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Here we focus on, review and recommend the latest music track singles, podcasts, albums & compilations, both by mainstream artists & groups, as well as D.J.’s across the gay/metrosexual circuit we used to cover in detail in our “old” guise, special features on these D.J.’s, along with periodic newsletters and a monthly round up of our “Track of The Week” selections, these features & posts expanding on the visual banners in the designated section on our website home page.

Reports/Music – “Marvellous Yesteryear Month” – Track(s) Of The Week – Friday 5th May

Showered with sublime sentiment throughout the month known for patches of precipitation, we look back on our four “Track of The Week” selections for April, our choices spanning the nineties through the noughties and engendering genres from electronic dance to indie pop & country crossover, but in rounding up the month of music just gone, who & what made their… Read more »

Reports/Music – “Awash With Admiration” – Tracks of The Week – Tuesday 28th March

Back with a reporting feature bang is our “Track of The Week” selections, we so awash with admiration & applause for two tunes that rose in pronounced prominence in our final throw of the March selection dice, one as part of the “Love Actually” resurrection for Comic Relief and the other during our favourite radio hour & broadcast. But what… Read more »

Music/Reports – “Fabulous February Four” – Track(s) Of The Week – Tuesday 7th March

As part of our plan to re-ignite our passion & love for the one genre of old that has survived into our new look, we have re-invigorated a regular weekly feature, re-starting our “Track of The Week” selection’s by reporting back on our Fabulous February Four selections and then pointing the way towards many more music matters in focus to… Read more »

Reports/Music – “A Is For Adele, B For Beyonce & C For Corden Car Crash” – The 59th Annual GRAMMY Awards – Sunday 12th February

Unlike its British film ceremony counterpart which beats the Academy Awards to it, the all American GRAMMY’s gets the first musical accolade bite of the celebratory cherry, the BRITS having to wait in the wings while the spotlight shines on the Staples centre in Los Angeles, we reporting back on the highlights of this happening including a brace of British… Read more »

Reviews/Music – “Brilliant Big Room Beats” – Steve Pitron ~ WE Party Jan 17 Session – Thursday 26th January

As though the timer was set to automatic, a year to the month since “WE Paradise” & two years to the day since “Matinee BOOM!”, comes the latest monumental mix from Steve Pitron, his WE Party “Jan 17 Session”, like all before it, set to soar in the popularity stakes,  his podcast publication marking our first music review of the year…. Read more »

Music/Video – “Outstanding Original & Impressive Interpretation” – Justin Timberlake – “Cant Stand The Feeling” – Thursday 30th June – Track of The Week

Having stumbled on this latest Timberlake track purely by chance but immediately finding ourselves hooked to this heavenly hit, to then discover a resplendent remix, made our mind up that “Can’t Stop The Feeling” was destined for our track of the week slot, we celebrating both the Justin original & the Leomeo rework right here.       In years… Read more »

Music/Video – “Amazing Alphabet Appearance” – ABC’s Viva Love – Wednesday 18th May – Track of The Week

With their new single “Viva Love” hitting the high notes and zooming up the download charts we take a look at the return of eighties pop band ABC, their reasons for being back and what else is in store to follow this terrific track which gets our weekly top pick     Being an eighties teenager so having a penchant… Read more »