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Amazing Afterhours Anniversary



Painting a reflective picture comes quite easily to us, although in the case of this super size review of Beyond’s “10th Birthday”, to do so has required us to prologue our reflection by saying that this “Amazing Afterhours Anniversary” devotion is no ordinary review. Why?, well because like no other club we have been connected with, Beyond holds unparelled importance, emotion & affection, so much so that we felt, as it has reached a magnificent milestone in its history, we should mark the occasion in a special way. So this review will not only capture the 10th birthday event itself, but also paint that picture of our emotional & affectionate connection with it, taking a journey through its history, sharing some special musical moments via YouTube links, and in so doing, making this a truly celebratory reflection rather than a simple event review. But while we cannot escape showing some the overwhelming emotion we felt on Sunday, much of it displayed through our nibble size review tweets at the time, we will be taking care to temper that emotion & balance it with the heavenly highlights that made this a brilliant Beyond birthday bash.



Past, Present & Future

We can count ourselves extremely fortunate to have witnessed & savoured some of the biggest & best brands, many having stood the test of time and are treading the clubbing boards today in some sort of form or other, names that spring to mind including Orange, Trade, Salvation & DTPM, all having been around for well over a decade. However, despite these outstanding achievers having passed the landmark ten years, it would be fair to say that, with the possible exception of Trade, not one of these brilliant brands could have been considered as towering the top of the game for the whole of that time, such is the level of competition within the capitals clubbing circuit, not to mention the fickle nature of the crowds who often move from brand to brand at the drop of a hat, just look at switch from SuperMartXe to WE as a perfect example. Moreover, a whole host of other big brands in our lifetime haven’t quite reached that decade yardstick, Action, Crash, & Juicy all hitting the high notes but falling short of that double figure feat, thus putting such an achievement into perspective and meaning that when such an occurrence presents itself, there is definitely reason to celebrate, whether it be the club or the clubber, this past Sunday being no exception as one awesome afterhours achiever was set to mark their tenth anniversary.


Beyond created a pretty instantaneous impact from the day it was launched back in 2001, at the time tackling the tough cookie that was Trade, the then mother of all afterhours clubbing that had made hitting the dancefloor on a Sunday morning change from being just decadent to vogue, a time in the weekly calendar when many would either be sleeping or pursuing religious activities, the thought of clubbing the last thing on their minds. However, what Trade proved, was that the desire to dance & be debaucherous on the final morning of the week, although its music had a certain direction and due to its location, trekking across from the burgeoning clubbing hotspot that was Vauxhall became less & less appealing, especially when a new boy on the block showed its hand, literally on the doorstep of Saturday sensations Crash & Action. So, with the writing on the Trade wall, Beyond was the new darling of dancers and, despite having dipped off the clubbing calendar for two years, has, like no other club we know, remained at the very top of its & the capitals clubbing circuit game for the whole of its existence, making a 10th birthday bash a truly enticing & exciting prospect.


Beyond Back At Colosseum

Having trodden those tender first few steps with the brand back in 2001, hardly a week would go by in those early years of Beyond’s existence at club Colosseum that you wouldn’t find us in the thick of the action, the likes of Brent Nicholls & Paul Heron entertaining us with laidback beats in the VIP room, while the main room sported stars that including David Jiminez, Alan X & Steve Pitron, all these names having made their mark at the colossus that was Crash. And during the halcyon Colosseum days, we grew increasingly fonder of our frolics in the hands of Beyond, not one New Years day ever quite the same without celebrating in the hands of this brilliant brand & its boy beatmasters, the music more mainstream than its old adversary Trade, perhaps accounting for its broader & lasting appeal. And even finding ourselves well out of its reach with work deployments into Essex & Kent, Beyond continued to feature in our frolics until 2006 when it dropped off the clubbing calendar, our Sunday’s temporarily replaced by new offer Ultra & venue Area, although life was never quite the same as those brilliant days, the loss of our now adorable afterhours akin to losing a close companion.


So when, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Beyond returned and took up residence at Ultra’s home Area in May 2008, a new dawn in the club’s history quickly followed, initial comparisons with Colosseum dissolving as the identity Area was giving Beyond was something quite spectacular, not least in the amazing atmosphere, lighting & effects that were to become the clubs trademarks. Plus, added into the mix was the continuity provided by some of its resident D.J.’s that survived the gap in the clubs services, the likes of The Sharp Boys, Gonzalo Rivas & David Jiminez, key players in the new set up, while the clubs longest surviving resident who like us, had trodden those tender first steps in 2001, right back in the thick of it all at Area, Steve Pitron the shining star that was pulling in the punters and playing, for us, the most magnificent music. And as we had craved our clubbing at Colosseum, we soon adored Area, Beyond the single most powerful link between the two that was by now riding on a wonderful wave crest that showed no signs of coming into shore.


At Home At Area

With the club & the brand very much back where it belonged, at the top of its game and without doubt the most popular of all on the capitals clubbing circuit, Beyond entered a new phase of excellence, both at home & abroad, strides internationally seeing it play out to audiences in Paris, Amsterdam, Mykonos & Brazil, while back in London it was scooping award after award and cementing its reputation of being the jewel in the weekly clubbing crown. And our affectionate associations continued to grow for Beyond, the now infamous “spot” that had become a byword for Disco Matt’s dervishes, instantly recognised by so many of its regulars, D.J. residents & successive promoters, while our own purple patch period with the club reached its heights just this year when the equally infamous “rollercoaster emotional rides & joyful tears” became our secondary Beyond trademark. So, it was no surprise that, as the 10th Birthday loomed, our emotional excitement rose to boiling point, our expectations began to push the boundaries of reality and with many of its key players in place, on paper at least, we made vocal & emotional preparations to celebrate Beyond’s past, present & future, the scene now set for what was to prove an amazing afterhours anniversary.


Having sought to slide home to re-charge our batteries after a walk on the Casa Latina side, those now racing emotions of excitement & anticipation were very much gripping us, not least as we set the mood by listening to a handful of classic Beyond beats stretching back as far as 2004, all in preparation for the short journey return to Vauxhall, we finding ourselves arrive at Area’s doors at not long turned 6 a.m. And with the familiar face of Tom Fuller in his usual military style efficiently managing the considerable queue, it was clear many had decided Beyond was the only path to choose, the sweet smell of celebration hanging heavenly in the air. With door hostess Juliana’s welcome setting us on our way, it was into Area and first through the terrace room, where veteran of Beyond’s Colosseum days, Severino, was setting about charming the crowd with a ton of terrific tunes, a further advance into the chapel space spotting another Beyond heavyweight resident from past & present, Gonzalo Rivas, he too attracting an ample audience with a bundle of brilliant beats. But with our mind set on sorting a space for our belongings, then preparing for the main room magnificence ahead, we grabbed some refreshments & headed for the fresh air of the outside space, both to check our emotions and gather ourselves for the prolific partying to come.


In Could Only Be Beyond

With a flock of familiar faces coming up to say hi, it was clear that this Beyond birthday had attracted many of its most adoring fans, not to mention the whole of the Orange Group top brass, Craig Elder & all three sons plus Jonny Marsh & Verity Meyes present & correct, while scene faces aplenty were all around, we grabbing a few pre-dancing moments with the adorable Andrea, who like many, were waiting for the main room to swing into action. And with the jungle drums signalling its start, we headed inside and straight for our spot, arriving to find the space already rammed with revellers, The Sharp Boys in charge of the tunes and treating us to a terrific trip down musical memory lane, one classic Beyond tune after the next transporting us back to the delectable days of Colosseum, our eyes already ravaged with emotional tears as we span on our spot. But the Area memories were also having their say, not least when the release of the prolific & resplendent pyrotechnic rockets grabbed our attention, they racing across the rooms ceiling, their spectacular sparks adding to the already luminous lighting & amazing atmosphere, a collection of the Brazilian bunch that usually accompany us around our spot soaking up the splendour, both D.J. DouGuim & pal Giuseppe among them, our playful mate tempering our emotions with energetic insistence.


By now The Sharp Boys were in full flow, mind you so were our tears, the anticipation of the set we had been waiting for getting too much to handle, lending the need for a further fresh air break from the birthday bravado, a step outside spotting the arrival of Mikey D who, like The Sharp Boys, had put in a tremendous amount of preparation for a celebratory set full of musical memories of Beyond’s bygone years.  So, fighting back yet more waves of emotion, we headed back to our spot, just in time to soak up a true classic, The Sharp Boys adding their own terrific twist to Chamonix’s “How Did You Know”, sending superb shivers up our spine, not least as this was one of ten tunes we had picked out as our own musical memories of the clubs history. With Steven having popped out to say hello & George waving over the D.J. booth, it was now the turn of Mikey D to step up to the Beyond birthday plate, admittedly without his back-to-back playing partner, many remarking on the absence of the clubs undisputed superstar, Steve Pitron, although what we & Mikey were missing in this masterful man, Mr Dower was to compensate for his companion’s absence with an simply scintillating set, soaring the amazing Area atmosphere to new heights.


Masterful Mikey

Pulling ourselves together was now the order of the day, as Mikey set about stunning us with selection after selection, tracks “Delirious”, “Addicted” & “Sunday’s At Heaven” among a mound of other musical memory moments that were doing the job of deflecting the devastation we were feeling over the absence of our bon ami, Giuseppe on hand to soak up our tears and sending us into a spin with his bawdy bravado. And with the podiums topped with Elektra Paris’s drop dead gorgeous gogo’s, Mikey on fabulous form, the lighting & effects at full tilt, it was now that we found our significant stride, more & more familiar faces passing by to say hello, Lee Harris, Mauricio Ortiz & Naomi Ruiz among them, while Aaron Elder & Jonny Marsh were never far away, they like us marvelling in the magnificent music & prolific performance of Mikey D. With a terrific trail of treats being turned out by the tore de force that was Mr Dower, we found it hard to prize ourselves away from our spot, even with the tinsy temptations of a back-to-back set by D’Johnny & David Jiminez in the chapel space & The Oli in the terrace, such was the main room majesty before our eyes. But our moment of the morning was about to come, as the usual glances over the D.J. booth that would have come from our missing man, came our way from Mikey, the look & then the thumbs up sign sending the reassuring signal we had been looking for, lifting our spirits further within the rollercoaster ride we were journeying through this breathtaking Beyond birthday bash.


Now we were entering the final phase of our trip down memory lane, the arrival of Alan K & Jamie Hammond, the duo that would assume control of Beyond’s main room, signalling an end to Mike D’s magnanimous music, their assumption of the decks also marking a new phase in this amazing afterhours anniversary, a hint more to the Beyond present & future rather than its past which had been celebrated by the threesome before. And in this recently formed partnership, Alan & Jamie were to prove a formidable force in carrying the crowd along with their stupendous selections, we too suitably stolen by their dovetail devotions, although it would be Tom Fuller that would wrestle us away from the main room madness and complete the predictable pattern of our regular visit to this brilliant clubbing brand. So, assuming our position at the end of the terrace bar gave us the added bonus of soaking up a towering turn by the legendary Fat Tony who was attracting plenty of dancing admirers, not least when what surely can be described as THE anthem of the club, “Release Me”, was played out, that on top of recent hit “Enjoy The Ride”, both very much sealing our deal on this birthday bash, our minds now set on retiring home for rest, relaxation & reflection on what had been another morning packing with memory making moments.


Simply Spectacular

So what did we think of this Beyond birthday celebration?, what were our heavenly highlights of this magnificent meet?, and what now for this brilliant top of the pile brand? Well, cutting through the emotions, the tears & tribulations of our day, we can say with hand on heart that this was an outstanding outing that will rank among some of the great Beyond’s of all-time and while it will probably never quite tip the scales that “Tokyo” & “Erotica” did, it will stand among a long list of others that will remain in our memory banks for many years to come. Hats definitely have to go off to The Sharp Boys who, without question, celebrated the glory of the Colosseum days through a spectacular selection of sounds that was pure unadulterated pleasure from start to finish, while each & every other D.J. across all of the three rooms played their prolific part in making this a birthday celebration colossus, mentions for Gonzalo Rivas, David Jiminez, D’Johnny, Severino, The Oli & Fat Tony indelible inclusions, while celebratory congratulations also have to go to the army of organisers who made this hallmark happening possible, not least to Mr Craig Elder.


