that “…the Orange team & I have been busy planning this return to our spiritual home underneath those famous railway arches in Vauxhall, the venue known to millions as Fire, for a couple of weeks now…” he proud to proclaim that “…Fire is a spiritual home for so many of us for so many reasons. It might have been the place you met your boyfriend or where you received your first kiss; danced to your favourite new song or the dance floor where you heard your song, the song that makes your weekend tick when you hear it!…” this speaking volumes just how excited Steven is (and we are too) that Orange is back where it belongs. So, it will come as no surprise to the clubs fervent followers that the residency team of The Oli, Fat Tony &, of course, The Sharp Boys will be masterminding the music in the main room, Steven stating that “…George & I (the Sharp Boys) are asking the Orange clubbers to suggest their favourite Orange anthem and The Sharp Boys will play the most popular choices in their set on the big night…”, so a set we cannot wait to succumb to, while it will be RAW all the way in the mirrorarch, original David Jimenez joined by a resplendent returning team member in Hifi Sean, taking you deep into Monday morning (and we are talking daylight hours here) with trademark tech & that deep hard hitting house.


Re-Lighting Fire

So what of the detail for this exceptional event that will crown Fire’s welcome home weekend? Well, Orange’s doors open tomorrow night (Sunday 18th Dec) at 11 p.m., the club running through till that Monday morning hour of 9 a.m., entry on those doors priced at a mere £5 before 1 a.m. with a flyer, ad or Facebook invite, while otherwise it is still a reasonable £10 before midnight or £12 thereafter. Plus, in celebration of their return to this historical home, the Orange team are serving up free (yes free!) mimosa champagne cocktails to the first 50 citric clubbers through the door, that door hosted by her royal highness (Hrh to you) Minty, the clubs “…super fierce door & guestlist first lady…” who is sure to give you the greeting to get you in the mood to make it a Monday morning full of magical memories, while Orange also sports a new host inside in the form of Danny Boyce, Steven exclaiming that “…Danny is a cool street dude with a great fashion sense…” adding that”… he is proving an enormous hit with the boys (and the ladies, but hands off girls he’s one of us) Mr Sharp shouting  “…come and see why…”, this being just one of the many reasons we have given you to make Sunday night come Monday morning a date with this citric clubbing colossus, more info available via Plus, with the exciting news that Orange/Trade is back on Christmas Day night, as well as a special Orange/Trade/Megawoof collaboration on NYD, the festive season starts this Sunday (that’s tomorrow) with the first of a string of outstanding Orange segment showings that is sure to spellbind you in splendour from start to finish.


Now where will we be for these two terrific turns?, Well, with commitments out east tonight (Sat 17th Dec), our arrival at the “Welcome Home” party pretty much hangs in the balance, while tomorrow (Sun 18th) is a date definitely in our diary, not least that we will be making Orange the official start to our birthday celebrations, meaning we will very much be in party mood, no doubt “Doing The Disco Matt” as well as nibble size review tweeting our way through the event which you can follow at So, if you see us, come say hi, but make sure, whether its Saturday or Sunday for you, that you “Go There! Be There!” (DISCO MATT)




We Should Do It

We almost forgot (how silly of us!) to mention the other link in this clubbing celebration, Later also returning home to Fire tomorrow (Sunday 18th Dec) from midday until 8 p.m., promoter Jay Sharp Vokins sending our cheeks ruby red for not including the club in our Extra Bites post picture, he exclaiming that “…clubbers of London should get ready for your secret Sunday delight to return to it’s throne once again! The capitals ultimate Sunday afternoon party destination heads back to it’s spiritual home at Fire from this Sunday…” the terrific trip of Jamie Head, The Oli & D’Johnny providing the spectacular soundtrack, while the imfamous Later garden will also be re-opening for business, following the clubs holiday over at Factory. And with admission pegged at just £5 with a stamp from Beyond vs. Deviate, we can think of no better way to continue the celebrations from Saturday through Sunday, more info available at      


It may be a good two weeks down the line, but this exceptional event at Electric is as fresh in our minds today as it was when we waved it goodbye in the early hours of that Sunday morning. Were you there? Did you get a mention? Or what did you miss out on? Well there’s only one way to find out….

Emotionally Engrossing Euphoria

When we think of afterhours clubbing these days, the one word that tends to spring to mind first is Beyond, the brand that has pretty much dominated Sunday mornings for the last decade, while the real pioneer of afterhours was Trade, although if we were to dig deeper into the afterhours market, there are a whole host that fall into this bracket, whether it be a Friday, a Saturday, a Sunday or even a Monday morning, names that spring to mind including FF & Warriors of old, while Gravity & A:M still push those out of hours boundaries today. That said, it is rare for any of these clubs to successfully switch their format to a regular timing slot, save perhaps for special occasions like bank holidays, Easter & Christmas, although there is one that has bridged that gap & made that successful step on many occasions. Indeed, since its inception a good thirteen years ago now, this brilliant brand has not just played out to party heads on Saturdays, Sundays & Mondays, but has also successfully switched venues, finding its feet wherever it goes, a feat that many a competitor club looks upon with a great deal of envy.


Monday Morning Meet

Orange, when it was launched back in 1998 was a pretty small scale club, its first home in Rotherhithe a converted pub, although with advent of the clubbing venue we now know as Fire, this citric splendour really found its feet and became the ruin of many a Monday morning of ours, the decadent feel that we used to get from the halcyon Sunday sessions of Trade, very much being taken over by Orange. However, as times have gone by, our trips to this Monday madcap meet have been pretty much restricted to special occasions, not least when it has switched from its now natural home to sister venue Area for the famed bank holiday specials. But the wonderful clubbing word of Orange has extended further than just Vauxhall, a succession of showings at The Fridge in Brixton in recent years marking brilliant bank holiday bashes that carry magical memories for many. So, when we heard that this mega Monday morning meet would be making a one-off return to the revamped iconic venue in SW2, now known as Electric, we were keen to see what this party prospect would plunder, not least how the venue would shape up after the building site that was Brava.


Preview Peek

So, with this in mind, along with headline D.J. Steve Pitron wanting to make sure everything was in place for his performance, we headed down to Brixton, late afternoon on the day of the event, this flying visit allowing us to take a look at Electric in its now finished state, the difference immediately noticeable from the foyer right through the whole space, a quick inspection of the toilets, along with the bar spaces, seeing a tenfold improvement in the place. With Steve also relatively happy with the positioning of the D.J. booth centre stage in the main auditorium, a brief conversation with the promotions management confirming that all the necessary equipment would be in place in time. With our brief pre event visit over, it was now a case of planning our arrival time to soak up the starting segment of this citric Saturday splendour, our arrival back at Electric at just before midnight seeing us greeted by the ever present Tom Fuller who was orchestrating the developing queue magnificently, the larger than life figure of hostess Chrissy Darling, resplendent in an orange coloured outfit, she spotting us & immediately breaking out into her usual song greeting “…I wanna take a ride on the Disco Matt…”, while a flurry of text messages from Mr Pitron were urging us to “…come…”, “…come inside…”, “MAAAAATTT come inside….” although it was his previous message, “…Alyson is here, she could be anywhere…” that was stopping us in our tracks, the thought of “the porridge woman” at large, consuming us with frightful fear, Tom even remarking that Steve had arrived with two females.


Brimming Brixton Bash

However, putting best foot forward we made it inside, immediately heading for the main room bar area, which was already awash with a developing crowd, our steps of trepidation vindicating themselves when we were caught by both Steve & Bel, sending us running & screaming around the club, the looks on the faces of those around us saying it all. However, with no sign of Alyson, we soon calmed down & concentrated on the task in hand, soaking it this citric Saturday splendour, a glance over to the stage seeing The Oli in charge of the tunes, warming up the party brilliantly with his barnstorming beats, proving, yet again what a hot ticket talent he is (and pretty hot in the looks dept too!). Mind you we weren’t the only ones remarking on the impression he was making,  Bel seemingly spellbound by his superb set, no surprise as Oli was certainly packing powerful punch with his prolific performance, the dancefloor soon filling with party goers & the atmosphere lifting with every terrific track selection after the next. This distraction pause from the mischievous intentions of a playful Mr Pitron gave us the opportunity to give the venue another once over, the improvement since the building site of Brava noticeable, not least that all the renovations had been finished, the ceiling looking magnificent with a multi-tiered mirrorball as the centre-piece, all the Victorian arcitrading returned to its former glory and, more importantly, all the infrastructure, like toilets, bars, seating areas & corridors completed & decorated.


Privileged Position

With Steve having grabbed us a back stage pass, the time was nearing for his set showing, our privileged viewpoint from behind the D.J. booth allowing us to see the full extent of the club in front of us and the view Mr Pitron was getting during his performance. And by golly what another dynamic delivery of dance delectations he delighted us and a now near capacity Electric crowd to, a magnificent mixture of classics, classics rehashed & up to date hits, cleverly interwoven into a scintillating string of sounds, one track after next sending us into a spin behind the stage along with a boisterous Bel and now a handful of photographers, one with a video camera in his hand catching our “Doing The Disco Matt” moves on film. And this was no surprise given the track choices Steve was making, first “Last Night A D.J. Saved My Life” (Mr Pitron was definitely doing this tonight!) followed by “Shine On Me”, these just two examples of the classic tunes both the vent & its headline player had promised. But, these were balanced by more up to date tracks too, crowd pleasers for sure, “Live Your Dreams” one of them and “Pressure” another, both which, as they always do, sent us headlong into that tearful & emotional rollercoaster ride, while our vantage point right behind Steve was the best we could have asked for.


Electric On Fire

But while we were enjoying & lapping up our select stage spot, we were also keen to mingle with the masses, our trip down onto the dancefloor immediately sending us into the path of the adorable Andrea, her welcome as affectionately hysterical as always, her catchphrase “…you can f*** right off…” hitting that hysterical high. However, what moving down here also did was to put us in pole position for the stage show which was erupting before our eyes, Elektra & her dreamy dancers hitting the Orange Electric stage to plumes of pyro’s & loads of lasers, Steve timing the musical fanfare we had been privy to earlier that evening to perfection. Then, as if we were called to take a further retreated view of proceedings, a timely text from Tom Fuller saw us clamber through the crowd & head to the bar, our liege immediately remarking on our lack of an orange coloured t-shirt (oops) while with all the emotion of the Pitron performance along with the presence of Onyx promoter Verity Mayes, we were pleased with the distraction, at least for this short while.


Electric Blue Brilliance

Mind you, the night was far from over and we had the remaining beats of Steve’s scintillating set to soak up, a return to our privileged position seeing out the remaining moments of his prolific performance, more terrifically classical tunes & more modern mixes, finishing with the incredible “Sunset To Sunrise” our possible replacement for “Offshore”, all this emotion leaving us to cough & splutter like a rusty engine, our iron lung having gotten its first dance workout in weeks. But that workout was far from over, as with Fat Tony now in charge of the Orange Electric decks, the playful chases by both Bel & Steve ensued, chases across the back of the stage and round the bar area which we found ourselves retiring to once again, the looks on peoples & security guards faces as we ran & screamed, an absolute picture, while hiding behind Steve’s beau Celso wasn’t the protection we needed, the playful pranks going on for much of the remainder of our stay. But, the time to leave was now knocking, the host of familiar faces including the delectable Dorin & Kyri, the fabulous Franck, the magnificent Mauricio, the marvelous Minty along with Michael Peacock & plenty more besides, were not enough to hold us, the call to work playing on our minds, meaning a curtain call on the outstanding Orange outing to sink home & reflect on our resplendent return to the clubbing circuit in the hands of this heavenly happening.


Backstage Bunch

Well, we tweeted, we danced & we socialised, there was emotion, there was fun & there were tears and in a strange sort of way that kind of sums up this Orange Electric event, as it pretty much had it all, not least the captivating crowd of friendly & familiar faces that made this, our return to clubbing after a six week absence, the best we could have wished for. But more than that, we have to hand it to the venue management for transforming Electric from the building site it was for Brava to the fantastically finished product we found it this time round, while the promotions team did a sterling job in showcasing Orange in super scale & on a Saturday to boot. That aside, our evening was very much made by a handful of incredible individuals mentioned, top of the prolific pile going to Steve Pitron who played out a scintillating set packed with magical memory making moments that, in combination with that privileged position we were so honoured to have, will remain in our minds eye for a long time to come. So here’s to Orange as a clubbing brand, here’s to everyone involved in this exceptional event and here’s to what was most definitely an evening of “emotionally engrossing euphoria”. (DISCO MATT)   

Back To Brixton

We often associate certain brands with certain times, for example Trade is historically & memorably always a Sunday morning meet, Salvation a t-dance style soiree & Room Service will forever be the start of anyone’s weekend on a Thursday, others we can pick on including Onyx that is a firm Friday favourite & Crash which was a Saturday smash hit, this club more than any other paving the way for the vast array of club nights that now grace Vauxhall as the major gay clubbing mecca in the capital. However, the picture of clubbing in this south London suburb could never be complete without the inclusion of a citric splendour that has very much been part of the Sunday night come Monday morning clubbing furniture for over a decade, well thirteen years to be precise, the club’s name also representing the group that continues to push the envelope with exceptional events from their bag full of brilliant brands. Yet, as much as this captivating club, headed up by the superb Steven Sharp is very much an afterhours offering week in week out, for one night only, it is stepping into the Saturday night slot and at a place that holds dear memories for the clubs enthusiastic followers.


