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Reviews/Films – “Dreadful Double Agent Actor Accent” – Red Sparrow – Saturday 3rd March

Classified as a contemporary cold war screenplay story starring accomplished actors including Jeremy Irons, Charlotte Rampling, Matthias Schoenaerts & Joel Edgerton, each making this complex yet captivating thriller of a film authentically enticing, in lead Jennifer Lawrence, we found a flawed performance due to her dreadful Russian double agent accent that marred an otherwise masterful motion picture, so why did… Read more »

Reviews/Films – “Triumphant World War Two Tale” – Their Finest – Sunday 23rd April

Based during the blitz but portraying a delightfully different picture to the usual bombing that besieged this horrendous time in history, “Their Finest” looks at the lighter side of the darkness of the destruction of Britain by the Nazi’s,  heralding the efforts of a few to raise the spirits of the many through film, but did this making of movies… Read more »

Reviews/Films – “Indifferent Intellectual Impression” – The Man Who Knew Infinity – Sunday 1st May

In his second slums to splendour style screenplay or more accurately in the case of “The Man Who Knew Infinity”, from Indian intellectual obscurity to Cambridge academic distinction, how did we rate Dev Patel’s latest front running film and did it match up to his “Marigold” magnificence?     It must sometimes be difficult to find oneself typecast into certain… Read more »