However, for us, the huge highlight was that Mikey D set, a truly outstanding couple of hours in our morning marked with one towering tune after the next that we know will have made his playing partner proud, our huge highlight being that reassuring look he gave us over the booth in our moment of need. As for Beyond’s future, well it seems to be pretty secure, especially given the terrific turnout for this milestone mark in its history, the likes of new kid on the Beyond block Jamie Hammond sure to feature, while we know that the missing link from the morning, Steve Pitron, will be back and keen to make up for celebratory moments lost. Then there are its continual aspirations on the international clubbing playing field, the brand sure to make an impact on the further reaches of the globe, we sense a presence in Australia & South Africa on the cards, this on top of consolidation of its partying in Paris, its outings to Amsterdam & its sorties to Sao Paulo, while the Beyond trophy cabinet back home will need to make room for more awards to come as it steps into its eleventh year of cutting edge clubbing & colossal curtain raising cavorting. And despite what one particular tweet may have said, Beyond remains and will forever remain our most favourite club, meaning we will be right by its side as it continues to reign supreme, forging a path of clubbing fulfilment for us and many more besides. (DISCO MATT) 




Now for those promised YouTube musical links and a self indulgent conclusion to this celebratory look at Beyond’s “10th Birthday”, as we thought it appropriate to pick our ten top tunes from the clubs history, well those covering the span of years & holding the most magical memories of their time.


So to our first choice and a track from Beyond’s first ever year, 2001, “Easy Livin” by Sea Flowers perhaps not that reflective of the clubs music of the time, but one which holds special memories for us as it was played by Brent Nicholls in the VIP room at club Colosseum, the club’s first home. A disco tipped track that will forever be about Brent & Beyond, catch a clip at


Onto our second choice and one from the clubs 2nd year, this 2002 track by Una Mass a real favourite of ours as “I Will Follow” would often finish off an Alan X set around 12 midday at Colosseum, sending us spinning into a fabulous frenzy, Alan one of a handful of residents that played at both Crash & Beyond in the early days of our favourite afterhours. A timeless track that still sounds as superb now as it did then, savour a slice at


To our third choice and one that actually featured on Sunday morning, The Sharp Boys adding their own terrific twist to Chamonix’s “How Did You Know (77 Strings), which, when it was first released in 2003, stormed both the sets & the dancefloors of Beyond, many of its all star residents of the time playing it to rapturous reception, not least by Steve Pitron in Colosseum’s main room. This is a real memory maker, which you can grab in all its glory at


For our fourth choice we skip a year and look to 2005 for the first of two tremendous memory making tracks, both from a mixing/re-mixing duo that were very much hitting the high notes of the clubbing circuit at the time, Haji & Emmanuel. Dajie’s “Brighter Days” holds particularly special memories for us, not least as we can visualise our appearance at Beyond on NYD, our right arm in plaster & Steve Pitron playing the track, while Hugh Stevenson was also noted of turning it out on many an occasion. An all time Beyond classic in our books, the memory making mix out at


We stick with 2005 and with Haji & Emmanuel for our fifth choice of ten, “Take Me Away” firmly in the Steve Pitron camp of classics that he would play often at Colosseum, the lyrics, the beats & the amazing atmospherics of the track shouting Beyond, “…come with me to the dancefloor…I want to dance the night away…”, or in this case the morning, which we did over & over again to this towering tune. A choice that will forever be an anthem of our favourite afterhours & its biggest D.J. all-star and one you can savour in all its splendour at


Onto choice number six and one that sees us jump to 2008, marking a new era in Beyond’s history as it now finds itself in new Vauxhall venue, Area, having halted its happenings at Coliseum, disappearing off the clubbing circuit two years before. Now, while this track will never be forever our favourite afterhours, “Sunday’s At Heaven” was one of the year’s biggest hits & in terms of memories has us gazing at our pint sized French pal as he gyrated on the podium in front of the Beyond main room D.J. booth. One from the vaults & a worth a spin or two at


Number seven in our ten, taken from 2009, is trademark Beyond & Steve Pitron, a track that continues to make an inclusion in his sets to this day, we suspect more to get that emotional reaction that has become our own trademark of our rollercoaster ride journeys that came to a fore this year. “Last Forever” by Norman Doray still sends superb shivers up our spines and when we close our eyes we are on our spot in Area & at Beyond, that is how powerful it is packed with memories of our favourite club. “…Let’s make this moment last forever…” which it certainly does when we go to


To our eighth track choice and one that simply had to be included as it has beyond written all over it, although it was Industri & courtesy of Paul Heron when we first heard “Release Me”, Paul having discovered the track from a trip down under. However, we adopted it as our anthem and many of Beyond’s D.J.’s reacted, playing it out just to see us spinning uncontrollably on our spot, not least Alan K & Steve Pitron. A pick from 2009/2010 and out at, this towering track still erupts the Beyond dance floors & ranks as one all-time great dance hits of our times at the club.


For the penultimate choice in our top ten, we look to 2011, a year that marked a real purple patch period in our association with Beyond & its music and while a long list of tracks were in the running as number nine, due to the overriding significance of “Waiting For You” by The Shapeshifters, it simple had to be included, not least as it holds masses of memories of our Sunday morning appearances & those looks over Beyond’s main room D.J. booth by Steve Pitron, starting off those joyous tearful emotional eruptions. “…If you need me, just call me…”, say no more, just catch a clip at


So we reach number ten in our choices and while there are some real anthems in our picks, we kind of pail in comparison to this track which will always be about Beyond & Steve Pitron for us. The truly tremendous “Here Comes The Rain” which was first released by The Eurythmics years before, got the remix treatment in 2008 but still features in Steve’s sets today, the ticker tape explosions, the bubble waves & those pyrotechnic rockets the backdrop to its brilliant crescendo beats. This is Beyond at its brilliant best & its all star resident at his most resplendent, a worthy inclusion worth catching at

Awesome Afterhours Anniversary

Having taken our tender steps onto the capital’s clubbing circuit some twenty or so years ago, we can count ourselves pretty lucky to have encountered some truly tremendous times in the hands of some of the biggest & best brands along the way, from Action to DTPM, Factor 25 to FIST, Matinee to SuperMartXe & Lovechild to Later, all making their significant mark in our memories. And whilst the list could go on & on, these are our handful of happenings that have reached the elite in our echelons and rank as those that have influenced our clubbing lives more than many others, but if we were to pin down the brands that have made the biggest impression on us, it comes down to just three, the first being Trade, no list ever being complete without the mother of all clubs which completely dominated the scene in the 90’s and still continues to this day, although admittedly a minnow of its former spectacular self. Then there is Crash, a club that heralded the underground movement & put Vauxhall onto the London clubbing map and a club that, without doubt, had as much, if not more of an influence on our lives than Trade, as it was at Crash that we formed some of our greatest & longest lasting friendships, many that survive & thrive to this very day.


Beyond's Birth

But what the colossus that was Crash did more than anything else is create a Sunday morning afterhours phenomenon that has excelled all others before it, rising to the top of our clubbing pile and in so doing, beating off all potential rivals for our fondest affection. And it couldn’t be any other club than Beyond, a club and brand that started as a simple follow on for Crash customers, but has become a worldwide symbol for everything that is ecstatic & exemplary of club eventing, a brand that has dominated the capitals clubbing circuit for a huge slice of its existence, toppling Trade from its proud pedestal to become THE place to be & be seen clubbing on a Sunday morning. So, as Beyond prepares to mark ten years since making its first impression on the London clubbing landscape, we couldn’t let the moment pass without taking you back through some of its historical highlights, sharing some of the magical music & the prolific people that the club have served up to the scene and then delving into the detail of how the current team at the clubs helm plan to mark this landmark in its lifetime.


Craig Elder On Beyond Board

So where & when did the brilliance that is Beyond today begin?, well we have to look back to 2nd June 2001 when the concept for an Sunday morning afterhours was born out of what was initially an after party for the Purple In the Park, host venue, The Coliseum proving to be the clubs home for the first part of its heavenly history, although its first faltering year in operation saw Beyond play second fiddle to the Saturday superstars on the scene, Crash, Action & Heaven still proving the hard hitters, while Trade’s pedestal was proving a tough cookie to topple. But enter stage left the man behind other Vauxhall afterhours brands A: M & Orange, one Craig Elder and Beyond was to take on a whole new identity and impact, the joining of forces with Crash’s Wayne Shires proving a explosive collaborative cocktail and one that would see the brand propelled into the eyes of the clubbing community virtually instantaneously, becoming the talk of town & very much walking the walk, seeing off the Sunday morning competition that was Trade.


Beyond Boy Brilliance

With Beyond under a full head of steam, the Colosseum days were to prove very special for us, not least that many of the resident D.J.’s from Crash would play out at this awesome afterhours too, the likes of Alan X, David Jiminez, Severino & Steve Pitron performing virtually week in week out, well when Beyond was given away to Crash’s own “Afterhours” party, while the iconic VIP room was where one of the best known &  longest running D.J. back-to-back partnerships were formed, Brent Nicholls & Paul Heron playing line astern, this leading on to a playing partnership that saw soiree splendour Industri rule the Thursday waves for much of its own time in clubland. But with so many stars of the scene clamouring to play the Beyond decks and the now weekly parties very much roadblock affairs, what was originally a two room party was stretched to three a “Therapy” & then an “Elemental” themed space introducing the likes of Malcolm Duffy, Paul Martin & Red and Blue, while Beyond’s main room sported stars The Sharp Boys, Hugh Stevenson & Stevie B, mixing it up with the clubs originals, Mr Pitron still part & parcel of the clubs prolific package. And appropriately, Steve has just this month released a podcast from those halcyon days of Beyond, from April 2004 in fact, the magical musical memoires that he made back then coming flooding back before our eyes & ears and one that is an absolute must for all Beyond & Pitron fans as well as those who fancy a terrific trip down memory lane, one which you can grab by going to


Amazing Area

But while 2006 dawned with one of the clubs biggest parties to date, the early part of the year seeing the offer extend to a new concept called “B4 Beyond”, the might of Crash & Orange uniting in what was seen as the continuing & harmonious collaboration between the two camps. However, under the surface the lines were being drawn in the sand, as new club venue Area was in the cusp of being launched, the team behind Crash throwing their might & money behind this amazing arrival, one which was to see Beyond hit the back burner midway through the year. And with Beyond out of play, this new custom built venue stepped into the spotlight, its own afterhours outing “Ultra” becoming the darling of the Sunday morning clubbing market, attracting Crash stars that included Mikey D, Jamie Head, Brent Nicholls and, naturally, Steve Pitron among a host of others that had played Beyond in the Coliseum days and who play for the brand to this day, Paul Heron included in that elite list. But this part of the Beyond picture would never be complete without a massive mention for one other, as the hostess with the mostest, now known as Hrh Minty, but then simply as Minty, was the fabulous face of Beyond from its early days at Coliseum, very much providing continuity within the calamity that had seen our favourite afterhours disappear off our dance diary.


Multi Mixing Maestro

So, to pick up the Beyond story we need to fast forward some two years, to 2nd May 2008 to be exact, this marking the return of the brand to its regular slot in our schedule, an attempt to re-launch the club earlier in the year at the inauspicious Sunday evening timing falling on immediate rocky ground. But with Area now in the hands of Craig Elder & his Orange Group, Beyond was to see its most successful years ahead, not only cementing itself as the best afterhours outing on the clubbing circuit, but establishing itself as the leading brand in the eyes of the clubbing community & press, scooping award after award, not least the prestigious SeenQueen club poll, one of the most respected & robust opinion orators around. That said, the awards came on the back on the brilliance of the brand, not least with the dynamic D.J.’s that Beyond employed, Steve Pitron very much in the mix, while his old Crash pals Mikey D & Jamie Head became regular features too, the likes of Alan K, Hifi Sean, D’Johnny, Paul Christian & The Oli the new blood, joining the Colosseum company of David Jiminez, Gonzalo Rivas & The Sharp Boys. And many of these stars have laid down recordings in reverence of Beyond, Alan’s compilations considerable, Sean’s mixes magical, D’Johnny’s devotions delightful & Oli’s podcasts pumping, all worth checking out at,, &


Tokyo Triumph

However, the story of Beyond is a continuing one, as in Area we have seen some of the best times in our own clubbing history, not one month going by without it playing a pulsating part in our prancing, so much so we find it hard to choose one or two from the wealth of wonderful weeks when the club hit our heavenly high notes, although “Tokyo” last October & “Erotica” this February rank as two huge highlights along with scores of others that received our rapturous reviewing, the brand benefitting from unparralled exposure through those reviews as well as countless recommends & reports posts, while we have sometimes courted controversy with revealing our displeasure to certain changes or directions the club has taken in recent times. That said, as amazing those halcyon days of Colosseum were, 2011 has been a purple patch Beyond year for us, our relationship with the club & many of its players reaching dizzy heights, our now much publicised “rollercoaster emotional rides & tearful floods of joy” never more apparent than when found on “our spot” in Area for Beyond, indeed that very phrase, our spot, a product of the club and one that is equally associated to us as we do it to Beyond. As for this brand, well 2011 has seen it stretch its international legs, touching the likes of Amsterdam, Ibiza, Mykonos, Paris, & Sao Paulo, while beaming out its beats on Gaydar Radio has reached audiences as far as Australia & South Africa, making Beyond as a brand a genuine global giant. Add to that it’s various incarnations, “Belief”, “Back 2″, “Midnight” & “Super Size” and if the club were a human being, it would most definitely be a man for all seasons.