Outstanding Orange

Well we couldn’t be talking about any other club than Orange, the Monday morning madcap meet that has been solely responsible for completely sabotaging (in a good way of course) the start to the working week, the thought of partying when others are trudging into the office always a tempting prospect and one we have taken up on many an occasion during the clubs thirteen year history. Yet as much as Orange sits firmly in the afterhours bracket, it also tends to play a prolific part in special occasions, whether it be Easter, Halloween or Christmas, often playing out at times averse to its usual slot, but nevertheless reflecting just how popular a party it is and how it continues to play an important role in the maintenance of the vibrant capital clubbing scene that we found ourselves within. So, it comes as no surprise that, as part of its ongoing program of irregular & one-off events, Orange is moving from Sunday to Saturday this weekend (26th Nov), but more than that, is returning to the venue that has played host to the brands special parties on a number of occasions in the past, formerly The fridge, now called Electric, this iconic Brixton venue having been the home of Love Muscle during the nineties & also sported the launch night for new brand Brava.


Superstar Steve

So what’s on offer for this “Orange Electric” event? Well, it seems that promoter Steven Sharp has pulled in two heavyweight stars to accompany his resident crew of D.J.’s, firstly Steve Pitron once again swapping his Beyond shoes for Orange ones & headlining the event with a set from 1 till 3 a.m. And while we have been missing in action for a while, indeed missing out a string of Pitron performances, we have already booked our place for this one, Steve always seeming to come up with the goods, so is sure to so o here, not least that we have been privy to parts of his playlist, a mixture of latest hits along with some true classics from Orange’s history, representing the many times & years he has played for the brand. Then there is Paul Heron, another superb star that has graced Orange’s decks in the past & is sure to play a prolific part in this present day party. But with a supporting D.J. cast that includes Orange regulars The Sharp Boys & Fat Tony, the music is sure to be totally top draw from start to finish, both having marked this special one-off party with two podcasts, Fat Tony’s a rare & exclusive mix which is an absolute must for your collection, not least due to its rarity, while The Sharp Boys compilation is packed with classics, so a visit to is definitely in order.


Birthday Boy Beats

However, the visit you really need to make is to Electric in Brixton tonight and having literally hot footed it back from the venue, we are pleased to report that it is looking a hundred times better than our last visit for Brava at the end of August, the difference quite remarkable, so far removed from the building site it was, to the smart splendour that it is now. Plus with the stage being dressed in preparation for the sparkling stage shows to come from Elektra Paris’ & Shaun Capewell’s teams of delectable dancers, we know that a huge amount of time & effort has gone into the citric style costumes & choreography which we are anticipating with gusto, as we are for the live vocal performance from Orange lady Tonnic, who will be making her citric splash & presence felt throughout this event. And having spoken with the promotions team, they have told us to “get ready to Re-live the past and experience the future…” further adding that “…with special live performances and shows throughout the night, it’ll be nostalgic, anthemic, uplifting, intoxicating house music all night long…” , while we have also been tipped off to expect “…incredible top-end production and watch the sparks fly at this historic venue, with LED screens, lasers, fire shows, and loads more citrus surprises…”.


Citric Saturday Showing

So to the all important detail and Orange Electric takes place tonight (Saturday 26th Nov) at Electric (formerly The Fridge) on Brixton Hill, doors opening at 11 p.m. and the club running through to a planned 7 a.m. finish. Advance tickets can still be grabbed online priced at just £10 via direct link, although we are told there may still be free entry offers up for grabs by either going to, picking out the ad from Q.X. magazine or grabbing an Orange Electric flyer and hot footing it down to the venue before 1 a.m. And with a hosting team that includes three stars of the clubbing scene, Megan Jones making a welcome return to join forces with the magnificent Mauricio Ortiz & the larger than life (she is very tall you know) Chrissy Darling, you are sure to receive a warm welcome & a swift entry into the club, Tom Fuller sure to be on hand too. Plus, don’t forget that Beyond takes over from Orange, starting at 6 a.m., down at Area in Vauxhall and is the “official” Electric afterparty, advance tickets advisable by going to, while entry will be available on the door, but as with Orange, expect to pay more.


All this means that is goes without saying that we cannot recommend this Orange “Electric” enogh and will be making our return to the dancefloor after a six week break, hopefully nibble size reviewing tweeting our way through the whole party. So, if you see us do come up & say hi, but as always simply make sure you “Go There! Be There! (DISCO MATT)

With the last week or so laid to waste for a number of reasons, our latest brush with ravages of London’s roads leaving us pre-occupied with our personal health, we have once again missed the boat with our weekend recommends newsletter, although with a trio of treats presenting themselves tonight (Saturday 12th November), we couldn’t resist giving you our take on what would, in normal circumstances, be a most tricky choice of where we should be & be seen, the draw of Shoreditch, Southwark & Vauxhall also looking like dividing the capitals clubbing crowd eager for some extra special entertainment. And given just how good all three parties are, the choice will prove a difficult one, yet as each deserve a bite at the proverbial cherry, we given them equal(ish) exposure, state the case for their collective captivation and then leave it to you to decide.


Main Meathead Man

So to our first of the three and to Shoreditch we head, as the magnificence of Meat rolls out another of its monthly meets, that cherry bite reference most appropriate as will become apparent when we delve into the detail. However, before we do, let’s give you a taste of just what Meat is about, this charismatic club being the brainchild of legendary D.J./Producer Tom Stephan along with his occasional recording studio partner, Shoreditch son (so called by us) Kris Di Angelis, this dynamic duo certainly knowing how to pitch a party with over 30 years experience of the capitals clubbing scene under their collective belts. And in Meat they have produced a party that combines elements of old & new, host venue East Bloc on City Rd supplying the underground feel & vibe that Tom was very much part of in the early days of his clubbing career, not least at Crash in Vauxhall. But more than that, with two distinctly different spaces to choose from, the duo also pitch the music to cater for the rich variety of clubbers Meat now attracts, whether they be the East End trendy socialites, the West End whizz kids or even the smatter of scene faces that grace its doors, Meat serves up a pretty unique mix that is difficult to match let alone beat, so one of many reasons why you should give it a go.


