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Recommends – “Berlin Brilliance” – Revolver – Friday 10th January – Extra Bites Focus

Born & bred in London but now finding its fabulous feet in the breathtakingly brilliant Berlin, there is no doubt that Revolver has come of age, we taking an Extra Bites Focus look at this pulsating party that this Friday (10th Jan) re-launches at the famous Kit Kat club, we delivering on all the detail of this exceptional event as… Read more »

Music – “Podcast Picks & Tracks In The Mix” – DM Does The Music News – Monday 10th June – 2013 Newsletter Vol. 5

With heaps of heavenly house productions well & truly rocking all over our world, it looks like brevity will be the name of the game for our latest newsletter as our jukebox journey jets through a marvellous mix of podcast & track picks, short shouting sounds from some true global giants as well more modest music makers, movers & shakers,… Read more »

Picks/Music/D.J.’s – “Brilliant Berliner Beats” – D.J./Producer Eduardo De La Torre – “On The Mix April 2012” – Pick Of The Day/Podcast Of The Week

Making Monday a double day for picks, Disco Matt heads over to Europe to find both his “Pick Of The Day” & his “Podcast of The Week” choices, landing on Berlin & the brilliant beats of DJ/Producer Eduardo De La Torre, his “On The Mix” April podcast packed with uplifting vocal tech, progressive & tribal tunes, so one definitely for… Read more »

Music – “Protege Players & Producers” – Music Is The Answer Special Feature – Sunday 23rd October

Having been pretty all encompassing with our last few newsletters, we thought it time to divert back to our original feature format & focus on just a handful of what we have called our “Protégé Producers & Players”, a select few that are either internationally based stars that we have seen develop & progress, or fresh faced talents based here… Read more »

Music – “Colossal Composition Catch-Up Chapter Four” – DM Does… The Music News – Tuesday 24th August

Having set about catching up on lost time incurred during April & May with a series of four newsletters,  for the eagle eyed in you, this fourth newsletter in that catch up series has been a long time coming, virtually two months to be exact, this in itself meaning we have catching up on catching up to do (heavens above!)… Read more »

Does…. – “Colossal Composition Catch Up – Chapter One” – DM Does The Music News – Monday 20th June – Music Newsletter

Having seemingly had our musical head in the clouds over the last few weeks, it seems to have taken the serious accident we have just suffered to plant our feet back firmly on the ground and in so doing, alerting us to the realisation that we have a colossal amount of catching up to do on the composition front, many… Read more »

Reports – “Sound Spoils The Spectacle” – As One Easter Spectacular – Saturday 23rd April – Preview The Review

If there is one event that we look forward to more than any other (well with the exception of our favourite afterhours of course!), it is As One, the colossal combo created by Lovechild’s Alex Erfan in association with iLondon events that took the capital by storm two NYD’s ago and has since attained critical acclaim on the five occasions… Read more »