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Reviews/Films – “Dreadful Double Agent Actor Accent” – Red Sparrow – Saturday 3rd March

Classified as a contemporary cold war screenplay story starring accomplished actors including Jeremy Irons, Charlotte Rampling, Matthias Schoenaerts & Joel Edgerton, each making this complex yet captivating thriller of a film authentically enticing, in lead Jennifer Lawrence, we found a flawed performance due to her dreadful Russian double agent accent that marred an otherwise masterful motion picture, so why did… Read more »

Recommends/Films – “Must Have’s & Maybe’s” – Film Newsletter Special ~ DVD Releases – Monday 11th July

With so many screenplays at the start of the year scoring so highly in our estimation, it was inevitable that come their release on DVD, we would be inundated with must additions to our collection, while in amongst these are others not quite so superb but worthy of consideration, we taking a look at the must have’s and the maybe’s… Read more »

Film Review “Mediterranean Misadventure” – A Bigger Splash – Saturday 20th February

A spectacular scenic setting, corrosive characters and a twisting tale all amounting to a marvellous Mediterranean misadventure of a fabulous film which, as its title suggests, makes a bigger splash than many others currently on the cinema circuit, we dig deep to declare our delight in this majestic movie     The cinema circuit here in the capital has a… Read more »