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Reviews/Films – “Captivating Capitol Hill Lobbyist Lyrical” – Miss Sloane – Monday 15th May

Charting the cut & throat business of lobbyists on capitol hill, boasting a charismatic stellar cast collective, but focussing its sophisticated & politically charged storyline on one high octane living & ruthlessly relentless yet respected operator and her insatiable desire to win out at any cost, while the ultimate twisted sting in her tail crescendo’s a simply stunning screenplay, this… Read more »

Reviews/Films – “Perfectly Pitched Profoundly Moving Masterpiece” – The Zookeeper’s Wife” – Thursday 4th May

Amidst appalling animal cruelty in their own oasis within a city compound comes a heroic true tale of a compassionate couple fighting for the survival of the Polish Jewish community at risk of sectarian slaughter within war torn Nazi occupied Warsaw, “The Zookeeper’s Wife” one of the most emotive & touching motion pictures of the moment & of this terrible… Read more »

Reviews/Films – “Captivating Cinematography Celebration” – Movie Review of 2015 – Saturday 5th March

As the best BAFTA’s & outstanding OSCAR’s in awards season in motion picture making begin to fade, the time is nigh that we look back on a 2015 yearbook yield of stunning screenplays, we flaunting five favourite films while also sharing our best of the rest in this captivating cinematography celebration     The awards season is, while a colossal… Read more »