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Reviews/Films – “Cinematically Typecast Chastain Tale” – Molly’s Game – Sunday 7th January

From “Miss Sloane” straight into “Molly’s Game” for Jessica and the character comparisons were remarkably the same, different working worlds for sure but clearly the same powerful female prowess in her field. So, did this latest screenplay showing prove to be a stand-alone attribution, moreover her career best as some suggest, or just far too similar for Chastain comfort?  … Read more »

Reviews/Films – “Captivating Capitol Hill Lobbyist Lyrical” – Miss Sloane – Monday 15th May

Charting the cut & throat business of lobbyists on capitol hill, boasting a charismatic stellar cast collective, but focussing its sophisticated & politically charged storyline on one high octane living & ruthlessly relentless yet respected operator and her insatiable desire to win out at any cost, while the ultimate twisted sting in her tail crescendo’s a simply stunning screenplay, this… Read more »

Reviews/Films – “Perfectly Pitched Profoundly Moving Masterpiece” – The Zookeeper’s Wife” – Thursday 4th May

Amidst appalling animal cruelty in their own oasis within a city compound comes a heroic true tale of a compassionate couple fighting for the survival of the Polish Jewish community at risk of sectarian slaughter within war torn Nazi occupied Warsaw, “The Zookeeper’s Wife” one of the most emotive & touching motion pictures of the moment & of this terrible… Read more »

Reviews/Films – “Captivating Cinematography Celebration” – Movie Review of 2015 – Saturday 5th March

As the best BAFTA’s & outstanding OSCAR’s in awards season in motion picture making begin to fade, the time is nigh that we look back on a 2015 yearbook yield of stunning screenplays, we flaunting five favourite films while also sharing our best of the rest in this captivating cinematography celebration     The awards season is, while a colossal… Read more »