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Here we report on issues of the day stretching across all the media & entertainment areas we cover, so film & theatre, music & video and radio & television, generally in the form of special features and/or newsflash notices.

Reports/Music – “Marvellous Yesteryear Month” – Track(s) Of The Week – Friday 5th May

Showered with sublime sentiment throughout the month known for patches of precipitation, we look back on our four “Track of The Week” selections for April, our choices spanning the nineties through the noughties and engendering genres from electronic dance to indie pop & country crossover, but in rounding up the month of music just gone, who & what made their… Read more »

Reports – “Neck-A-Neck Adversaries” – Formula One ~ Season Story So Far – Saturday 29th April – Special Feature Four

Three races in and on the cusp of a fourth, in what is still the early stages of this latest season in the pinnacle formula of motorsport, what has been established about the form of the frontrunners and who is looking like the best of the rest, we add our own analysis to the encouraging signs that we could be… Read more »

Reports/Music – “Awash With Admiration” – Tracks of The Week – Tuesday 28th March

Back with a reporting feature bang is our “Track of The Week” selections, we so awash with admiration & applause for two tunes that rose in pronounced prominence in our final throw of the March selection dice, one as part of the “Love Actually” resurrection for Comic Relief and the other during our favourite radio hour & broadcast. But what… Read more »

Reports – “Track Trauma’s & Triumphs” – Formula One ~ Barcelona Testing – Special Feature Focus Three – Saturday 11th Match

With all ten teams having broken cover with their 2017 car designs at various locations around the world, it would be Barcelona that would bring them all together in one place & on one track for the first time this year, but which of the cars impressed the most and what did the two weeks of testing tell us about… Read more »

Music/Reports – “Fabulous February Four” – Track(s) Of The Week – Tuesday 7th March

As part of our plan to re-ignite our passion & love for the one genre of old that has survived into our new look, we have re-invigorated a regular weekly feature, re-starting our “Track of The Week” selection’s by reporting back on our Fabulous February Four selections and then pointing the way towards many more music matters in focus to… Read more »

Reports – “Colossal Ceremony Clanger” – The 89th Academy Awards – Sunday 26th February

With the annual Academy Awards comes the glitz & glamour of Hollywood, the lion’s share of the cream of the industry crop gathering to celebrate the biggest night in the movie industry, diversity disagreements, political pontifications & sloppy turned tearful speeches, recent expected norms, but NOT the monumental mess up that has stolen the spotlight & hogged the headlines at… Read more »

Reports/Music – “A Is For Adele, B For Beyonce & C For Corden Car Crash” – The 59th Annual GRAMMY Awards – Sunday 12th February

Unlike its British film ceremony counterpart which beats the Academy Awards to it, the all American GRAMMY’s gets the first musical accolade bite of the celebratory cherry, the BRITS having to wait in the wings while the spotlight shines on the Staples centre in Los Angeles, we reporting back on the highlights of this happening including a brace of British… Read more »