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Reviews/Films – “Proverbial Cinematic Train Crash” – The Commuter – Saturday 20th January

Being a huge fan of film’s “Non-Stop” & “Unknown” as well as two of the “Taken” series of screenplay’s, the billing & the trailer for this latest Liam Neeson action come suspense thriller promised plenty. But, given “The Commuter” had much to live up to, did this train themed motion picture stick to its expectation timetable or did it get… Read more »

Reviews/Films – “Historically Heretic & Heavyweight Account” – Silence – Sunday 8th January

Marking a twenty-eight-year passionate project come mission by masterful directing star Martin Scorsese to secure a screenplay slot for the 1966 book of the same name, “Silence” solders the historically heretic & heavyweight account of seventeenth century religious Christian clashes within a Jesuit banned & broadly Buddhist Japan. But did heavyweight simply become heavy going, or did the accomplished acting… Read more »

Reviews/Films – “Soaring Roots Reign Supreme” – A Monster Calls – Saturday 7th January

Deftly directed by the brilliant J.A. Bayona, whose vivacious vision for the screenplay adaptation of the book, delivers spellbinding visuals, amidst a far-reaching fantasy & dream drenched world, matched by a compelling cancer soaked storyline, all making “A Monster Calls” a must see in our books. But what & who impressed us the most and did the mix of fantasy… Read more »