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Previews – “Hot & Horny Pre & Post Pride Parties” – Hustlaball London 2013 – Friday 28th to Sunday 30th June – Pride Preview Feature Focus

With three exceptional events to enrich the London Gay Pride 2013 clubbing circuit schedule, Hustlaball seems to be showing the competition a clean pair of heels, pre & post parade parties plus a morning after meet grabbing much of the headlines, we preview paragraphing  each in dinky delving detail.     While it is pretty clear that Gay Pride here… Read more »

Music – “Podcast Picks & Tracks In The Mix” – DM Does The Music News – Monday 10th June – 2013 Newsletter Vol. 5

With heaps of heavenly house productions well & truly rocking all over our world, it looks like brevity will be the name of the game for our latest newsletter as our jukebox journey jets through a marvellous mix of podcast & track picks, short shouting sounds from some true global giants as well more modest music makers, movers & shakers,… Read more »

Reviews – “Brilliant Birthday Bash Banquet” – DISH “The First Birthday” – Saturday 12th January – Full Size Review

We hadn’t eaten for a while, so we were hungry, hungry for a banquet of bountiful beats and what better place to satisfy our appetite than the delicious DISH, this magnificent mover & shaker on the scene celebrating its first birthday. But did we have our cake & eat it? Or were we left with an irritable bout of overeating… Read more »

Recommends – “Towering Three Course Clubbing Collective” – The Big Easter Weekend Ticket – Beyond, WE “Fluro” & As One – Saturday, Sunday & Monday 7th, 8th & 9th April – Weekend Focus Special

For scrumptious starters there is an ample appetiser of awesome afterhours autonomy, followed by a majestic mains mountain of scintillating Spanish supremacy, this three course clubbing colossus picture completed by a dream of a dessert, cream of the crop filled captivating clubbing collaboration. Yes, it’s Easter, which can only mean one thing “The Big Ticket” is back, Disco Matt delving… Read more »

Recommends – “Electrifying Excitement” – Trade “A Tainted Love Affair” – Saturday 11th February – Weekend Focus

It ruled the clubbing waves throughout the nineties, continued to make an indelible impression throughout the noughties and, having come of age back in October, Trade starts the Olympic year with a prolific party that looks set to re-write its own unwritten rules, as from the tunnels of Turnmills, the arches of Arcadia & the modesty of Ministry, it hits… Read more »

Reviews – “Colossal Collaboration Steven Style” – As One “NYD 2012” – Sunday 1st January – Full Size Review

It captivated the capitals clubbers when it launched two years ago, since when the colossal collaboration that brought both promotional & branding minds together has continued to attract considerable crowds. But with the former promoter bowing out, who would the amazing As One fair in the hands of its new director, one Steven Sharp?   If there is one day… Read more »

Reviews – “Classic Chrimbo Combo” – Orange/Trade – Sunday 25th December – Full Size Review

For some, Christmas is about the treats under the tree, for others it’s about the turkey on the table, but for us? well it’s about the traditional turn with Trade and while Turnmills may just be a memory in our minds, this Christmas night we were given the next best thing, a Chrimbo combo that proved a sweet sensation that… Read more »