Reviews/Films – “Triumphant World War Two Tale” – Their Finest – Sunday 23rd April

Based during the blitz but portraying a delightfully different picture to the usual bombing that besieged this horrendous time in history, “Their Finest” looks at the lighter side of the darkness of the destruction of Britain by the Nazi’s,  heralding the efforts of a few to raise the spirits of the many through film, but did this making of movies… Read more »

Reviews/Films – “Bewilderingly Slow Burning Story” – The Sense Of An Ending – Monday 17th April

Tugged in by the cleverly tempting trailer and being a fan of fabulous thespian’s Jim Broadbent & Charlotte Rampling who were supposed stars of this eagerly anticipated & quintessentially English screenplay, there was much promise although the result was disapprovingly different. But what made this movie so mundane and is there any silver lining to this cinematically catastrophic cloud?  … Read more »

Reports – “Neck-A-Neck Adversaries” – Formula One ~ Season Story So Far – Saturday 29th April – Special Feature Four

Three races in and on the cusp of a fourth, in what is still the early stages of this latest season in the pinnacle formula of motorsport, what has been established about the form of the frontrunners and who is looking like the best of the rest, we add our own analysis to the encouraging signs that we could be… Read more »

Reviews/Films – “Feel Good Factor Flick” – Going In Style – Sunday 9th April

Put three accomplished actors together, add an engagingly entertaining storyline, a cup full of comedy, stir in some suspense with a healthy dose of drama and the result is “Going In Style”, the indelible ingredients that are Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman & Alan Arkin marching this otherwise run of the mill movie from also ran to worthy watch, but was it… Read more »

Reviews/Films – “Awesome Affleck At His Brilliant Best” – The Accountant – Friday 14th April – DVD Review Special

A long-time admirer of amazing actor Ben Affleck, in his role as an Asperger’s afflicted yet high-functional autistic accountant come assassin in the captivatingly complex cinematic colossus “The Accountant”, with its release on DVD, we couldn’t let the moment pass without devoting a special review to which, we believe, is Ben at his brilliant best yet, even eclipsing his awesome… Read more »

Reviews/Films – “Must Have’s & Mishap’s” – Film Newsletter One – Friday 7th April

Reviewing recent DVD releases from the amazing “A United Kingdom” to the lousy “The Light Between Oceans”, then the divine “Deepwater Horizon” & tremendous “The Accountant” to the tragic “The Girl On The Train” and the terrifying “The Shallows”, these along with the cinematic classic that is “Doubt”, which of these proved as must have’s & which as mishap’s?   … Read more »

Reports/Music – “Awash With Admiration” – Tracks of The Week – Tuesday 28th March

Back with a reporting feature bang is our “Track of The Week” selections, we so awash with admiration & applause for two tunes that rose in pronounced prominence in our final throw of the March selection dice, one as part of the “Love Actually” resurrection for Comic Relief and the other during our favourite radio hour & broadcast. But what… Read more »