Back-to-Back Brilliance

Yet as the truly brilliant Beyond marks a decade since first opening its doors to droves of dancers, the club finds its very existence at threat, microscopic attention by the regulatory authorities in the last few weeks marring its magnificence, while rumours are rife of licensing & other issues that could affect its future or its home. That said, given the clubs standing on the scene together with its ability to survive & thrive where others have fallen by the wayside, come this Sunday morning (25th Sept), Beyond will be brimming with dance devotees both old & new, all coming together to celebrate what is truly one of the best clubs on the planet. And the team will be turning out the best that Beyond has to offer, with a never seen before bounty of back-to-back sets by its all-star residents, some also old while others are new, the marriage of multi mixing maestro Alan K with young gun Jamie Hammond looking electric, the playing partnerships between Hifi Sean & Severino, D’Johnny & David Jiminez set to be superb showstoppers, while the prolific pairing of Steve Pitron & Mikey D had to be a given and will surely prove stand-out among the ample helpings of this 10th birthday celebration cake topping icing impressions.


Breathtaking Beyond

But with the devil in the detail, there is much more that this Beyond birthday bash looks like bring, not least as a further supporting cast of D.J. residents include Jamie Head, The Sharp Boys, Gonzalo Rivas, Fat Tony, The Oli & Jonny M, while we are told Elektra Paris will be heading up a team of ten dancers dressed distinctively to celebrate this landmark moment in the clubs history, the team telling us to expect “… everything from cutting edge LED gogos, to stunning couture sailors, amazonian warriors, erotic leather-bound studs, circus freaks and wonderland characters…” all on a custom built stage setting created exclusively for this event. Then add in the truly amazing Area lighting, effects, pyrotechnics & lasers, for which Beyond has become a byword and you have one colossal celebration of afterhours audacity at its brilliant best, all this hosted by the fantabulous Naomi Ruiz & Mauricio Ortiz, meaning that this is sure to be a roadblock event, thereby hinting that advance tickets are a must to avoid disappointment, these priced at a mere £10 and available online at as well as at the usual Soho outlets. However, chancing it on the door will cost you £12 with an ad or flyer, while without will stretch you to a score (that’s £20 folks), those doors opening at 6 a.m. and the club running through to a planned 1 a.m.


Beyond = Best

Now that’s the detail, but how do we sum up this whirlwind look back at Beyond’s history & its landmark landing? Well, despite the pedantic part of us questioning its right to celebrate a 10th birthday, given that two year break in its history, it is in true fact a full (and slightly more) ten years since Beyond braved the capitals clubbing scene and during that time it has brought to us the best in music, the best in D.J.’s, the best in dancing, the best in atmosphere, the best in effects & the best in events. So, that simple word best speaks for Beyond in a nutshell and given its amazing ascendency, those halcyon days at Colosseum, the phoenix rise from the ashes at Area, the unrepentant wave crest ride it finds itself on today & everything in-between, we cannot take anything away from this colossus of a club’s moment of glory, so will hopefully be right in the thick of the action, nibble size tweeting, spinning on our spot, in a Pitron pool of tearful emotion, but moreover helping Beyond & all its prolific players celebrate this awesome afterhours anniversary. (DISCO MATT)

With our heads having been buried in computers & the compilations for well over twenty four hours, our minds are now focused back on the forthcoming weekend and one that looks set to be another purple patch period of partying with two exceptional events on our schedule. However, looking across the scene, there is so much more on offer meaning that it’s time to run through our Best Bites & Short Shouts across Soho, Vauxhall & elsewhere, as the march towards the middle of the month marks to marvellous meets.


Wardour Street Wonders

To Soho first and our Best Bite pretty much a foregone conclusion as Profile & Lo-Profile get our choice again this week. But rather than run through the whole offer at these Wardour St. wonders, having visited two weeks in a row, we will let our reviews do the talking, , “I Want My Porridge”, which should probably say “We Got Our Porridge”, looking at Profile (direct link), while with both Gigolo & Society playing a big part in Lo-Profile’s weekly offer, we combined both into one review which gives you as good a flavour as any recommendation (direct link However, whilst it’s good to reflect, especially when it’s all about good times, it’s also great to look forward and this weekend, both Profile & Lo-Profile give you a lot to look forward to, the former sporting two of its longest serving resident D.J.’s Jamie Head dishing up the dance hits tomorrow (Fri 15th), while the cheeky Craig Daniels does the business on Saturday, both starting from 8 p.m. & carrying you through to the extended 11.30 p.m. curtain call. With a fab food offer, the friendliest staff & the best cocktails in town, check out more info of his sophisticated spot at As for downstairs in Lo-Profile, with Society steering you into Saturday, the man behind the concept, nu-funk exponent extraordinaire Brent Nicholls kicks off another session of this social come clubbing splendour, while Nick Evans takes up the music mantle till 4 a.m. Then on Saturday, it seems that Lo-Profile can’t get enough of Hugh Stevenson, as he is back for a second weekend, Alessandro Londra polishing off another wonderful Wardour St weekend, more details on Lo-Profile available at


A New Era

Now to some Short Shouts & Rupert St get first bite, with D.J. Minx in charge on the tunes tomorrow night, while Oliver M, fresh from the La Demence cruise should have tons of terrific tunes up his sleeve on Saturday (16th) both selecting the sounds from 9 p.m. till midnight, details on this popular place out at


To Ku-Bar now and having popped in last night, it seems they have had a major makeover (well since we were there last anyway), so definitely a more sophisticated look upstairs, while is business as usual downstairs, the DJ quest comp still in full force tomorrow (Fri 15th), while on Sunday, Lady Lloyd holds another “Hit Factory” happening, also not forgetting “Citric” on Monday (yes not the weekend!!), more info out at


Finally to The Shadow Lounge, who are right in the middle of a massive makeover in time for their 10th anniversary, this Saturday signalling the last party before they close their doors for the major facelift works. So, with furniture & other Shadow souvenirs up for grabs, Andrew Elmore making sure the sounds are spectacular, this should be a closing party to remember, while the new look is also extending to the website, where you can get all the info you need on what when & where, at


Saturday Spotlight

Onto Vauxhall and one event stands out among a sea of others in The Orange Group stable, as Casa Latina makes its second splash on the scene, with their “Super Car Wash” party this Saturday (16th July), we having covered it all in detail with our Weekend Focus “Brazilian Beats Bonanza”, out at direct link, and one prolific party you won’t want to miss. So, whilst Casa is standing in the Saturday spotlight, there is plenty else on offer, starting with Onyx tomorrow night at Area, residents D.J.;s including Lee Harris, Jc Christiopher Ariel & Lisa German, while straight after its another A:M Afterhours at Fire,  proving a great excuse to push the euphoric envelope deep into Saturday morning. Then, with all those Latino’s out at Fire on Saturday night, they will definitely be in partying mood, so heading for Beyond on Sunday morning, while the team also party hard in Paris the previous night, The Oli & Paul Heron flying the flag once again. With Later on Sunday afternoon in a purple patch of partying, so should prove a draw, especially for those not heading out to Lovebox, while Booster keeps the clubbing going straight to Orange that carries you deep into Monday morning & a later crawl to the office or workstation. Whilst it is very much business as usual for The Orange Group this weekend, there is a new kid on the block night coming your way very soon, not to mention big plans for August, so here is where to keep your eyes peeled as the news breaks (no phone tapping required for info). But, you could also pay a visit to for more information on a full-on week of clubbing that also includes Gravity, Deuces, Open & Work, while to get guest list entries to clubs, clock on to & add your club choice after it (i.e. Onyx, Later, Booster).


Barcode Birthday

Onto some Short Shouts now and never say we shy away from something a little off our usual beaten track, but when a club celebrates a birthday, its 10th no less, then it definitely deserves a mention. And in this case, our shout goes to Bootylicious, marking this milestone with   birthday bash that celebrates this clubbing of colour collectives’ coolest raves across a decade that has seen it hop from Crash to Area & then jump to Colosseum, where this party takes place on Saturday (16th), more info on this institution available at


Next & to a venue who’s Sunday nighter, Horse Meat Disco, will be in the thick of the action at Lovebox in Victoria Park (more on that in a mo), while The Eagle hold a pre-Lovebox celebration with HMD’s Jim Stanton on the decks, while the previous night, Tim Jones’s “Tonker” sees another Jones on the decks, Ross bashing out the beats at this bear-tastic gathering. With HMD back for a post Lovebox mash-up on Sunday night (17th July) and a week full of frolics, go check out the venues website for more info.


Now to another birthday celebration, as Barcode Vauxhall celebrates 5 years on the clubbing scene this Saturday (16th July), with an extra special party, bringing back some of its favourite D.J. residents to mix up the musical birthday cake recipe, Steven Artis joined by Gonzalo Rivas, Hugh Stevenson, Elliot J Brown & Paul Coals. Now, we will be devoting an Extra Bites post to BCV’s birthday, so keep your eyes peeled for that, but for details on this, the now singular Barcode in the capital, go to


Fab Festival Fun

So to our alternatives and Best Bite just had to go to Lovebox, which whilst in the domain of breeder land for most of its three day festival length, has a distinct homo feel to it on Sunday (17th July), when it seems the lion’s share of the gay clubbing scene will be heading out to Victoria Park to give support to the likes of Circus, Horse Meat Disco & Trailer Trash, who will be flying the rainbow flag over the exceptional alfresco event. But when you see the main stage line-up, there is plenty of gay interest too, as headlining are The Scissor Sisters, while big players Robyn, Kelis, Beth Ditto, Blondie & Marc Almond no less, all hit the homo mark, the list of performers stretching deep into double figures (we count 55), both Tensnake & Jonny Woo in the mix, while that Circus stage looks like one not to miss. And having spoken with Kris Di Angelis on the subject a couple of weeks ago, the live performance planned is one you simply won’t want to miss, the Circus top protagonists all involved, including Scottee, Tom Stephan &, of course Jodie Harsh herself. Add to all that a packed park serving up cabaret, circus rides, street theatre, vintage bazaars, art installations & much more and we are just praying the glorious British summer doesn’t let us down. Now, looking at the official website,, there are still both standard & VIP tickets on sale via the official suppliers, Ticketmaster & HMV tickets, but be warned, you will need to collect them on the gate as even we, having ordered ours two weeks ago, have to potentially stand in a queue for our VIP ones (not very VIP that is it?!?!). However, tickets aside, this is going to be a fantastic festival and one hell of a day for us, DM being on hand to review it all, while we will also be pushing out an Extra Bites recommends post, giving you the last minute rundown of where to be & be seen.


Right to a couple of Short Shouts to round off this newsletter and we head up to Dalston first, to The Dalston Superstore in fact, who are very much in the Lovebox mood with their “Optimo” party on Saturday (16th)  when the Glasgow duo of JD Twitch & JG Wilkes roll up fresh from their Lovebox appearance for the city’s legendary club, that being Optimo of course, while Horse Meat Disco’s Severino rocks upstairs. With “Boydem” on Friday & a very special “Outside The Box” post Lovebox party on Sunday, Trailer Trash, Bodytalk & Hot Boy Dancing Spot combining for one monumental mash-up & The DSS is definitely the place to be, more info available at


Over at East Bloc and the boys are still in recovery mode after a superb Summer Rites festival last weekend, but welcome Fitladz to the fray, this boy on boy bash having uprooted itself from Vauxhall, picks this trendy Shoreditch spot to draw in some of those “aww right” East End ladz tomorrow night (Fri 15th), while it is a case of S.O.S., as this plu populaire night is back, the likes of Jim Warboy, The Lovely Jonjo, Scottee & La Gosse included in the line-up, more details on East Bloc out at


Tan Top Up

Right folks, we are pretty much there for another weekend, but just time to squeeze in two tiny mentions, first to tip top clubbing site SeenQueen, who have updated their own diary of events right into August, this & much more available at, while with the weather being what it is, maybe a tan would go a miss, the best place to top up & look beautiful being Solarstation on Archer Street in Soho, full details of offers from Hassan & his team up on their website at


So, with plenty to choose from this weekend and with every hope that the sun will be shining on the righteous this Sunday, all that’s left to do is to wish you a pleasant one, wherever you are & whatever you are doing, but if you find yourselves at Casa Latina on Saturday or Lovebox on Sunday & spot us out, come say hi, but remember what we say, which is simply “Go There! Be There! (DISCO MATT)


Having taken a break last weekend from our Best Bites & Short Shouts recommendations as we honed in on what proved to be the real highlight of London Pride 2011, The Fire Dance Stage, also wanting to concentrate on our post rather than pre-reporting, putting our much missed full length reviews back on the map, we return with our look forward to the highlights of the coming three days on the clubbing scene, picking out our choices of where to be & be seen. And having already laid out hat on two, we will share the links to those Weekend Focus posts, as well as running down what best & otherwise in Soho, Vauxhall & elsewhere.


Stylish Soho Spot

So, let’s get to it and have a look at the capital’s first & favourite gay village, rising like cream in a milk bottle being Profile & Lo-Profile (yes they’re here every week we know!) who are still very much talking the talk & walking the walk on a bar & club scene awash with also rans, Lo-Profile particularly proving an exciting alternative to our friends south of the river. But let’s have a look at its smaller but perfectly formed partner, Profile very much a stylish spot to kick start your weekend, not least as they offer the best combo of quality drinks & food that we know, all in swish surroundings that also sport some of the scene’s top D.J.’s as well as new talent on both Friday’s & Saturday’s to compliment the outstanding offer & warm you into taking a trip downstairs to bigger sister Lo-Profile. And this weekend looks like being another greater starter for clubbers & socialites alike, as two Profile resident favourites return to spin some superb sounds to get you moving & grooving to the bar-tastic beats, tomorrow night (Friday 8th) seeing Nathan Six dive behind the D.J. decks, no doubt still smarting from a stellar set the previous night for social splendour Gigolo’s “Fever” foray, while on Saturday (9th), it’s the turn of scene stalwart Rob Sykes to select those supercharged sounds & slide you into the dancing dervishness of downstairs. With the D.J.’s revving up the rhythms from 8 p.m., a happy hour running between 4 & 7 & plenty more on offer, go check out the bar’s website at for more details.


Society Stars Set To Shine

So to Lo-Profile and the spotlight having been on Gigolo tonight (Thurs 7th), this Soho splendour having firmly established itself on the social soiree scene, tomorrow night it’s the turn of another glorious gathering with plenty of social style but a more clubbier edge to have that spotlight shone on it, “Society” reaching for the stars with two star D.J.’s of the scene, one of the biggest in the business, Steve Pitron kicking off proceedings from 10 p.m., no doubt treating us to a Beyond-esque performance full of all those adorable anthems & heavenly house hits we have come to love, while the cute yet capable Zach Burns makes its two nights in a row, returning to the Lo-Profile scene of the crime to lay down another stormer of a set that has made him one of the clubs shining new stars & very much a rising talent in our books, Zack taking over from Mr Pitron at 1 a.m. & carrying you through till the 4 a.m. finish. Then on Saturday, it’s the Beyond pre-party with one of this awesome afterhours  former & one of current residents pointing you in the direction of Sunday morning & a date with Area, Hugh Stevenson starting off the night of musical magic, with D’Johnny fresh from WE parties last weekend in London & Madrid, caps off a superb session of sounds. Add to all that, a new night event “Bear Trap”, launching this coming Monday (11th July) with Ben Jamin & Phil Marriott in charge of the chunky tunes and there is much going on down Lo-Profile way, more details on happenings available at


Now to some Short Shouts and first to Ku Bar on Lisle Street, who continue their D.J. talent contest tomorrow night (Fri 8th), with The Very Miss Dusty O, mistress of ceremonies, while fast forwarding to Sunday, gender bender Lady Lloyd legs its back from Trannyshack at Summer Rites to roll out another “Hit Factory” evening of pop & classic house, Monday seeing the delectable DouGuim spin the sounds at “Citric”. More info on Ku Bar & its events can be found at


Onto Rupert St and they roll our tow of their favourites to add to resident Alessandro Londra’s regular Sunday session, tomorrow (Fri 8th) seeing foxy female D.J. Minx take to the decks, while on Saturday, Oliver M will no doubt be sharing his tales of the La Demence cruise & some new sounds he has picked up on his travels. With a revamp on its way, you can still check out the bars website for offer info by going to


Finally for Soho, two quick reminders, the first being a permanent closure as Barcode graced its exit from the scene last week, new owners, Freedom, about to undertake some major refurbishments, while its a refurb of another scale across at Shadow Lounge, which gets a extensive nip & tuck from next week, closing its doors until the re-launch in time for its 10th birthday on 25th July. Watch this space for a full feature on this stylish trendsetter as it celebrates its milestone, while we will let you know more on Barcode’s successor as soon as news reaches us.


Right onto Vauxhall and firstly we cannot contain our excitement in reporting the return of Alex Erfan’s brilliant brand Lovechild, which having taken a short break is coming back bigger & better. Now we covered their “Super Heroes” event, which takes place this Saturday (9th July) in our Weekend Focus post, “From Fire To Fever”, (out & available via direct link, while to re-enforce our details, with this post pride party just a fiver to get in & offering a host of international D.J. talent, drop dead gorgeous dancers, magnificent music & sexy shows, it has to be a must on your Saturday schedule.


Recovery Rhythms

However, while Lovechild definitely gets our vote, our Best Bite goes to the Orange Group who are holding a weekend of post pride tank you parties, starting with Onyx tomorrow night (Fri 9th July) at Area & bringing you the best in “Classic” partying, with resident D.J.’s including Lee Harris Jc Christopher, Lisa German, Ariel, Jason Prince & James St James, play uplifting house, tough tech & purist pop across three rooms of fun, new promoter Verity Meyes, has introduced two new guests to the line up, Lady Lloyd joining the pop-tastic crew in the chapel room, while the delectable DouGuim toughs it out in the in the terrace space. With all the usual luminous laser lighting, prolific pyrotechnics & exceptional effects, the entertainment also extends to vivacious vocalist, Tonnic, who takes to a specially positioned stage in the main room, performing alongside both Lee & J.c across the events proceedings Labelled as much as a “Pride Recovery” party as a thank-you, the big thank you being free entry with an ad or flyer before midnight, while this free offer also extends to anyone on the guestlist that makes it to Onyx’s doors before the witching hour, that guestlist inclusion available by going to For those not sharp or quick enough to make it before midnight, it’s still worth grabbing a flyer from Tom’s boys in town, or from the man himself who will be on tireless duty into the wee hours, entrance after midnight at £6 with that flyer, while its £8 for others, that’s if you haven’t bought your advance £5 ticket online at And if those special entrance offers aren’t enough, then drinks prices at just £1 for shots & £2.90 for selected bottles should please, more info on Onyx available by going to


Thank You Throng

Then it’s a case of looking forward to Sunday morning (10th July) as Beyond then stands under the post pride thank-you spotlight, serving up a special party, again to sat a big thank you from the team for making their “Super Pride” event the huge success it was, very much sending nearly all the other parties across the weekend sliding into the shade. Indeed, we were there to review it all, sparkling sets from both Mikey D & Steve Pitron, along with spectacular showings from a host of others including Fat Tony, The Sharp Boys & The Oli (check out our review at As for this coming Sunday, we are expecting more of the same, The Oli & Fat Tony definitely taking charge of the terrace room, while the future house chapel space will see regular Paul Christian joined by Hifi Sean, fresh from his exploits over in Spain for Madrid Pride last weekend. As for the main room, while we are still awaiting the final line-up, but are hedging our bets on a return for Paul Heron, fresh from his La Demence cruise exploits & having played for Beyond on the boat day six, while we are flipping a coin between Messrs Dower, Rivas & The Sharp’s to pick up the other two slots on this superb shindig. Now, here’s the deal on that thank you that the team are offering and it comes with one of their best ever, as with your hands on the Beyond “Pride Thank You Party” flyer, entry before 8 a.m. is just £5, that’s a full £15 discount on the usual door price entry. However, for those not wise enough to get in on this amazing act, then advance tickets at £10 are available at outlets Prowler, Clone Zone & 50, at bars Rupert St & The Yard, as well as online at, with further details available at the clubs dedicated website run by promoter Jonny Marsh at Plus, don’t forget “Beyond On the Radio”, which sports a whole seven hours of those spectacular sets from last week’s “Super Pride” event, this being no better way to warm up for the club itself, than by tuning in at


Now to some Short Shouts & we stay with The Orange Group for our first, as the team now have not one day in the week to rest as Patrick Lilley’s “Work” club runs from The Lightbox at Fire each Wednesday, completing an exhaustive line-up that also includes Gravity on Thursday’s, A:M on Saturday morning, Later Sunday afternoon, Orange Monday morning & Open on Tuesday’s, while over at Area, Beyond & Onyx are joined by Deuces on a Thursday & Booster on a Sunday night, details of all these events available at


Our other Vauxhall Short Shout goes to The Eagle who have a full weekend on offer, Friday set aside for Tim Jones’ “Tonker”, while on Sunday its Jim Stanton & James Hillard’s “Horse Meat Disco”. But the big gun is the return of “Sugar” this coming Saturday (9th July)the iconic nineties & noughties RnB slanted shindig with headline D.J. Anthony Crank supported by the likes of Simon Allen, Lee Thomas & Simon Kilner, all with a brilliant bag of beats to barnstorm this epic event, so well worth a look in. For details of these & other events across the week, go to


Fabulous Festival Fun

So to our alternatives and to the hint from our post title, as Sunday afternoon & afterwards looks set to be dominated by the return of fabulous festival Summer Rites, which holds its boutique clubbing style outdoor event “Remixed” at Shoreditch Park, we having covered the devil in the detail in our Weekend Focus post “Fantastic Festival Re-Formed” (out at direct link, the team behind this Hoxton happening very much very much praying for some sun amidst what is a spell of vey unseasonable weather, yet will be THE place to be come Sunday afternoon. So, without doubt Summer Rites “Remixed gets our alternative Best Bite vote for this weekend, the detail laid out for all to see in our focus post. However, to recap on some of the important info, please note that online tickets while still available at priced at £20, you will need to collect these at the entry gates, while outlets Prowler & Expectations are selling too, although only have a limited stock available, so it’s worth placing a call before you visit. Failing that, you can pay for entry at the park gates, although please ensure you have the readies with you, as card payments cannot be accepted. And just to remind you that with brilliant clubbing brands out in force including Salvation, Trannyshack, XXL, Meat, Gutterslut & Bootylicious, this is one outdoor event, brolley or not, you won’t want to miss. However, one part of proceedings we didn’t hit off in our extensive Summer Rites devotion, was the afterparty arrangements, “Encore” being the “official post festival gathering at urban warehouse venue, Village Underground, just 15 minutes away from Shoreditch Park, this party kicking off from 9 p.m. until late & sporting a D.J. line-up that includes Per Q.X, Tom Stephan, Jeffrey Hinton & Paul Coals, while entry to this event is a mere £5 with wristband, (until 11 p.m. & available in the park all day) plus  £5 before 10 p.m. or £10 otherwise, more details available at or


So, to a couple of Short Shouts to round off our Weekend recommendations & we cannot resist serving up a double dose of “Meat”, as Tom Stephan will not only be flying this magnificent meet’s flag at Summer Rites, but the night before (Sat 9th July) will be in the thick of the action at host venue, East Bloc, along with Meat men Kris Di Angelis & James Pople, while Munroe Bergdorf & Kingsley look after room two. But while this will be a Saturday storm (more details at Sunday will see Tom & his team serve up more Meat go-go’s, more Meat comedy/twisted porn, bigger beats from Messrs Stephan & Pople & the promise of the biggest tent in the park meaning it’s time to get your fill of Meat “Two Ways”.


Our other Short Shout goes to the return of one of the alternative clubbing scene’s greatest, as “Wig Out” comes at ya this coming Saturday (9th July), oh the choice!!!, this pop institution that was forced to close when host venue Ghetto was condemned to the bulldozer to make way for Crossrail, makes a triumphant scene resurgence at the aptly named Ghetto Factory, off Aldwych, with a special performance by none other than Pete Burns, while D.J.’s on duty will include Tommy Turntables & Lady Lloyd., added to which 2-4-1 drinks from opening at 10 p.m. for the first (happy) hour & not over £2.80 afterwards is as big a draw for some as Pete is for others.


Right, that’s just about it for another week, but a reminder that if you would like us to give your favourite bar, club or event a Short Shout, or even if you feel it deserves a Best Bite inclusion, then drop us a line at, or send us a message via our Facebook page at Plus, we will be launching a new section on our website called “Lists”, where will be popping regular brief posts detailing the all important information of those choices where DM reckons you should be & be seen on the scene, so keep your eyes peeled for more news on that.


In the meantime, we hope you like our choices here and wish you a wonderful weekend, while for us, it looks like we will be popping into “Society” at Lo-Profile tomorrow night (Fri 8th July) for a catch up with Messrs Pitron & Burns, while on Saturday, it’s a “Super Lovers” night as we will be on review duty at Lovechild, Sunday being devoted to Shoreditch Park & Summer Rites “Remixed”. So, if you see us out, come say hi, but wherever you are & whatever you do, make sure you “Go There! Be There! (DISCO MATT)

Reviews & Reports

Following the launch of our new weekly round-up report when we looked that the Spring Bank Holiday weekend, we have given some thought to its positioning and whilst, yes we are reporting on events over the preceding seven days, we are also reviewing them, so henceforth, you will find “That Was The Week That Was” in both our Reports & our Reviews sections.


Saucy Mr Sagat

So, with that cleared up, lets crack on with our review & look back over the last week and it all started on Thursday with a trip down to Room Service at Diu, the now customary queue greeting us, inside justifiably busy & pumping with both Steve Pitron & Kris Di Angelis serving up superb sets. Plus with porn star Francoise Sagat titillating our fancies, along with plenty of familiar faces, check out what we had to say at direct link . Over at Lo-Profile & Gigolo reported a healthy turnout for their “Get Harder” event, D.J.’s Guy Williams & Terry Vietheer making magical music &, having popped in after Room Service, the fact that we crawled out on closing was testament to a good party had by all.


These social splendours go head-to-head again tonight (Thurs 9th), with Room Service hosting the first of three Hustlaball pre-parties, Jim Stanton & Paul Heron on D.J. duty, while over at Gigolo, the cute yet capable Zach Burns who stormed the launch, while eastender Borja Pena debut’s for David & L.a. Go to & for more info.


Bear Fest

Moving on to Friday and the scene was definitely in recovery mode after the previous weekend, Onyx in particular rolling out its infamous “Recovery Party” with offers a-plenty to get them in & reports were that they did, Area busy from the off. Round the corner & the men were in a raunchy & playful mood as they packed out Tonker, Chris Brogan nailing a superb set that impressed promoter Tim Jones & will see him back for more soon. Up in Soho & the weather certainly pulled people out, Lo-Profile’s “Society” busier than expected, Nathan 6 really showing his worth for the second week in a row, Hugh Stevenson flying the young guns flag & rocking Wardour St till dawn. But it was also a night for a new launch as Phil Marriot donned the promoter gloves to bring out the independent, imaginary & individual Club I (it’s was all about “I”), this new monthly serving up alternative & indie pop & house.


As for this coming Friday, “Society” is very much upping the ante this week as whilst they host the third of Hustlaball’s pre-parties, with both Steve Pitron & Mikey D on disc spinning duty, it could feel more like Beyond, while Tonker have another legendary D.J. in the form of Wayne G sorting the saucy sounds, this dynamic D.J. then hot footing it across to Area for Onyx’s “Summer Solstice” party.  Check, & for more details.


Fire For Free

With A:M marching us deep into Saturday, Guy Williams was absolutely awesome at A:M’s “Residents” event, proving that experience counts for a lot & while we rested, the clubbing scene didn’t, as Fire opened their doors for a fabulous free party, the likes of Mikey D, Gonzalo Rivas, Jamie Head & D’Johnny entertaining a considerable crowd who took advantage of this special spring bank holiday thank you bash. And speaking to a few individuals that made it a night, they were pleasantly surprised just how the “back to basics” feel of the party worked, perhaps a hint towards a selection of new Saturday outings by The Orange Group to come. Out east, to East Bloc in fact, “The Men Who Fell To Earth” made an out of this world impression on what was a packed out & pulsating place, this Shoreditch spot definitely the place to be right now.


This Saturday A:M have a real Ibiza theme to its party, while Fire entertain the horny Hustlaball. Out east & it’s the magnificent “Meat” at East Bloc, making our decision of where to be & be seen quite a tough one. But you can decide by going to, &/or


Summer Scorcher Sets The Scene

Sunday started with a “Summer Season Launch” at Beyond, which, despite having supersized its way through the previous weekend, was a really busy affair again, and no surprise as with plenty of new additions to the team, as well as a return of old favourites, it proved another hum dinger, we tearing up our spot virtually till the end, Messrs Pitron & Dower hitting the mark the most. So we decided it was review time again for this awesome afterhours, so see what we had to say in our new style bite size review at direct link Other Sunday highlights included Later which benefited from a busy Beyond, while as the weather turned a bit wet, Sunday roasts were suddenly the order of the day, both Profile in Soho & The Cambria in Kennington reporting healthy numbers, traditional drag style cabaret another winner with the weather, all eyes pointing indoors with “S.L.A.G.S. at The RVT, while The Stag in Victoria & Halfway To Heaven of Traf Sq pulled in the punters.


Beyond is back this Sunday for a “Hustlaball” afterparty, Steve Pitron already confirming he will now be playing, while other Sunday bests worth a visit include S.L.A.G.S./Chill-out at The RVT, & Booster at Area, of course followed by Orange. Go to & for more info


Double Dose Of Ku

Rolling Monday Tuesday & Wednesday into one, the week started with the usual hits, as Ku-Bar’s “Citric” pulled in the young set in advance of the ever popular “Popcorn” at Heaven, that reported another boisterous bash, Compton’s in Soho also packing them in for their infamous £2 a pint night to beat the austerity blues into the following week. Then on Tuesday, it was all about The Shadow Lounge, as “OMFG” ruled the Soho waves, although if it was some bear arsed action you were looking for, Ashley Rider’s “Strip Academy” at The Eagle in Vauxhall was the place to be. As for Wednesday, Industri continued its stay of execution at Barcode, the change of hands of this Soho sophisticate still undetermined, while the  chic & alternative “Shinky Shonky” was a rip roaring success, as dance diva Katherine Ellis stormed the show. But tipping the scales in a different was new night “Burger Queen” at The RVT in Vauxhall, Scottee attracting a like minded crowd who, as had been predicted, fought back with their rights to be big, bold & beautiful.


If you fancy some week night action, then Ku-Bar, The Shadow Lounge & The RVT should be on your radar, further details of happenings available at, &, while Popcorn is a must for your party heads that don’t need to work on a Tuesday, this coming Monday (12th June) sporting special Aussie D.J. guest Neroli, with a full-on nude performance by porn star Johnny Anglais, more details out at


Now to some news of a Pride nature and first to Europirde, which takes place in Rome this weekend, Saturday seeing the main event along with a whole load of peripheral parties, we being reliably informed that Lady Gaga will be making an appearance on the events main stage at some juncture, our man in the know promising to report back on it all, so hopefully we can share the spill in next week’s round-up. Back in London and the news that the dance stage for the capital’s annual Pride event, returns to Soho Square is fabulous news indeed, The Orange Group hosting the space. With a sparkling line-up of D.J’s & entertainers, Say 2nd July is an absolute must for lots of reasons, some of which we have been sworn to secrecy, but will keep you posted & hopefully confirm the full line-up in a planned special preview post coming up in the next week or so.


Beyond On The Radio

Onto news of another launch and if you happened to miss out on beyond this last Sunday (4th June), the fear not, as the club hits the radio waves this coming Sat/Sun, the new “Beyond Afterhours Show” launching on Gaydar Radio and beaming out recordings from the live sets we were lucky to witness at this “Summer Season Launch” scorcher. So, expect the likes of Steve Pitron, Mikey D & The Sharp Boys to substantiate the show, which you can tune into from midnight on Saturday through till 7 a.m. Sunday morning, either online at or via digital radio DAB frequency 11B.


Finally on our news front is another newbie, this time at new bar in Soho, Circa, which can be found on Frith St (No 62 to be exact), who up their own ante as they join forces with Room Service, to present a short series of special pre-parties, we guess to soak up the early demand for space at Diu, proceedings kicking off from 9 p.m. each Thursday for June & July & including D.J.’s James Pople & Mikey D amongst others. Launching tonight (Thurs 9th June), further info can be found at


So, that was the week & the news for another one, while before we close, just time to run down our moment, our track & our tweet of the week, the moment yet again involving superstar D.J. Steve Pitron, along with the brilliant Brazilian Bel at Beyond, her whistling & the so called “tweeting” leaving both us & Mr Pitron in hysterics, both during all the main room action & then in the bar afterwards, purely priceless, although you had to be there we guess.


Onto our track of the week and we fell for this record from the minute we heard it, not least as it reminded us of those halcyon days of dancing we used to enjoy at iconic underground club Crash, but one that is every bit 2011 in its making. “You Will Remember” came to our notice first on a prolific podcast & then played a large part in more of those rollercoaster ride events, this time at Room Service last Thursday, a link coming our way the following day & this one giving you the full length version of this tremendous track, which can also be found on a certain D.J.’s “Summer 2011” compilation (you know who we mean, right?!). Check out

Nibble Size Review Tweets

To out tweet of the week and this one goes to Mikey D, who was close on scooping our moment of the week too, when he popped his head over the beyond D.J. booth & exclaimed “Matt, where are your tweets??”, to which we tweeted, “…yes Mikey, we are right here tweeting for you…”, that after one of our  tweets at Room Service which  included “…as the track “Waiting For You” has set us off on a rollercoaster ride…”. Now don’t forget that you can tune in to our live tweeting by going to, this weekend’s transmissions coming from the floors of Lo-Profile, Hustlaball, Beyond & La Demence.


Right, that’s it for our second “That Was The Week That Was” report/review, but don’t forget, if you want us to shout out for your favourite bar, club or event that rocked & rolled, then drop us a line at or link into us via our Facebook page at, but keep your eyes peeled for our Weekend Best Bites & Short Shouts recommendations due out later & if you see us out at any of the above events, come say hi. (DISCO MATT)

Having hop, skipped & jumped a week since we returned from our trip to South Africa, the clocks going forward and the very spring like weather has put a similar spring in our step, indeed with our peddling around London now back into full gear, our energy levels are such that we are raring to go with our Best Bites & Short Shouts for the coming weekend. So, for the unmitigated, here we dissect the offerings on the scene, picking our best choices across Soho Vauxhall & elsewhere, also then routing for a handful of others in mini.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at Soho and top of our tree & our Best Bite simply has to go to Profile & Lo-Profile, the duo of delights on Wardour Street that seem to be cutting the biggest stride on the West End scene at the moment, the popularity of Profile particularly going from strength to strength. So, checking out upstairs first, Profile’s weekend kicks off tonight (Fri 8th Apr) with the first of two of its young(er) guns, as D.J. Zach Burns takes to the decks, triumphant after his appearance for The Circuit Festival pre-party in Brighton last week and is sure to serve up some spectacular sounds, while on Saturday, one of Profile’s & our faves, Nathan Six revs up the rhythms blending up to date banging beats with classic Hed Kandi style house that makes him an irresistible draw. Add to that the weekly sell-out Sunday roast mixed in with a tasty daily food menu, a drinks offer to rival any, a happy hour to beat most (daily from 4 till 7) & even free wifi and it is no surprise that ticks plenty of boxes where others struggle to, more info available by going to

Moving downstairs to Lo-Profile and it’s another one of those wonderful weekends with the cream of the D.J. scene turning up and turning out a truck load of terrific tunes. And by golly does it have a Beyond feel or what, as all four stars have either featured in our favourite afterhours in the past or are still cutting at stride come Sunday morning in the present. So, Lo-Profile’s weekend starts as it means to go on with the dynamic duo that is Steve Pitron & Mikey D, sadly not going back-to-back, but surely treating us to Beyond-esque sets for sure, while on Saturday it’s the turn of Hugh Stevenson & Paul Heron to haul out the heavenly hits, Mr Heron very much warming up for his appearance at the mammoth Beyond Midnight down in Vauxhall(more on that in a bit), Lo-Profile acting as the “official” pre-party venue for our favourite afterhours. With early boys Steve on Friday (8th Apr) & Huh on Saturday kicking off proceedings from 10 p.m., Lo-Profile runs through to a neat finish time of 4 a.m., both Mikey & D coming on song from 1 a.m., more details on this hot ticket in town out at

So to some short shouts and with the rife rumours having turned into reality, the news is out that Barcode (  has been sold, although conjecture is still flying around as to whether it will become another bar (probably straight) or, as we believe, a restaurant. However with the switch imminent, the lady in the know, Hrh Minty, has called a meeting with us this weekend, so once we know of the fate of nights like Industri & Comedy Club as well as news of a closing bash, you will know too.

Rupert Street ( , just around the corner, is likely to take advantage of the loss of Barcode from the Soho scene and continues with its three day weekly roving residents of D.J.’s, and having met with main man Alessandro Londra just yesterday, he has promised to send us the schedule, meaning we can share the necessary with you, although with those residents including names like Brent Nicholls, Fat Tony, Oliver M, Chris Brogan, Minx & more, this extremely popular watering hold remains a delightful draw.

Our final short shout goes to Ku-Bar ( and hearty congrats for their scoop of a host of Boyz awards, the combo of upstairs & down proving ever more popular, especially with pre-parties aplenty & bags of Brazilian beauts around, probably draw in by the delectable DouGuim, so is a impressive alternative to the regular Soho strip & well worth a look in.

Right with no time to dilly dally, it’s off down to Vauxhall and in pole position for a weekend of wonderment is The Orange Grp with the family tree of terrific turns, theirs already into audacious action with Gravity, this Thurday night come Friday morning affair really finding its feet again. But the weekend proper starts with Onyx which keeps things simple yet will surely draw in a considerable crowd, especially as their discount entry of just £2 before midnight remains a huge hit. And with rotational D.J.’s on duty that include new resident Mikey D, alongside the likes of Lee Harris, Jc Christopher, Lisa German, Aerial, Tasty Tim & Jason Prince, there’s plenty of house, pop & tech to tantalise. With Saturday looking pretty vacant, it comes as no surprise that beyond will be cashing in with a twelve hour special, as the name suggest, kicking off at midnight, details of which we will bring you in a full-on Weekend Focus post, while Sunday into Monday sees the trio of Later, Booster & the mother of them all, Orange, steer you into the working week, Steven Sharp’s Monday morning madness of an affair gaining even more popularity of late, all in advance of what looks like one of their best ever bashes “Ascension” over Easter (more info on that coming). For further details of happenings can be found by going to

Now, for the eagle eyed of you, you may have spotted one club from that family missing, any ideas? Well, its A:M of course, the Saturday morning shenanigan that has been breathed new life on by promoter Oliver M. Recent events between us and The German have been well documented, (more like played out by him on Facebook), although while the seas have not yet calmed completely, we have come to the conclusion that life is too short to argue & wrangle, especially as our favourite hostess Minty is intrinsically linked with the club and has been craving our coming for a while now. So, it looks like we may be entering the lion’s den tomorrow morning (Sat 9th Apr), not east as the D.J. line up looks as good as it could be, Fat Tony, Gonzalo Rivas, D’Johnny & Paul Heron masterminding the main room, while Severino serves up future & Italio house in the lounge. Plus, with reports that the night seems to get better & better b the week and Facebook postings quoting it as “rocking” appearing with alarming regularity, we want to see it all for ourselves. So, if like us, you are intrigued as to just what a difference Mr Mohns has made, then A;M should be for you, more info available through The Orange Group website (above) or via

Now to our Short Shouts and first news of the return of the disco delight on four wheels that is Gay City Rollers, which swings back into action this Sunday (10th Apr) at The Renaissance Rooms. Now, we covered all the nitty gritty & more in our Weekend Focus post “Do The Xanadu” (direct link which simply leaves us to say, get your skates on this Sunday as this is going to be one superb soiree for sure.

Our other Short Shout for Vauxhall goes to Barcode, which is going through a small little revamp lately, not that the works are stopping them from business as usual activity, Friday’s through Sunday’s especially busy, the highlight of the weekend surely being Patrick Lilley’s “Music Is The Answer” (knew we should have got copyright!), an offshoot from Queer Nation that brings disco & R&B to the masses, with D.J’s John Freeman Jeffrey Hinton & Mista Pierre. Plus, a date to watch is Deviate which hits you with a heavenly happening next Saturday, more details of this & much more available at

Right moving on swiftly and we head out east for our alternative Best Bite, which goes to The Dalston Superstore (DSS) in, yes you guessed it Dalston, a suburban spot nestling just north of the hotbed that is Shoreditch. And it’s quite a big weekend for the boys at DSS as the whole three days (well four actually) are dominated by “Fringe/Outsiders” film screenings, a whole host of video clips and short length films being shot on location at the venue. So, the usual tight knit schedule of events has been somewhat turned on its head, as a veritable feast of alternative D.J.’s & artists appear, Friday (8th Apr) seeing the “BackToBack” crew storm the Superstore, D.J.’s on duty including Not Shy, Kezokichi, Bi-Bop, Mr F, Press Play & Sigmund Krafwerk, all serving up piles of throbbing techno & sleazy electro, while the fringe filming catches them in action. Then on Sat (9th Apr) the specialist screening starts at 4 p.m. with “Gays On YouTube” with much more following before “Sink The Pink” steal the show at 10 p.m. with special guest D.J.’s Azari III performing a two hour set, while Attack, Attack, Attack (yes that’s the D.J’s name!) and Hoelstar fill the holes in this 6 hour happening, the night aptly called “Happy Shopper” and is one of the most popular in the whole DSS schedule. Then rounding off the film screening weekend on Sunday (10th Apr) is “Tutti Frutti” with D.J. Squeaky & guests spinning the sounds. So if its way out alternative you are looking for, look no further than the DSS, Dan Matt & the boys pushing out further info on the venue & its events at

Right, to a couple of Short Shouts and first is a new night tonight (Fri 8th Apr) at The Apothecary in Kings Cross  intriguingly called “Stripped” which rather than stripping the performers, strips down the music, editing out pop, disco & house, and pushing the boundaries with more challenging electro, tech & trance, think Depeche Mode meets Placebo, Daft Punk meets Moby and much more in between, the sounds coming from the massive Neurotic Mass Movement who go live at 12 midnight, while Frankie D, Jason H & Johnegoth complete the line-up.

But Shoreditch gets its say as the hot ticket that is East Bloc roll out another “Disco Fag Bar” night tonight (Fri 8th Apr), D.J.’s on duty including main man Wayne Shires & the iconic Princess Julia, while on Saturday (9th Apr) it’s the turn of “Dare” to do just that, with sounds supplied by John Pleased Wimmin, & extra special guest Mark Moore, more info on East Bloc & its events available at

Now, with it being a quietish weekend, these are just the sort of opportunities to get your bar, club or event noticed with an inclusion in our posts, so if you want us to consider you as a Short Shout or even a Best Bite, you know what to do, either drop us a line at or get on Facebook and plaster our walls with your info, either on our personal page via or   and we will do our best to include you.

That said, if you are looking for what’s hot & happening, plus where to be seen on the scene, you can also visit our friends SeenQueen, London’s clubbing bible that picks out what they love to call the gAylist events with neat & tidy posts picking up event pages, info & other detail, all available at the click of a button by going to which will lead you to their home page & all the latest servings.

So that’s it for another weekend, well apart from that Focus on Beyond “Midnight” which is coming up shortly. Talking of which, Beyond will be playing a prolific part in our partying, a pop into Lo-Profile tonight to hook up with Mr Pitron & crew, being repeated Sunday morning before we get our skates on for Gay City Rollers & no doubt fall arse over tip in the process. So, if you see us out (on our feet or otherwise) come say hi, but whatever you do and wherever you are have a great weekend, enjoy the Spring Has Sprung weather and remember to Go There! Be There! (DISCO MATT)

As a whole raft of D.J.’s, club promoters, scene faces & party heads begin to make their way down to Alpe d’Huez for the European Gay Ski week, the last thought on our minds is sliding down snow covered slopes, having recently returned from South Africa, soaking up the sun. So if like us, your idea of a good time is NOT being cold halfway up a mountain & falling on your arse constantly, then staying in the relative normality of London seems a far better option this weekend, especially given that there is much celebrating to do, both on the alternative & the fetish side. So, as we shake of those magical memories of our holiday in South Africa, yet bask in some very welcome sunshine here in the capital, what’s on offer to tempt you out this weekend in Soho, Vauxhall & elsewhere.

To Soho first and our single and Best Bite goes to Profile & Lo-Profile, a duo of a combination that are striding ahead of the competition in terms of both offer & experience, the ground floor bar gaining popularity by the week, serving fantastic food, superb socialising and masterful music, this weekend the sounds supplied by two true stars of the D.J. scene, Jamie Head steering you into the weekend with bags of brilliant beats on Friday (25th  March), while on Saturday, Berlin based D’Johnny flies into London to stoke up your Saturday with a truck load of terrific tunes. Plus, if like us, you didn’t realise what offers those lovely peeps at Profile are serving up, well get yourselves down early (like from 4 till 7), as their happy hour is really pleasing to the pocket, while the food offer is simply delicious & the best way to fuel any party head for the night to come, their Sunday roast offer also proving as popular as the place. Full & further details of this hip & happening hangout can be found at

Downstairs and the action is hot, hot hot, and when in Soho, there is not really anywhere else you need to be come Friday of Saturday, this weekend being no exception as, yet again, the team have cracked it with a line up that some of the larger clubs in the capital would be proud to sport. Friday sees a combination that will definitely draw a crowd, Nathan Six kicking off proceedings from 10 pm and if his set upstairs we witnessed a few weeks ago is anything to go by, Lo-Profile will explode into action from the off, while D’Johnny takes up the mantle from 1 a.m., sorting the sounds & maintaining the magnificent music as only he knows best. Then on Saturday (26th March), Beyond classic resident D.J. Hugh Stevenson makes a welcome return to this characterful club on Wardour St, revving up the rhythms from 10 p.m., while international playboy & globetrotting guy Paul Heron makes the most of a busy weekend before heading off to the ski slopes with the second of three gigs, masterminding the music from 1 a.m. With lighting & effects that would put some other venues to shame, along with a stylish & sophisticated crowd of cavorters, Lo-Profile has it all with full details of opening times etc available at

To our Soho short shouts and first off is news that Barcode has been sold and is likely to be turned into a restaurant, this change certainly set to affect some, while until the ownership swap happens, it’s business as usual for club events like Industri on a Wednesday’s & Comedy Club on Tuesday’s, while the weekend activity remains as vibrant as always, details of what’s happening available at

That said, there are plenty of other venues around Soho serving up plenty of entertaining action, not least Shadow Lounge that has a week long list of events, a quick visit to their website at revealing all the detail you need to know, while other Soho strongholds include Rupert St and Compton’s, the latter back in the hands of its best ever manager, Neil, and enjoying a much needed resurgence in popularity, so well worth a look in.

Onto Vauxhall and The Orange Group look set to dominate the weekend again with a whole host of parties starting with Gravity tonight (Thurs 24th) through to Orange on Monday (27th March), while the shining stars of their show remain both Onyx & Beyond, corner stoning the weekend at Area and indeed it is Area that gets much of the focus here, not least as the venue hosts the first ever Black Party in London this Saturday, details of which we will bring you in a special extra bites post. As for the other two, well at Onyx, it’s the new look business as usual tomorrow, while the strong resident D.J. team is set to get even stronger as the team announce that Mikey D will be boosting the beats in the main room, while Tasty Tim orchestrates the more pop plumped anthems theme in the second space. With price busting entry at just £1 before midnight, plus NUS & other concession offers, you can also gain discount entry via

As for Beyond, well the fairytale continues, despite a whole load of tinkering of late and this awesome afterhours sees the likes of Paul Heron, Hifi Sean, Paul Christian, Fat Tony & birthday(ish) boy Gonzalo Rivas joining the maestro that is Steve Pitron, who stormed back into pole position last week after his holiday’s, treating us to one of the most emotionally charged yet thrillingly entertaining sets that also marked our return to our spot in Area. Acting as the afterparty for The Black Party, Beyond is sure to be another amazing affair & kicks off Sunday morning (26th March) at the winter clock time of 4 a.m. rather the seasonally adjusted one.  Mind you, Fire also gets its say in The Orange Group weekend, A:M, spearheading the time change with their farewell to winter, “Ice” seeing stars similar to Beyond’s to be honest, but when Fat Tony, Gonzalo Rivas & Paul Heron join forces in the main room, who can argue with that. Details of Beyond, A:M and all other clubs/events, go to

Our other Best Bite in Vauxhall goes to The Eagle, who continue to offer a macho alternative to the mainstream clubbing of The Orange Group, it also having a birthday feel to things this weekend, as Friday nighter Tonker celebrates its 8th year in business with a fabulous theme entitled “Brute Fabearge – The Friday Night Fragrance”, Tim Jones & his team welcoming special guests for a champagne reception from 8 p.m., while for us uninvited the main party kicks off from 10 p.m., entertainment coming from Dr Woof! (sounds intriguing) while D.J’s Simon Le Vans & Ross Jones (no relation to Tim) take up the tunes, more info on this special event available direct at Then the fun continues on Saturday (26th March) with the “Mister Eagle London 2011” final, hosted by none other than Dorian Black & supported by Tonker, with head poncho Tim Jones steering the sounds. With the winner not only lifting this prestigious title, but pocketing a £1000 prize, even the runner up bagging a made to measure garment from sponsor Expectations, the testosterone will be oozing out of Eagle for sure. Plus, with Sunday sporting another gymkhana gyration that is Horse meat Disco, this is definitely a place to more than just pop into, full details of happenings available by going to

Our short shouts go, like Soho, first to Barcode, the management change beginning to bear positive fruit as it seems at long last there could be a marriage of minds between them & Area for certain events, all in the benefit of the clubbing community (hooray!), while events like Deviate & Music Is The Answer, bolster the regular nights of music across the two rooms, this intrinsic part of the Vauxhall scene very much the lynch pin to partying. So, with all these positive vibes we hope to have it ascend to Best Bite status soon, although in the meantime, more details on happenings can be found at

Then, we have to shout for the venerable institution that is The RVT and with nights like Marvellous on Friday (25th March), Duckie on Saturday & S.L.A.G.S./Chill-out on Sunday, the reputation of this long running venue is difficult to match, details of these & other happenings out at But, it will be the fetish side that grabs our attention as Hard On! this Saturday host a special reunion (dare we say it, oh what the heck) as Fist returns for a one-off, labelled for the wider press as “F*** Re-Union”, cousin Crisco Matt bringing you the all important detail in a special extra bites post, so watch out for that.

Onward to our alternatives and it’s a rich picking this weekend with three looking like Best Bite offerings, so let’s revel in this glory by first looking to Jodie Harsh’s Circus, which returns for a monthly spectacular shindig at the Paramount on the 31st floor of Centrepoint on Saturday (26th March), this latest event titled “Venus” calling you to embrace your feminine side (we do that all the time!) and also marks Circus approaching five full-on & fantastic years pushing the envelope that is the London polysexual clubbing scene. And the gathering looks gigantic, not least as the sound spinning stars include Shoreditch son Kris Di Angelis, the original gender-bender Tasty Tim and a special set from Jodie herself, no Circus event being complete without the bizarre, twisted yet thoroughly entertaining cabaret show from the icon that is Scottee. But that’s not all, as the team welcome the might of Ladytron whose massive worldwide following from hits “Seventeen” & “Destroy Everything You Touch”, as well as remix credentials that extend to works by Blondie, should see him/her make some monstrous musical machinations. We could say much more, but THE single most important message is, don’t miss this one as its is set to be a brilliant biggie for sure, full details of this event & Circus in general available at

Sharing Best Bite status and looking every bit as good (oh the choice!), is Gutterslut, the way out & whacky wonderment that has been strutting its stuff across London’s East End for a handful of years now, but comes slightly closer into town, returning to its new home, East Bloc on Old Street, this Saturday (26th March), but holds a special celebration as it is Gutterslut original, Per Q.X.’s birthday, the main man flying back from a break in Sweden in time for this exceptional event. And with a cast that includes Nic Fischer, Ralf Obergal, M.C. Crystal and Ma Butcher, all spinning the sounds across the two rooms, Ma also playing host for the evening, this is one birthday bash that you don’t want to miss (see what we mean about choice!?!). With more detail and concession entry available by dropping the gang an e-mail at, if, like us, you can’t make it to this magnificent mash-up, fear not as Per has recorded a special birthday mix to show you exactly what you will be missing, this colossal compilation available for download at As for host venue East Bloc, don’t forget the Friday night naughtiness that is Disco Fag Bar, info on this and other events at this Old Street operation available by going to

To our final of three at The Dalston Superstore signs off this show with another corker of a weekend, centre-staged by yet another birthday bash, this time for Guy Williams’ Paradise 45 which celebrates its first this Friday (25th March), with a dream worthy line-up of D.J’s including Ben Jamin whose jams at Crash have legendary status, the fabulous Faze Action who completely wowed us at Guy’s other club night Reverse, last spring, while the main man also takes to the decks downstairs, while upstairs Paul Dragoni & guests duck & dive the disco. And talking of disco, it’s this all the way, whether it be of the future variety, the old skool 80’s classic slant, or the Italio style, Paradise 45 by name alone shouts disco, disco disco & we love it!! But what we love even more is that’s its all free of charge, yes free folks, but be warned as guy rightfully say’s “…please arrive early disco troops as its gonna be a heavin!…” early being before the 10 p.m. start. As for the rest of the DSS weekend, Saturday sees the return of Paris On Acid, with the likes of Hannah Holland, Dan Beaumont & Squeaky sorting the sounds, while on Sunday (27th March), that man Squeaky returns for his own serenade to the end of the 7th day with another Tutti Frutti social soiree splendour, more of the detail on this and other DSS happenings available at

Right, well we have ranted on for long enough, although it is good to be back doing our Best Biting & Short Shouting after a good 4 weeks, so if you fancy being included in future posts, a reminder that if you want your bar, club or event included, then get emailing us at or find us on Facebook via &/or  where you can plaster our wall(s) or  pop us a message and we will do our best to include you.

So, the weekend is here and it’s time to paaaarty, we kicking off with a trip up to Dalston for Paradise 45 tomorrow (Friday 25th March), while Saturday sees us join forces with cousin Crisco, he heading to hard On!, while we pop into The Black party, Sunday morning seeing us both brave Beyond and, hopefully, another scintillating set from Steve Pitron. So, if you see us out, come say hi, although wherever you are & whatever you are up to, have a great time, don’t forget those clocks go forward on Sunday (early), but remember what we love to say, “…Go There! Be There!…” (DISCO MATT)

Well, what a hideous week it has been in Disco Matt land, with the ravages of a heavy flu attack having laid our last weekend to waste but also rearing a hideous & horrible ear infection that has left us writhing in agony & reeling with in-balance & hearing. Mind you, we put best foot forward on Wednesday, blowing out some cobwebs at Industri with the marvellous Minty & a very cheeky Brent Nicholls who raised more than a laugh or two with his tongue in cheek chortles over our disposition. But with the nasty infection showing little signs of abating, our weekend may well be in tatters again, although this shouldn’t stop you all from making the most of January, as there are plenty of happenings to haul you out of home & into the action, so we take a quick rundown of our Best Bites and nothing more.

First to Soho and as much as we would love to pick out somewhere else as our Best Bite, you simply can’t beat the combo of Profile & Lo-Profile in wetting your weekend with wonderment, especially given the big club feel that the sparking roving resident D.J.’s provide through their magnificent music, names like Mikey D, Brent Nicholls, Alessandro Londra & Paul Heron. And this weekend is no exception as the team follow on from where they left off last weekend, with yet another rip roaring rousing two days of tune-tastic treats, tonight (Fri 14th) seeing Steve Pitron make a welcome return to the decks, although not with usual partner in crime Mikey D, but rather another Beyond boy, the terrifically talented D’Johnny, who has made a full recovery from a nasty tooth infection and, in his own words, “…is coming to gettacha…”, his first stop being Lo-Profile. Saturday (15th Jan) sees some Beyond old time favourites (no offence lads) as Hugh Stevenson & Gonzalo Rivas rev up your evening and prepare you for a morning of audaciousness at Area, as it is the “official” Beyond pre-party at Lo-Profile which, is usually a packed out affair, meaning an early arrival is always a good move. Meanwhile Profile upstairs has really found itself and both Friday’s & Saturday’s are gaining popularity by the week, tonight (Fri 14th) seeing resident & Gaydar D.J. Phil Marriot massage the music both for the live audience & that of Gaydar Radio show ClubNation which beams live from Profile between 7 p.m. & 11.30 p.m., while on Saturday Nick Evans will rock the place with a whole host of uplifting and heavenly house that has made him so popular with the punters. Plus with an unrivalled & fabulous food offer, plus a special happy hour on both nights that includes 2 for 1 on house double spirits, at £10 a bottle & pints of Stella at £2.50, there can’t be a better reason to get your weekend party going early and choosing Profile & Lo-Profile as your choice cut in the Soho social scene, further info available at both &

Now to Vauxhall and yet again it’s the Orange Group that edge the competition with a truly spectacular weekend of action, encompassing brands Onyx, A:M, Beyond, Later, Booster &, of course Orange, sitting neatly in the middle being Alex Erfan’s own Lovechild, their “Snowball” event getting our Weekend Focus attention and taking place on Sat (15th), full details out at As for the rest?, well Onyx is getting, what the promoter calls, an “upgrade look”, with the main room D.J. stars slightly re-aligned to include Lee Harris & Jc Christopher along with, yes you guessed it, promoter Jonny M (interesting!), while much of the rest of the line up looks the same, save for Paul Christian who joins Lisa German toughing it out in the Terrace bar. We will bring you full details of the changes in a special post coming up, but suffice to say tonight (Fri 15th) should be a corker as Booster main man , Romain Lopez, is celebrating his birthday, the boy continuing the partying at A:M, who welcome special guest Mikey D to the decks in the main room, while the likes of Fat Tony, Gonzalo Rivas, Alan K, Pier Morrocco & D’Johnny make for a brilliant blend and whilst much water has flown under the Oliver M/Disco matt bridge, we salute him for pulling round the clubs fortunes and making it the talk of the town.  Leaping to Sunday and it’s a threesome of Beyond, Later & Booster, the whole weekend being polished off with another citric squeeze splendour, Steven React Sharp’s Orange carrying you deep into Monday morning in usual outrage & ostentationess. Middle of the month & a January month to boot and you may think it will be a bit quiet, but if last year is anything to go by, not at all, plus with such a great choice and the cream of the D.J. crop playing, Area & Fire will be pumping from Friday through Monday. Further details of events across the Orange group calendar can be found at and you can also participate in their various guestlist offerings by going to http://gayguestlists/ and adding your preferred club after the slash.

Moving on and over east and with “east” being the optimum word, it is East Bloc on City Roads that pips The Dalston Superstore to our alternatives Best Bite slot, not least as its ever more popular Friday nighter “Disco Fag Bar” (DFB) is right up our street and making waves as big as a Tsunami over in Shoreditch. The brainchild on of Wayne Shires, the man behind underground club phenomenon Crash, has extended his underground roots into DFB in big style, as not only does the club combine that NYC style of basement action, but it has all the industrial feel that made Crash so popular, the main difference being that the crowd is much more mixed, some would say polysexual, we prefer metrosexual & mature in their making. And this Friday (15th Jan) looks like being a blast, as DFB goes up against UturnS , who will introduce what they aptly call as a bit of “…pop porn…” (we like it already!) mashing up electro beats, tech house & synth pop to enthralling effect, D.J.’s Non D’Script & Calemma joining birthday boy Fool V.O. on the decks. Then on Saturday DFB moves over to welcome in “Robot Disco”, the interGAYlactic & supersonic sound filled night that sports future (or Futurama to the gang) disco, and hypnotic house with a dollop of hi-NRG thrown in for good measure, this coming as no surprise when you spot the amazing Lee-Lee in a line up that includes Eat Bloc’s Laurent Chaumet & Macho City’s Dave Kendrick, all joined by special guest Rob Sykes who takes to trip to gay Shoreditch and a slot at East Bloc for the second time. Now, whilst it is not compulsory, be aware that this Shoreditch lot love a bit of dressing up, so if you fancy partaking and looking even the teeniest bit robotic, then the gang will allow you free entry, although if you are down to City Road before midnight, its free also, then a very respectable & reasonable £5, the rates being similar for DFB, more details on these & other events at East Bloc available by going to

So, what’s happened to our other bites & recommendations?, well due to our ear infection misfortunes, we are a little late in getting the proverbial pen to paper, hence the slimline look this week. However, we have definite plans to roll out our “Rest Bites” posts very soon, so if you want a mention then get your details across to Disco Matt headquarters by e-mail at or by popping your events details into our Facebook inbox, or even plastering them on our wall(s), that way you can guarantee a mention.

Now, that’s kind of it for this week, although no recommendation post of ours would be complete without a big up mention for tip top clubbing website SeenQueen, who have been evolving their own recommendations of late, a whole stream of posts going out in advance of ours, as well as a new listings box on their home page. So, it’s all worth checking out by going to

So, as we conclude our post watch this space for upcoming Focus reports on Minty’s Birthday bash at Industri, this coming on Wednesday (19th Jan), the return of Bear Necessity next Saturday (22nd Jan) and then The Week at The Coronet on Saturday 29th Jan, plus much more besides, all right here at

All that’s left to say is, whatever you are up to and wherever the weekend will find you, have a fantastic one and whilst ours looks pretty quiet, fingers crossed we will have our ear plug at the ready for a trip to Lovechild’s “Snowball” event, followed by a brief foray to Beyond. So, if we make it and you happen to see us out, come say hi, but as we always say, Go There! Be There! (DISCO MATT)

You have probably realised that hardly a month goes by now without us making a homage to the club that saw promoter Alex Erfan re-emerge as one of the big players on the scene in London, this brand certainly seeing no signs of succumbing to the toils & troubles of a floundering economy. However, with our European tour of duties getting the start it needed in Paris at the end of September, we missed out on the last outing, a marriage with French outfit Delice and all those drop dead gorgeous boys that come with it, reports coming in that they certainly wowed their captive audience as they always seem to do. But, with the prospect of a more manly & beefed up affair this time round, we were certainly not going to miss a trip down to Fire to savour the delights of Lovechild at its testosterone best, the male body also being projected as the art form it is in this memento to all things muscular. So, what was “Hot Muscle” meet all about, were we inspired by all the man meat around & did we come away satisfied with our lot?

