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Previews/Reports – “Fabulous Festival Or Failing Flop?!” – As One In the Park – Sunday 26th May – Special Feature

The doubters thought it would never happen, but with just a few days to go, As One In the Park is setting itself to take gay London & its clubbing scene & season by storm, a line-up of performers and collection of clubs that certain dreams of made of, while underneath the veneer, the cracks are beginning to show, we… Read more »

Recommends – “Soho Soiree Switch” – Gigolo “Cover Star” – Thursday 9th May – Pick of The Day

It started life at Lo-Profile on a Thursday, then found new legs at The Shadow Lounge on a Wednesday, but tonight see’s promoters L.a. & David Hart switch their Soho soiree back to Thursday’s, Gigolo the club that once again squares up against its counterpart on Greek St., we looking into this change & what it means for the Thursday… Read more »

Picks – “Midweek Marvel Might” – Gigolo “Easy Rider” – Wednesday 6th February – Pick Of The Day

Getting back in our “Pick of The Day” feature grove, we head for the midweek marvel might that is Gigolo for today (Wed 6th Feb), a special double set by resident star spinner Aamyko complimenting super stud porn star & Greek god Leo Domenico, all the vent detail a banner selection away opposite or an image click below, while we… Read more »

Recommends – “Top Of The Tree Three” – Best Bites & Short Shouts – Friday 25th to Sunday 27th January – Weekend Newsletter

Continuing to find a new niche for our Best Bites within our weekend newsletter, this time we have decided to ditch the former format further, simplifying our selections into our top three choices of where to be & be seen on the scene, whether in London or internationally, we then squeezing in a small selection of short shouts along with… Read more »

D.J.’s/Music – “Burgeoning Beatmaster Brilliance” – D.J. Focus – Adam Turner – Saturday 19th January

With a rapidly expanding portfolio of presences & productions, on the back of naming his latest compilation our podcast of the week and  just ahead of this burgeoning beatmaster’s birthday, we couldn’t think of a better bloke to devote our first D.J. focus of 2013 to than the amazing & terrific Adam Turner, we dealing a detailed devotion on this… Read more »

Recommends – “Soho Stunner Shifts Shouts” – Weekend Short Shouts Newsletter – Thursday 10th to Sunday 13th January

With Soho sustaining a significant shock this week, the sudden closure of Profile & Lo-Profile leaving any simply stunned, the effects have been far reaching, even hitting our recommendations schedule. So, as we pick up the pieces of our “Best Bites” format, we forge ahead with our Short Shouts of where to be & be seen on the scene in… Read more »

Picks – “Midweek Mixing Mash-Up” – Gigolo “Beat It” – Wednesday 19th December – Pick of The Day

Back in the “Picks” posting driving seat, we find our terra firma this Wednesday (19th Dec) making hay with the midweek mash-up that is Gigolo, which holds its “Beat It” bash tonight at the Shadow Lounge in Soho, the brilliant beats blends coming from resident stars Aamyko along with our very own premier protégé player, Zach Burns, all the event… Read more »