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Recommends – “Merry-Go-Round Meet” – Beyond “The Homecoming” – Saturday 2nd April – Pick of The Week

From its bountiful beginnings back in 2001 at The Colosseum, to the halcyon days at Area, without doubt the biggest & best in its heavenly history, to Fire and then, most recently across to Ministry of Sound, Beyond has certainly been on a merry-go-round ride across South London, but finding itself back at Fire and throwing a “Midnight” special, we… Read more »

Recommends – “Pick of The Week” – Brut 1st Birthday – Saturday 27th February

While we have been away, the capitals clubbing circuit has changed considerably, one amazing addition being monthly man meet “Brut” which is about to celebrate its first birthday, heralding the return of a previously popular daily post, now named “Pick of The Week”, we taking a brief look at Brut and what’s in store on Saturday.     One of… Read more »

Music – “Marvellous Milano Mixing” – Danny Verde ~ Around The Beatz Episode 2 – Podcast Review – Thursday 18th February

Among a plethora of music productions that come our way, when we see certain names pop up, our ear prick and our excitement rises, Danny Verde one such prolific producers, his latest “Around The Beatz” podcast attracting our admiring attention.     There is no denying that, within the sea of music producers that wash up on our shores, we… Read more »

Reviews – “Enthralling Cake Eating Cavort” – DISH ~ “The 2nd Birthday” – Saturday 8th February – Full Size Review

We do like a chunky piece of cake, especially of the birthday variety, so when the opportunity arises for us not only have it but eat it too, we jump at the prospect, this very much the case last Saturday when we headed to Shoreditch splendour East Bloc for DISH’s 2nd birthday bash, this our rapturous reflection of this heavenly… Read more »

Reviews – “Boom! Boom! Boy Were We In the Room – Matinee “BOOM!!” – Saturday 1st February – Full Size Review

Ever since that delightful day back in 2007 when Matinee landed in London, we have successively succumbed to its stylish & scintillating Spanish splendour, whether it be at Fabric, Colosseum, Cable, Ministry of Sound, Fire or The Fridge, although with it returning to the venue where our love affair with this brilliant brand began, plus with a certain London superstar… Read more »

Recommends – “Brilliant Birthday Banquet” – DISH @ East Bloc – Saturday 8th February – Weekend Focus

Of the mere handful of meets we made in 2013, the best of the bunch was, without doubt, DISH, which just over a year ago, celebrated its first birthday with a brilliant bash, making the promoters proud & proving that the prolific party pudding they have produced was in the excellent evening. So, a year on and we are back… Read more »

Recommends – “Booming Broadcast Bites” – Matinee “BOOM!!” – Saturday 1st Febraury – Extra Bites Special

Having masterminded over the music & propelled this Saturday’s boom-tastic party, we pick up on the publications in the press, sharing our abbreviated booming broadcast bites as well as mopping up on more music and event information ahead of Matinee’s landing in London for their “BOOM!!” bash.     When a brilliant brand & colossal club captures the imagination of… Read more »