Love At First Bite

Convinced that Meat is for you? Well, this month would be as good a choice as any, as the boys are throwing a “Love At First Bite” themed event, which, given the bawdiness of  last month’s “Hanky Panky” meet, looks like re-emulating the raunchiness in every way, both Tom & Kris taking up D.J. duty in the “Meathead” main room alongside fellow resident James Pople, serving up the best in electro twisted beats & underground grooves, while over in the “Mincemeat” second space, gender bender Munroe Bergdorf is joined this month by Tom Washington, the duo delighting with more soul tainted funk & pop. Add to that go-go’s Fer & Claudio performing throughout the night and both stretching the imagination among other things, while plenty of Meat mania gets going in & around the nooks & cranny’s of this East Bloc base, hosts Melvin, Jonathan Bestley & Alex Collins making sure fun will be had by all. As for the entry detail on this “Love At First Bite” Meat meet, doors open at East Bloc at 10.30 p.m. the club running through until a planned 6 a.m. finish and all for just £5 before midnight or £10 thereafter, further details out at


Muscle Meet

Onwards and to Southwark now, the new base for Alex Erfan’s loveable clubbing brand, Lovechild, which throws its second party of the month tonight. Having established a long run of events across in Vauxhall at Fire, Lovechild has proved one of the most popular & sustainable Saturday night sortie’s in recent times, a whole succession of superb showings firmly establishing its premier position on the capitals clubbing circuit. Plus, having expanded into Europe, Lovechild’s presence has been felt right across the continent, from Amsterdam to Istanbul & Berlin to Barcelona, the marriage of minds seeing associations with clubs like Red & Blue, Delice, & Muccassassina, while back home links with Brighton’s Wild Fruit & London’s As One & Lo-Profile rank among its many achievements in the close on three years of its operation here in the capital. Add to that a dynamic D.J. residency team that includes the likes of London based stars Tony English, Brent Nicholls, Phil Hewson, & Mattias, international names extending to Javier Medina, Guy Scheiman, Johan Khoury & Leomeo, and the musical credentials of Lovechild pretty much speak for themselves. Yet, while having disappeared off our radar during the summer, our loveable brand is back pushing the boundaries at new home Pulse, very much finding its feet in this new environment, but loving every minute of it along with its new found associations with the venue’s owners, & links with the Logan presents promotions machine who also hold their SuperMartXe London events there. And with off-shoot “Superlovers” gathering steam, there is much to shout about in the Lovechild camp, so a club definitely worth a visit or more.


Inspiration Italiano

So what’s on offer tonight (Sat 13th Nov)? Well the team are going all Italiano on us with their “Roma” event, a devotion to all things Dolce Vita come Gladiators as it will be the Italian stallions that will be taking over Pulse and racing those pulses with all their rippling olive skin soaked muscles, amazing accents & looks, as well as Latino charm personified, Nik Ripley & his performers definitely meeting & probably exceeding all expectations on the eye candy front. But while our own & original Italian stallion D.J. Pagano will not be present, Alex has called on the services of his remaining Roman residents, Gabriele Cutrano, Micky Galliano, Alessandro Londra & Tony Bruno, all joined by relative newcomer to the Lovechild fold, Marco Gee, each one injecting plenty of Italian passion into their performances, whether it be Sicilian slants, Naples nuances or Piacenza progressions, the musical matches between these dynamic D.J.’s should work like a dream. Then, as if that wasn’t enough, Alex has tempted in this month’s Lovechild cover hunk, Eric De Chavez, who will be hosting & roaming the crowd to add yet more Italian pepperoni to proceedings in what is sure to be a saucy showing to stimulate & seduce. So, no more reasons required to head down to Pulse and while Soho’s ticket outlets doors may be closed, you can still grab an advance ticket for just £12 at, while entry is also available on the doors which open at 11 p.m., the club running through till a planned 6 a.m. finish, more info, should you need it, out at


Biggest & Best

So to the third in our trio and what a third it is, as Beyond extends its arms to all its adoring fans with yet another extended offering marking the beginning of its winter season. Now, what we have said about this brilliant brand goes without saying, it having ridden a crest wave on the capitals clubbing circuit for most, if not all of its ten year tenure. Having pretty much transformed the afterhours clubbing market, bringing a barnstorming blend of beats from upfront house, to tech, deep, classic & progressive, along with everything in-between, in Beyond there is always something for everyone and everything for someone, while the amazing atmosphere in host venue Area’s main room is truly unbeatable, for us, anywhere in the globe. And talking of the globe, Beyond’s aspirations to become one of the planets biggest players has taken a major leap forward this year, showings in Paris, Mykonos, Ibiza & Sao Paulo , four highlights among a list of others, while back home, offerings in both “Belief” & “Supersize” format have cemented it as the single biggest & best brand on the capitals clubbing circuit. But more than that, Beyond draws on some of the best D.J. talent London has on offer, when you consider the likes of Steve Pitron, Mikey D, Jamie Head, The Sharp Boys, Fat Tony & Gonzalo Rivas among a host of others, you know the music & the magic of this monumentally magnificent meet will always be top draw delight from start to finish and reason why we cannot recommend it enough.


Winter Season Starter

So to this latest exceptional event in the chapter filled catalogue of Beyond bashes, tonight (Saturday 12th Nov) seeing the return of “Ice” the themed event that, as we have said, marks the beginning of the clubs winter season and should re-emulate the impressive outing of the same name twelve months ago. And in the “Midnight” format, this event runs for a full twelve hours, welcoming many of its resident D.J.’s to play in front of a packed out Area of three arena’s of sound, The Chapel space sorted by Hifi Sean, Paul Christian, D’Johnny & special guest Guy Williams, while The Terrace bar remains the domain of Jamie Head, The Oli & Fat Tony, although it is to the main room we look for the best action as “Ice” marks the welcome return of Beyond original & its most resplendent resident, Steve Pitron, who we know is hugely excited about his first set in close on a month, Steve taking up pole position from 8 till 10 a.m., he flanked by The Sharp Boys & Alan K. Then, add in the enticing ingredients of the famed effects & lighting, plus podium showings from Elektra Paris & her crew, “Ice” should have it all this Sunday morning, doors opening at zero o’clock & running through until midday, advance ticket purchases recommended by going to direct link, while if you want to get in quick & for free, get your detail in now at Those options aside, you can always pay on the door, but expect to pay more, although whatever the price to get in, you won’t want to get out anytime soon as you will no doubt absorb the awesome atmosphere that Beyond creates week in week out & should do again this time round.


So there it is, the most tricky choice presenting itself for many a moon, a trio of treats that doesn’t get any better in our books, we happy to lay our hat on any one of the three, although with a certain D.J. (wonder who that could be?!?!) tugging our heart strings & twisting our arms, we will be attempting to brave the dancefloor with our ravaged wrist, although whichever of the trio you choose, maybe all three, just make sure you “Go There! Be There! (DISCO MATT)

Amazing Afterhours Anniversary



Painting a reflective picture comes quite easily to us, although in the case of this super size review of Beyond’s “10th Birthday”, to do so has required us to prologue our reflection by saying that this “Amazing Afterhours Anniversary” devotion is no ordinary review. Why?, well because like no other club we have been connected with, Beyond holds unparelled importance, emotion & affection, so much so that we felt, as it has reached a magnificent milestone in its history, we should mark the occasion in a special way. So this review will not only capture the 10th birthday event itself, but also paint that picture of our emotional & affectionate connection with it, taking a journey through its history, sharing some special musical moments via YouTube links, and in so doing, making this a truly celebratory reflection rather than a simple event review. But while we cannot escape showing some the overwhelming emotion we felt on Sunday, much of it displayed through our nibble size review tweets at the time, we will be taking care to temper that emotion & balance it with the heavenly highlights that made this a brilliant Beyond birthday bash.



Past, Present & Future

We can count ourselves extremely fortunate to have witnessed & savoured some of the biggest & best brands, many having stood the test of time and are treading the clubbing boards today in some sort of form or other, names that spring to mind including Orange, Trade, Salvation & DTPM, all having been around for well over a decade. However, despite these outstanding achievers having passed the landmark ten years, it would be fair to say that, with the possible exception of Trade, not one of these brilliant brands could have been considered as towering the top of the game for the whole of that time, such is the level of competition within the capitals clubbing circuit, not to mention the fickle nature of the crowds who often move from brand to brand at the drop of a hat, just look at switch from SuperMartXe to WE as a perfect example. Moreover, a whole host of other big brands in our lifetime haven’t quite reached that decade yardstick, Action, Crash, & Juicy all hitting the high notes but falling short of that double figure feat, thus putting such an achievement into perspective and meaning that when such an occurrence presents itself, there is definitely reason to celebrate, whether it be the club or the clubber, this past Sunday being no exception as one awesome afterhours achiever was set to mark their tenth anniversary.


Beyond created a pretty instantaneous impact from the day it was launched back in 2001, at the time tackling the tough cookie that was Trade, the then mother of all afterhours clubbing that had made hitting the dancefloor on a Sunday morning change from being just decadent to vogue, a time in the weekly calendar when many would either be sleeping or pursuing religious activities, the thought of clubbing the last thing on their minds. However, what Trade proved, was that the desire to dance & be debaucherous on the final morning of the week, although its music had a certain direction and due to its location, trekking across from the burgeoning clubbing hotspot that was Vauxhall became less & less appealing, especially when a new boy on the block showed its hand, literally on the doorstep of Saturday sensations Crash & Action. So, with the writing on the Trade wall, Beyond was the new darling of dancers and, despite having dipped off the clubbing calendar for two years, has, like no other club we know, remained at the very top of its & the capitals clubbing circuit game for the whole of its existence, making a 10th birthday bash a truly enticing & exciting prospect.


Beyond Back At Colosseum

Having trodden those tender first few steps with the brand back in 2001, hardly a week would go by in those early years of Beyond’s existence at club Colosseum that you wouldn’t find us in the thick of the action, the likes of Brent Nicholls & Paul Heron entertaining us with laidback beats in the VIP room, while the main room sported stars that including David Jiminez, Alan X & Steve Pitron, all these names having made their mark at the colossus that was Crash. And during the halcyon Colosseum days, we grew increasingly fonder of our frolics in the hands of Beyond, not one New Years day ever quite the same without celebrating in the hands of this brilliant brand & its boy beatmasters, the music more mainstream than its old adversary Trade, perhaps accounting for its broader & lasting appeal. And even finding ourselves well out of its reach with work deployments into Essex & Kent, Beyond continued to feature in our frolics until 2006 when it dropped off the clubbing calendar, our Sunday’s temporarily replaced by new offer Ultra & venue Area, although life was never quite the same as those brilliant days, the loss of our now adorable afterhours akin to losing a close companion.


So when, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Beyond returned and took up residence at Ultra’s home Area in May 2008, a new dawn in the club’s history quickly followed, initial comparisons with Colosseum dissolving as the identity Area was giving Beyond was something quite spectacular, not least in the amazing atmosphere, lighting & effects that were to become the clubs trademarks. Plus, added into the mix was the continuity provided by some of its resident D.J.’s that survived the gap in the clubs services, the likes of The Sharp Boys, Gonzalo Rivas & David Jiminez, key players in the new set up, while the clubs longest surviving resident who like us, had trodden those tender first steps in 2001, right back in the thick of it all at Area, Steve Pitron the shining star that was pulling in the punters and playing, for us, the most magnificent music. And as we had craved our clubbing at Colosseum, we soon adored Area, Beyond the single most powerful link between the two that was by now riding on a wonderful wave crest that showed no signs of coming into shore.


At Home At Area

With the club & the brand very much back where it belonged, at the top of its game and without doubt the most popular of all on the capitals clubbing circuit, Beyond entered a new phase of excellence, both at home & abroad, strides internationally seeing it play out to audiences in Paris, Amsterdam, Mykonos & Brazil, while back in London it was scooping award after award and cementing its reputation of being the jewel in the weekly clubbing crown. And our affectionate associations continued to grow for Beyond, the now infamous “spot” that had become a byword for Disco Matt’s dervishes, instantly recognised by so many of its regulars, D.J. residents & successive promoters, while our own purple patch period with the club reached its heights just this year when the equally infamous “rollercoaster emotional rides & joyful tears” became our secondary Beyond trademark. So, it was no surprise that, as the 10th Birthday loomed, our emotional excitement rose to boiling point, our expectations began to push the boundaries of reality and with many of its key players in place, on paper at least, we made vocal & emotional preparations to celebrate Beyond’s past, present & future, the scene now set for what was to prove an amazing afterhours anniversary.


Having sought to slide home to re-charge our batteries after a walk on the Casa Latina side, those now racing emotions of excitement & anticipation were very much gripping us, not least as we set the mood by listening to a handful of classic Beyond beats stretching back as far as 2004, all in preparation for the short journey return to Vauxhall, we finding ourselves arrive at Area’s doors at not long turned 6 a.m. And with the familiar face of Tom Fuller in his usual military style efficiently managing the considerable queue, it was clear many had decided Beyond was the only path to choose, the sweet smell of celebration hanging heavenly in the air. With door hostess Juliana’s welcome setting us on our way, it was into Area and first through the terrace room, where veteran of Beyond’s Colosseum days, Severino, was setting about charming the crowd with a ton of terrific tunes, a further advance into the chapel space spotting another Beyond heavyweight resident from past & present, Gonzalo Rivas, he too attracting an ample audience with a bundle of brilliant beats. But with our mind set on sorting a space for our belongings, then preparing for the main room magnificence ahead, we grabbed some refreshments & headed for the fresh air of the outside space, both to check our emotions and gather ourselves for the prolific partying to come.


In Could Only Be Beyond

With a flock of familiar faces coming up to say hi, it was clear that this Beyond birthday had attracted many of its most adoring fans, not to mention the whole of the Orange Group top brass, Craig Elder & all three sons plus Jonny Marsh & Verity Meyes present & correct, while scene faces aplenty were all around, we grabbing a few pre-dancing moments with the adorable Andrea, who like many, were waiting for the main room to swing into action. And with the jungle drums signalling its start, we headed inside and straight for our spot, arriving to find the space already rammed with revellers, The Sharp Boys in charge of the tunes and treating us to a terrific trip down musical memory lane, one classic Beyond tune after the next transporting us back to the delectable days of Colosseum, our eyes already ravaged with emotional tears as we span on our spot. But the Area memories were also having their say, not least when the release of the prolific & resplendent pyrotechnic rockets grabbed our attention, they racing across the rooms ceiling, their spectacular sparks adding to the already luminous lighting & amazing atmosphere, a collection of the Brazilian bunch that usually accompany us around our spot soaking up the splendour, both D.J. DouGuim & pal Giuseppe among them, our playful mate tempering our emotions with energetic insistence.


By now The Sharp Boys were in full flow, mind you so were our tears, the anticipation of the set we had been waiting for getting too much to handle, lending the need for a further fresh air break from the birthday bravado, a step outside spotting the arrival of Mikey D who, like The Sharp Boys, had put in a tremendous amount of preparation for a celebratory set full of musical memories of Beyond’s bygone years.  So, fighting back yet more waves of emotion, we headed back to our spot, just in time to soak up a true classic, The Sharp Boys adding their own terrific twist to Chamonix’s “How Did You Know”, sending superb shivers up our spine, not least as this was one of ten tunes we had picked out as our own musical memories of the clubs history. With Steven having popped out to say hello & George waving over the D.J. booth, it was now the turn of Mikey D to step up to the Beyond birthday plate, admittedly without his back-to-back playing partner, many remarking on the absence of the clubs undisputed superstar, Steve Pitron, although what we & Mikey were missing in this masterful man, Mr Dower was to compensate for his companion’s absence with an simply scintillating set, soaring the amazing Area atmosphere to new heights.


Masterful Mikey

Pulling ourselves together was now the order of the day, as Mikey set about stunning us with selection after selection, tracks “Delirious”, “Addicted” & “Sunday’s At Heaven” among a mound of other musical memory moments that were doing the job of deflecting the devastation we were feeling over the absence of our bon ami, Giuseppe on hand to soak up our tears and sending us into a spin with his bawdy bravado. And with the podiums topped with Elektra Paris’s drop dead gorgeous gogo’s, Mikey on fabulous form, the lighting & effects at full tilt, it was now that we found our significant stride, more & more familiar faces passing by to say hello, Lee Harris, Mauricio Ortiz & Naomi Ruiz among them, while Aaron Elder & Jonny Marsh were never far away, they like us marvelling in the magnificent music & prolific performance of Mikey D. With a terrific trail of treats being turned out by the tore de force that was Mr Dower, we found it hard to prize ourselves away from our spot, even with the tinsy temptations of a back-to-back set by D’Johnny & David Jiminez in the chapel space & The Oli in the terrace, such was the main room majesty before our eyes. But our moment of the morning was about to come, as the usual glances over the D.J. booth that would have come from our missing man, came our way from Mikey, the look & then the thumbs up sign sending the reassuring signal we had been looking for, lifting our spirits further within the rollercoaster ride we were journeying through this breathtaking Beyond birthday bash.


Now we were entering the final phase of our trip down memory lane, the arrival of Alan K & Jamie Hammond, the duo that would assume control of Beyond’s main room, signalling an end to Mike D’s magnanimous music, their assumption of the decks also marking a new phase in this amazing afterhours anniversary, a hint more to the Beyond present & future rather than its past which had been celebrated by the threesome before. And in this recently formed partnership, Alan & Jamie were to prove a formidable force in carrying the crowd along with their stupendous selections, we too suitably stolen by their dovetail devotions, although it would be Tom Fuller that would wrestle us away from the main room madness and complete the predictable pattern of our regular visit to this brilliant clubbing brand. So, assuming our position at the end of the terrace bar gave us the added bonus of soaking up a towering turn by the legendary Fat Tony who was attracting plenty of dancing admirers, not least when what surely can be described as THE anthem of the club, “Release Me”, was played out, that on top of recent hit “Enjoy The Ride”, both very much sealing our deal on this birthday bash, our minds now set on retiring home for rest, relaxation & reflection on what had been another morning packing with memory making moments.


Simply Spectacular

So what did we think of this Beyond birthday celebration?, what were our heavenly highlights of this magnificent meet?, and what now for this brilliant top of the pile brand? Well, cutting through the emotions, the tears & tribulations of our day, we can say with hand on heart that this was an outstanding outing that will rank among some of the great Beyond’s of all-time and while it will probably never quite tip the scales that “Tokyo” & “Erotica” did, it will stand among a long list of others that will remain in our memory banks for many years to come. Hats definitely have to go off to The Sharp Boys who, without question, celebrated the glory of the Colosseum days through a spectacular selection of sounds that was pure unadulterated pleasure from start to finish, while each & every other D.J. across all of the three rooms played their prolific part in making this a birthday celebration colossus, mentions for Gonzalo Rivas, David Jiminez, D’Johnny, Severino, The Oli & Fat Tony indelible inclusions, while celebratory congratulations also have to go to the army of organisers who made this hallmark happening possible, not least to Mr Craig Elder.


However, for us, the huge highlight was that Mikey D set, a truly outstanding couple of hours in our morning marked with one towering tune after the next that we know will have made his playing partner proud, our huge highlight being that reassuring look he gave us over the booth in our moment of need. As for Beyond’s future, well it seems to be pretty secure, especially given the terrific turnout for this milestone mark in its history, the likes of new kid on the Beyond block Jamie Hammond sure to feature, while we know that the missing link from the morning, Steve Pitron, will be back and keen to make up for celebratory moments lost. Then there are its continual aspirations on the international clubbing playing field, the brand sure to make an impact on the further reaches of the globe, we sense a presence in Australia & South Africa on the cards, this on top of consolidation of its partying in Paris, its outings to Amsterdam & its sorties to Sao Paulo, while the Beyond trophy cabinet back home will need to make room for more awards to come as it steps into its eleventh year of cutting edge clubbing & colossal curtain raising cavorting. And despite what one particular tweet may have said, Beyond remains and will forever remain our most favourite club, meaning we will be right by its side as it continues to reign supreme, forging a path of clubbing fulfilment for us and many more besides. (DISCO MATT) 




Now for those promised YouTube musical links and a self indulgent conclusion to this celebratory look at Beyond’s “10th Birthday”, as we thought it appropriate to pick our ten top tunes from the clubs history, well those covering the span of years & holding the most magical memories of their time.


So to our first choice and a track from Beyond’s first ever year, 2001, “Easy Livin” by Sea Flowers perhaps not that reflective of the clubs music of the time, but one which holds special memories for us as it was played by Brent Nicholls in the VIP room at club Colosseum, the club’s first home. A disco tipped track that will forever be about Brent & Beyond, catch a clip at


Onto our second choice and one from the clubs 2nd year, this 2002 track by Una Mass a real favourite of ours as “I Will Follow” would often finish off an Alan X set around 12 midday at Colosseum, sending us spinning into a fabulous frenzy, Alan one of a handful of residents that played at both Crash & Beyond in the early days of our favourite afterhours. A timeless track that still sounds as superb now as it did then, savour a slice at


To our third choice and one that actually featured on Sunday morning, The Sharp Boys adding their own terrific twist to Chamonix’s “How Did You Know (77 Strings), which, when it was first released in 2003, stormed both the sets & the dancefloors of Beyond, many of its all star residents of the time playing it to rapturous reception, not least by Steve Pitron in Colosseum’s main room. This is a real memory maker, which you can grab in all its glory at


For our fourth choice we skip a year and look to 2005 for the first of two tremendous memory making tracks, both from a mixing/re-mixing duo that were very much hitting the high notes of the clubbing circuit at the time, Haji & Emmanuel. Dajie’s “Brighter Days” holds particularly special memories for us, not least as we can visualise our appearance at Beyond on NYD, our right arm in plaster & Steve Pitron playing the track, while Hugh Stevenson was also noted of turning it out on many an occasion. An all time Beyond classic in our books, the memory making mix out at


We stick with 2005 and with Haji & Emmanuel for our fifth choice of ten, “Take Me Away” firmly in the Steve Pitron camp of classics that he would play often at Colosseum, the lyrics, the beats & the amazing atmospherics of the track shouting Beyond, “…come with me to the dancefloor…I want to dance the night away…”, or in this case the morning, which we did over & over again to this towering tune. A choice that will forever be an anthem of our favourite afterhours & its biggest D.J. all-star and one you can savour in all its splendour at


Onto choice number six and one that sees us jump to 2008, marking a new era in Beyond’s history as it now finds itself in new Vauxhall venue, Area, having halted its happenings at Coliseum, disappearing off the clubbing circuit two years before. Now, while this track will never be forever our favourite afterhours, “Sunday’s At Heaven” was one of the year’s biggest hits & in terms of memories has us gazing at our pint sized French pal as he gyrated on the podium in front of the Beyond main room D.J. booth. One from the vaults & a worth a spin or two at


Number seven in our ten, taken from 2009, is trademark Beyond & Steve Pitron, a track that continues to make an inclusion in his sets to this day, we suspect more to get that emotional reaction that has become our own trademark of our rollercoaster ride journeys that came to a fore this year. “Last Forever” by Norman Doray still sends superb shivers up our spines and when we close our eyes we are on our spot in Area & at Beyond, that is how powerful it is packed with memories of our favourite club. “…Let’s make this moment last forever…” which it certainly does when we go to


To our eighth track choice and one that simply had to be included as it has beyond written all over it, although it was Industri & courtesy of Paul Heron when we first heard “Release Me”, Paul having discovered the track from a trip down under. However, we adopted it as our anthem and many of Beyond’s D.J.’s reacted, playing it out just to see us spinning uncontrollably on our spot, not least Alan K & Steve Pitron. A pick from 2009/2010 and out at, this towering track still erupts the Beyond dance floors & ranks as one all-time great dance hits of our times at the club.


For the penultimate choice in our top ten, we look to 2011, a year that marked a real purple patch period in our association with Beyond & its music and while a long list of tracks were in the running as number nine, due to the overriding significance of “Waiting For You” by The Shapeshifters, it simple had to be included, not least as it holds masses of memories of our Sunday morning appearances & those looks over Beyond’s main room D.J. booth by Steve Pitron, starting off those joyous tearful emotional eruptions. “…If you need me, just call me…”, say no more, just catch a clip at


So we reach number ten in our choices and while there are some real anthems in our picks, we kind of pail in comparison to this track which will always be about Beyond & Steve Pitron for us. The truly tremendous “Here Comes The Rain” which was first released by The Eurythmics years before, got the remix treatment in 2008 but still features in Steve’s sets today, the ticker tape explosions, the bubble waves & those pyrotechnic rockets the backdrop to its brilliant crescendo beats. This is Beyond at its brilliant best & its all star resident at his most resplendent, a worthy inclusion worth catching at

Brazilian Brand Benchmark

London is probably now recognised as one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world and the same could be said for its clubbing scene, a wealth of nations represented on its dancefloors, at its events & even within the industry itself, not one corner of the globe left out of the picture. However, following the lead that the so called “Spanish Armada” invasion of club brands created with the likes of La Troya, Matinee, SuperMartXe & WE, it seemed inevitable that another major Latin nation would want to get its say on the London scene, the Brazilians being quite strongly represented as clubbers on the capital’s circuit making the introduction of one of its biggest brands, The Week, a foregone conclusion. Yet while the first outing was exceptional, moving it to a different venue, in this case The Coronet, lost its London identity somewhat, the comparisons to WE party clearly apparent, which, in itself, was to see the emergence of a home-grown Brazilian brand attempt to make its mark on the capitals clubbing circuit.


With Casa Latina the product of a burgeoning Brazilian influence on the scene here in London, our initial scepticism of its intentions were soon apparent, although having been away in the sunny climbs of South Africa for the launch back in March, we were not on hand to witness the muted response by the capitals clubbers for ourselves, perhaps choosing to launch it within days of The Week’s return to London not the best of timings. But with Casa’s return in July boosted by the involvement of ex SuperMartXe lynch pin Mauricio Ortiz, the “Super Car Wash” event proved a spectacular success, Fire’s main room a roadblock, the stage shows simply superb and the collective of D.J.’s across the two rooms all proving a huge hit with party heads that packed out both dancefloors. So, with the Casa Latina standard & stool very much set by this scintillating second showing, there was much to look forward to for Casa’s third throw of the capital clubbing dice, not least in the Brazilian credentials of promoters Thiago Drewry & Mauricio Ortiz combined, as well as D.J. stars Leandro Kloppel, DouGuim & most notably new boy Junior Moura, making “Sugar Daddy” a very tempting prospect which we were not going to turn down.


