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Reviews/Films – “Comparison Plagued Churchill Pictorial Portrayal” – Darkest Hour – Sunday 14th Jaunary

With the saying of “…how many ways can you…” ringing in our expectant ears of this latest Churchill characterisation screenplay, this along with the knowledge that that portrayal of this most singularly recognisable statesman of 20th century British history is knowingly played by an actor required to be plastered in prosthetics, just how plausible was Oldman as Winston and why,… Read more »

Reviews/Reports – “Adele Adoration” – The BRIT’s Awards 2016 – