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Reviews/Films – “Anger At Atrocities Against Armenians” – The Promise – Wednesday 3rd May

Remarkably revealing as well as angering narrative of the atrocities against Armenians by the Ottoman Empire genocidal government, “The Promise” chronicles the religious, social & ethnic divides within what is now known as Turkey, but did this modern-day epic of a movie live up to both its title & it’s more classical cinematic colossus’s, or did the potential of this… Read more »

Reviews/Films – “Brilliant BB8 Blockbuster” – Star Wars ~ The Force Awakens – DVD Release – Monday 18th April

Without doubt it was the most anticipated film released of 2015, attracting amazing attention for its worldwide release on 18th December, yet while it divided opinions, “Star Wars – The Force Awakens” has certainly re-ignited immense interest in this now seven strong sci-fi series, we celebrating both the DVD release along with our first opportunity to full review this fantastic… Read more »

Reviews/Films – “Captivating Cinematography Celebration” – Movie Review of 2015 – Saturday 5th March

As the best BAFTA’s & outstanding OSCAR’s in awards season in motion picture making begin to fade, the time is nigh that we look back on a 2015 yearbook yield of stunning screenplays, we flaunting five favourite films while also sharing our best of the rest in this captivating cinematography celebration     The awards season is, while a colossal… Read more »