Sugar Candy

So, having drawn a bit of a warm-up blank at Kazbar, a quick dive into Barcode Vauxhall having made up for the situation, we were set fair to make the hop, skip & jump across to Fire and for Casa Latina’s “Sugar Daddy” event, safe in the knowledge that liaisons with the likes of Tom Marchant, Steve Thomas, Steven Artis & Mattias Dabo had made up for the earlier disappoint in Clapham and that we were ready to rub shoulders with some of the best of the Brazilian bunch down Casa way. And it couldn’t have got off to a better start, the warming welcomes by guestlist guy JJ Clark & “Sugar Daddy” hostess Elektra Paris making us feel right back where we belonged, in the thick of this Casa clubbing cavorting in the capital, our efficient entry seeing us released into the awaiting action. But with just a handful of hedonists having chosen the midnight arrival that we had, it was clear this latest third Latina turn would take a while to get going, the planned opening of three rooms an optimistic prospect, not least given the negative vibes floating around about the venue that would surely be a factor in deterring some from showing their faces.


Having quickly surveyed the territory and armed ourselves with refreshments, we found a spot close to the extended stage in Fire’s main room, catching up first with Altina Ha & the Chris Ho, our live reviewing tweeting already in full flow as we exclaimed “…just waiting for Tom He & we have a full house…”, while opener D.J., Brazilian Ale Ameral making a marked impression with a succession of superb sounds, the mix of uplifting & funky tones with tribal & Brazilian-esque beats hitting home heavenly, while the crowd continued to build slowly. And looking at the extended stage itself, it was clear the team had gone to town with the production a huge throne the centre-piece, while the flanks of giant lollypops which were, admittedly a little WE “Candy” like, as well as two supersized dollar signs, all certainly shouted a statement of what to expect from the impeding stage shows. Then, with a host of familiar faces making their appearance, not least the delectable Dorin, masterminding the already impressive lighting, effects & pyrotechnics to his usual high standard, then the adorable Andrea, very much full of beans & ready to party hard, we could feel us finding our Casa stride, the event itself taking on a dynamic direction with more & more gorgeous guys & girls filling out Fire.


Superb Stage Showing

With outstanding opener Ale Ameral handing the main room decks to the more experienced & accomplished D’Johnny and the other J, in this case, Jonny M playing out in the Latina lounge, we tossed our devotion coin as to where who & where to dedicate our dancing devotions, jumping between the two the outcome of decision making. With Mr M attracting with a ton of terrific tunes including “Enjoy the Ride” & “You’ve Got The Love” which were too tempting to resist, D’Johnny’s more euro-style euphoria, tech tones & progressive pronunciations were going down an absolute treat with the now pretty packed Casa main room, although with “Sugar Daddy” now close to its third hour of operation, the empty stage became all too apparent, both Mauricio & Thiago coming & going as much as the drop dead gorgeous dancers were, the anticipation of the stage show, not to mention the appearance of PA Tara McDonald too much to take. However, like all the good things that come to those that wait, our wait was well worth it, as with no less than 10 dancers adopting their individual positions on the stage & the lights dimming to create the maximum effect, a flash of spots, an explosion of ticker tape & a blast from the CO2 cannons heralded a hive of amazing activity in front of our eyes, our position right next to the stage paying immediate dividends, not least with the muscular men touting their taut torso’s in our direction.


Now this Casa Latina party was in full swing, even if the throne was occupied by more of a “Sugar Baby” than a daddy, the dancers flirting with the flock in front of them fabulously and D’Johnny well into his superb sound spinning stride, serving up a set that had us not only incredibly impressed but amazingly absorbed, the cavorting crowd lapping up every tasty morsel of his magnificent music. And with a glance in our direction as well as a welcoming hug by an arriving Zach Burns making us feel even more at home & comfortable with our lot, it would be Brazilian beaut Giuseppe that would further ferment our frolicking in fire, his playful antics not going unnoticed by the crowd around us which now included D.J. DouGuim, we now just hopeful of the arrival of fellow Brazilian Junior Moura to complete our tremendous trio. But with our eyes on incumbent guest D.J., Spaniard Leo Blanco, it was actually Tara McDonald’s appearance that was to attract more of our attention, she taking to the stage and sharing a selection of tunes from her classics cupboard, first “Delirious”, then “A Little Closer” while predictable inclusions, were played out perfectly, “Elevated” & then her new track completing a prolific performance and leaving the Casa crowd suitably energised & ready to dance deliriously just like her opener had hinted.


Towering Tara

Then, with Leo Blanco taking charge and selecting a set of Spanish inspired sounds that were definitely drawing a deluge of devotees, the drop dead gorgeous dancers continuing to display their wonderful wears, with Zach Burns assuming the Latina lounge decks, we decided this would be the spot where we would see out the remainder of our Casa cavorting, we being joined by both Andrea & Giuseppe, as well as a whole host of others who were keen to give this cute yet capable D.J. the support he deserved, this marking his first appearance at Fire and surely one that looks set to repeated, not just for the Brazilian brand but for other parties under the Orange Group umbrella. And Mr Burns certainly entertained exceptionally, a selecting of sounds seeing us spin on our adopted spot, his terrific take on one of our all-time favourite tunes, “Upside Down”, just one of a mound of magical musical moments that ended up sending us on our wonderfully way to a battery re-charge ahead of Beyond’s “10th Birthday” bash which was already beginning to consume our thoughts. So, leaving behind a still packed out main room which was to see both Leandro Kloppel & DouGuim share the final playing plaudits, we wended our way home to reflect of a Casa Latina “Sugar Daddy” event that certainly set the benchmark for this Brazilian brand’s future frolicking at Fire.


So, what did we think of this latest home-grown Brazilian brand showing? And do we think it has the legs to survive in the tough climate the capitals clubbing scene currently finds itself? Well to best answer those two questions, lets combine our conclusion into one, by say that, despite a slow start, Casa Latina “Sugar daddy” certainly pulled in a considerable crowd, a good looking one at that, not the stunners of SuperMartXe for sure, but a bunch of Brazilians & plenty of others that certainly knew how to party and make magnificent merriment to mounds of majestic music. And with outstanding performances from D’Johnny, Zach Burns & newcomer Ale Ameral, there was much to celebrate on the musical front, while the succession of superb stage showings by the gorgeous gathering of gogo’s framed a P.A. performance for Tara McDonald that gave “Sugar Daddy” an added dimension over the last Casa outing. Add into the mix Casa’s prolific production, its exceptional effects & its amazing atmosphere, ingredients that made an incredible impression back in July & did again this weekend, and we can definitely see the crowds swarming back for the next event. And we would go further by saying that, despite having thoughts to the contrary at the time, reflecting on this third outing, it is clear Casa’s whole team combine really well & give it a fabulously friendly feel, which on top of everything else it displays delightfully, is all you could want from a truly terrific time out on the town. (DISCO MATT)




If you happened to miss out on this Casa Latina party, then fear not as Chris Geary has put together a video capturing elements of “Sugar Daddy” superbly, hostess Elektra Paris’s snapshot interviews to the backdrop of brilliant beats & stage shows, all gives you a real feel of just how prolific the party was, this fabulous film available at


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