Having been plagued with one piece of bad news after the next just over a week before, very much putting paid to most of what was looking like a hectic weekend, with matters somewhat more settled in our world, we were in much more of a fun filled frame of mind as we made our way down to Vauxhall for this muscle-bound man fest, marking our first trip to Fire in nearly four weeks (a rarity these days), the last being the wonderful The Week event which set us up beautifully for our trip to Paris. But eyes were very much on Lovechild this time round, as we arrived at the re-organised rear entrance to the club, the ever smiling Andrew Jones on hand to welcome us, although it was a mere moment before the radiant Roni Inan arrived, his trademark fur coat number on (it was a pretty cold night) to usher us in. Mind you, with duties pulling him away before you could say brass monkey’s, we joined a long & slow moving coatcheck in the outdoors, waiting patiently for our turn, only relinquishing our coat at the last minute due to the cold.

Inside and we immediately headed for the bar, Booster Romain Lopez spotting us and doing the honours while catching up on news of the previous weekend, but with drinks in hand we were keen to investigate this hot lovechild muscle meet, advancing into the main room where new resident & good looker to boot, Doug Ui’im was in charge of the decks, pumping out a glorious mix of funky & chunky euro style beats with an uplifting twist that was certainly warming the already considerable crowd into this latest love-in with Alex Erfan’s brilliant brand. Looking around the room, it was evident that the planned artwork from Anthony Chia-Bradley was being displayed all around the room, interesting canvases swinging in amongst the banks of laser lighting that were bombarding the walls & ceilings of this evolving main space in Fire. Indeed, on in advancing right down to the end, it was clear that nine bells were still being knocked out of the room, a planned new bar area & mezzanine VIP lounge in the making.

With the main room gaining momentum & the massive new light installation at full tilt, we headed into the lounge to catch up with regular D.J. resident, Gabrielle Cutrano, who was mixing up a delicious cocktail of tech infused yet laid back tunes that had a select crowd moving & grooving around the central pole-dancing podium, two excitable individuals swinging around like spinning tops in a child’s playground. There we caught a moment with incumbent D.J. Hugh Stevenson, who was due to play a back-to-back set with other former Beyond Colosseum icon disc spinner, Alan X, we very much looking forward to their performance, probably more than any other on the line-up, although our attention was soon grabbed first by Danny Shubert and then by an off duty Phil Hewson who had special guest New Yorker Justin Ryan in his midst, the main floor bound man having flown in especially for this Lovechild event from a tour of duty in Brazil, we catching a mere moment of his time before heading back into the action next door.

Back in the main space & Leroy Tayler was now selecting the sounds, the crowd being further delighted by the arrival of a collection of muscle-bound go-go’s, very much on the man end of the scale compared with previous events, the foursome very much cutting a considerable stride on the generous dance stage wrapping around the D.J. booth, their tight torso’s & pumping pecs exciting the crowd in front of them, although merely paving the way for bigger things to come as the main event body builders from head muscle man Lucas Alexander’s stable were yet to show their hand. However two people that did were Industri pal Stephen & fellow friend Stefan, both bounding up to say hello & then Stefan, without warning, jumped onto the podium in front of us, now vacated by the dancers, and gave us his own impromptu performance, soon being joined by the larger than life yet magnificent Chrissy Darling, dressed in yet another unique & striking costume, the duo attracting much attention from the wave of camera’s pointed in their direction.

However, by now the duo of Alan X & Hugh Stevenson where firing up the mirrorarch which some truly terrific tunes, we choosing this room over the two others for our lion’s share of devotions for the rest of the evening, many more also making the same choice, such was the extent & enjoyment from the heavenly house hits this dynamic duo were delivering. Indeed, we would have stayed put for the rest of their set, had it not been for a roll call from Alex, his request pulling us back into the main room where the bevy of body builders had gathered on the stage for a rip roaring pose down, each & every one of them seemingly enjoying showing off their assets to the goggle eyed admirers in front of them, the music pace first slowing as the muscle men posed & then gathered considerable pace as Mr Alexander had a go on the decks, pulling out the track that never fails to get a reaction, “Release Me” short of blowing the roof off Fire, the posers replaced by prancers revelling in the brilliant beats, guest D.J. Justin Ryan then taking over & moving the music up a further gear or two with a distinct New York style hard edge to it that had the room pulsating.

However, both Alan & Hugh were drawing us back, so we headed through to the mirrorarch once more, being stopped in our tracks by Paul Heron, whom we had not seen for such a long time, but who was very much looking forward to setting his designated room alight, this second room spot right up his street, he hardly failing to hit the mark with tonnes of terrific tunes. And with the dynamic duo bowing out, it was Paul’s turn to show the crowd what he was made of, the room soon swelling to capacity as he set about laying down some scintillating sounds, tech & progressive based but rip roaring in their delivery that had the room rampant. Then to add to the incredible atmosphere, first the muscled body builders returned to delight and then the room’s sponsor, Regulation, placed a small collection of dildo’s on one of the podiums next to us, although while the collection may have been small the dildo’s were far from, one absolutely huge, wider than our arm in fact. So, the inevitable happened and with Chris Jepson in situ, first one dildo was pushed against our lips, then another, this time by the ever present Roni Inan, a few more people getting in on the act with Chris snapping away merrily, this very much setting the tone for the remainder of our evening in the hands of a prolific performance by Paul & in the delightful company of Roni, Danny, Stefan & Stephen, seeing out our testosterone & muscle inspired walk on the Lovechild side close to the 7 a.m. finish before heading to pastures Beyond.

Having been part of our regular monthly calendar for close on a year now, it would be fair to say that in Lovechild we sometimes take things a little too much for granted and it is only sitting back a few days after an event these days that we truly realise just how good the parties actually are. And in “Hot Muscle” this was very much the case, the experience at the time not feeling anything too special, yet looking back, it actually was. With a choice of three rooms serving up significantly different styles of music from a wealth of talent in both resident & guest D.J.’s, there is no question that Lovechild deserves its spot in our devotions and whilst the formula may be pretty much the same, Alex & his team always keep the theme fresh & inviting, meaning there is always something new to inspire & delight. As for this time, well our delight were those dildo’s & the inspiration was the incredible music, so keep it coming Lovechild and we can’t wait for the next party in November. (DISCO MATT)


Since moving to new host venue Fire just over a year ago, Lovechild has very much moved up a gear or two, the flexibility & space this Vauxhall hotspot provides, the perfect setting for the various parties promoter Alex Erfan has held there. In fact, over the last few months we have seen a rich variety of themes for this, his first & main club brand since breaking away from Salvation, this lovable clubbing event having really established itself as a firm favourite, not just in London, but down in Brighton too, having held sway at the recent Gay Dance Weekend & August Bank Holiday, but has also made it big internationally, a series of gigs in Europe extending much further beyond with a recent event out in Sydney & this coming weekend, will be represented out in Istanbul, Turnkey.

 But back in London and having seen so many incarnations, from “Wet” to “Makin Hay”, from Hot Tropicana” to “Meets Delice” and much in between, it’s time for another instalment in this history of Lovechild at Fire, as Alex Erfan & his team present “Hot Muscle”, a party dedicated to the male body form in the hottest way possible, which takes place this coming Saturday (16th Oct) at Fire in Vauxhall. As the party title suggests, the emphasis will be on muscle, the team having drafted in the services of Anthony Chia-Bradley, who will providing a spectacular art installation, yes art in Fire, encompassing a whole collection of huge original canvases, sculptural displays & other art forms, all based of the male physique. Not only will these pieces of art (sorry we can’t help saying it) be visually stunning, but through a wide variety of colours in the various compositions, they are all sure to attract plenty of eye & other attention and we for one, cannot wait to see how Fire looks with this injection of culture. But, if you can’t wait to feast your eyes on all this art on Saturday, you can get a sneak preview of Anthony’s work now, by going to

 The art aside, further “muscle” intended extra’s will be on offer, not least from sponsor, Jubilee Hall Gym, who will have their own set up, we believe in the Contact (Mirrorarch) room, where a team of experts will be providing a special protein counter to guide you through elements of diet when it comes to building muscle, as well as offering samples of protein shakes & various other supplements that aid individuals training regimes. But, adding to that will be the presence of British Body Building champion, Lucas Alexander, who will be showcasing his new brand of nutritional & (that word again) protein supplements, details of which you can find at his website, In addition, Lucas will be bringing along six young body builders (steady), all fresh from the latest British Body Building championship, who will perform a pose down to really get those muscles flexed & heartbeats pumping. So, it looks like dance choreographer & co-ordinator Thiagio Drewery will have his hands full competing with these young boys, but he will surely turn out some extra special & sexy go-go dancers to compete on all levels, the famed strip shows for which Lovechild customers always look for, back, and if you want to do a little stripping of yourselves, then there is always the play area at the back on the contact room (strictly men only of course).

 Turning to the music and, given the line –up, we certainly expect it to be hot & pumped up if not necessarily muscular (muscular music…a new genre?!?!), with regulars Paul Heron, Gabriele Cutrano, Leroy Tayler & Lee Harris being joined by some special guests. First & foremost, Alex is proud to welcome Justin Ryan to London, an internationally renowned D.J. that made his debut behind the decks in New York, but soon spread his wings across America, playing an intrinsic part in Miami’s “Winter Party” & the city’s “Out In The Parks” summer tour, also playing out to packed audiences in Washington DC, Philadelphia, Dallas, Atlanta & Fire Island, as well as up in Montreal, Canada. However, spreading wings comes naturally to Justin and he has formed serious foundation in Australia, establishing a residency with one of the top events teams there, which has seen him play at the huge Sydney Mardi Gras, as well as for club brands Love Muscle, MarXe, Big Q Rising, and latterly, Live, the club that co-hosted the Lovechild party we mentioned earlier, Justin playing alongside Sydney based Johan Khoury (also a Lovechild guest D.J.) and London resident Alessandra Londra. Mr Ryan’s characteristic uplifting vocals & melodic house hits, intermixed with progressive, latin & euro style beats are sure to go down a treat on the Lovechild London main floor and his energy & enthusiasm for his art will definitely come through, he remarking that “…I always try to deliver the highest energy through my performances, I like to feel part of the crowd and lead them through the party…” And, in celebration of his recent Sydney appearance & that for London this Saturday, Alex has laid down a special compilation, simply entitled “Lovechild” which is well worth a listen at & judging by some of the tracks on here, gosh are we in for a treat at Fire (also check out his photo…he & Johan Khoury have to be related, what do you think?!).

 Alex Ryan aside, Mr Erfan is also pleased to present the combined forces of Alan X & Hugh Stevenson, both who have played individually at Lovechild before, but never together. Alan & Hugh will be performing an extra-special back-to-back set, no doubt taking us back to those halcyon days when they used to rule supreme on Beyond’s main floor (at Colosseum), yet will surely have plenty of new beats & rhythms to add to their extensive playlists and we know that they have been piling in the hours, collaborating on exactly which records to chose & how to pitch their performance, so this is one back-to-back set you won’t want to miss. But, if that wasn’t enough, the crafty Alex Erfan will be, once again, showcasing the talents of new D.J. name Isavin from Romania, this London based boy having made a splash at the last Lovechild outing, certainly rousing the main floor with his pumping progressive sounds, not to mention smouldering looks, so keep your eyes peeled for him.

 Now to the all important detail and this latest Lovechild meet, “Hot Muscle” take place this Saturday (16th Oct) at Fire in Vauxhall, doors opening at 11 p.m. & the club running through to a planned 7 a.m. £10 advance tickets are available online at and at Soho outlets Prowler Clone Zone & DV8, with more on sale on the door, which will be hosted as usual by the fabulous Chrissy “Lovechild” Darling. Plus, don’t forget that the official afterparty is Beyond over at Area & the first 100 customers through Lovechild’s doors will receive a free entry wristband to this Sunday morning phenomenon More info on Lovechild can be found by going to where you can also sign up for their e-list.

 So come Saturday at Fire, “Hot Muscle” is the name & hot muscular action will be the game, which means you would be mad to miss out on this latest Lovechild love-in, leaving us to say just one more thing….Go There! Be There! (DISCO MATT)

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