Reviews/Films – “Proverbial Cinematic Train Crash” – The Commuter – Saturday 20th January

Being a huge fan of film’s “Non-Stop” & “Unknown” as well as two of the “Taken” series of screenplay’s, the billing & the trailer for this latest Liam Neeson action come suspense thriller promised plenty. But, given “The Commuter” had much to live up to, did this train themed motion picture stick to its expectation timetable or did it get… Read more »

Reviews/Films – “Comparison Plagued Churchill Pictorial Portrayal” – Darkest Hour – Sunday 14th Jaunary

With the saying of “…how many ways can you…” ringing in our expectant ears of this latest Churchill characterisation screenplay, this along with the knowledge that that portrayal of this most singularly recognisable statesman of 20th century British history is knowingly played by an actor required to be plastered in prosthetics, just how plausible was Oldman as Winston and why,… Read more »

Reviews/Films – “Foul Mouthed & Atrociously American Anger Motivated Movie” – Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri – Saturday 13th January

Despite the boisterous acclimation of this overt middle America based movie shooting off the scale with awards a-plenty predicted, this was one we had preconceived to cast aside critically given the totally outlandish title alone. But did our view of this motivated by anger movie sway or change when sitting in the cinema or was the fervent foul mouthed swearing… Read more »

Reviews/Films – “Cinematically Typecast Chastain Tale” – Molly’s Game – Sunday 7th January

From “Miss Sloane” straight into “Molly’s Game” for Jessica and the character comparisons were remarkably the same, different working worlds for sure but clearly the same powerful female prowess in her field. So, did this latest screenplay showing prove to be a stand-alone attribution, moreover her career best as some suggest, or just far too similar for Chastain comfort?  … Read more »

Reviews/Films – “Gripping Getty Abduction Account” – All the Money In The World – Saturday 6th January

A factual based film, dynamically dramatized, yet captivatingly chronicling the story of the abduction of the grandson of THE world’s richest man in history, proving the surprise screenplay start to our cinematic year, a hunch that this movie would hit the mark paying dividends beyond belief. But what made “All The Money In The World” so wonderfully noteworthy and why… Read more »

Reviews/Films – “Captivating Capitol Hill Lobbyist Lyrical” – Miss Sloane – Monday 15th May

Charting the cut & throat business of lobbyists on capitol hill, boasting a charismatic stellar cast collective, but focussing its sophisticated & politically charged storyline on one high octane living & ruthlessly relentless yet respected operator and her insatiable desire to win out at any cost, while the ultimate twisted sting in her tail crescendo’s a simply stunning screenplay, this… Read more »

Reviews/Films – “Masochistically Macabre & Perverse Period Piece” – Lady Macbeth – Tuesday 9th May

With a giveaway title, we were anticipating a mound of deep dark moment although not quite the deluge delivered by this masochistically macabre & perverse period piece, initial innocence of the main character & the serene setting in which she sat shrouding her sexually & chauvinistic deceptive deviousness, but did “Lady Macbeth” score superbly with is shocking scenes or was… Read more »