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Music – “Podcast Picks & Track In The Mix” – DM Does The Music News – Sunday 20th January – 2013 Newsletter Vol. 1

Drawing a line under a lack lustre last year, we lift up on our music newsletters where we left off, restarting our “Podcast Picks & Tracks In the Mix” series with the first volume for 2013, picking out some of the latest podcast productions, while re-capping on our top track of 2012 as well as our tracks of the week… Read more »

Picks/D.J.’s – “Soho Strip” – Gigolo “Stripped” – Wednesday 2nd May – Pick of The Day/D.J. Mini Focus

Hot from its tour of Berlin, Gigolo returns to home base but keeps the party vibe well & truly going with its “Stripper” event, which takes place tonight (Wed 2nd May) at the Shadow Lounge in Soho, this prolific party making it to Disco Matt’s pick of the day, all the detail a banner selection away opposite or an image… Read more »

Reviews – “Shadow Shoot” – Gigolo “Cumback” – Sunday 4th December – Bite Size Review

Both “Industri” & “G&T” may not now be with us, but 2011 will definitely be the year of the social soiree, “Society” taking its turn within this terrific trend, although “Room Service” showing the way for the rest to follow. But there was no following, rather the development of a brilliant brand that resulted in the success story that was… Read more »

Recommends – “Gary’s Gang Gather” – Onyx “The Ku Takeover” – Friday 9th September – Weekend Extra Bites

Having firmly established itself as a Friday favourite & having recently celebrated its 2nd birthday, it seems that Onyx continues to ride a wave crest that shows no signs of coming into shore, new(ish) promoter Verity Meyes, having grasped what was already a winning formula and adding her own fabulous & feminine touch to the club which seems to have… Read more »

“Love To Love The Music” – Valentine’s Day Music Special – Monday 14th February

With a blink of the eye we find ourselves already deep into February and the day of love already escaping us, yet we couldn’t let the moment pass without our own special devotion to the day, deciding to do so with our “Love To Love The Music” special post, With a handful of hot off the press new compilations released with… Read more »

DM Does…The Music News – “Superb Stereo Sounds” – Music Is The Answer Newsletter – Sunday 16th January

Well, it seems quite a while since we put our music hat of, well apart from our year end round up of course, a mammoth project & report that ended acknowledging over 100 D.J.’s, compilations & tracks, from a staggering 500 plus that got coverage in our posts throughout 2010, making the decision who to include and moreover, who to… Read more »

DM Reports/Reviews – “Terrific Twelve Months Of Tunes” – 2010 Year Music Review

As much as our bar, club & event yearly round-up reviews have become a tradition, our look back at any year would not be complete without our full on reflection of the music & the D.J.’s that have made our year, indeed, without the music and without the D.J.’s, the bars, clubs & events would not exist as they do… Read more »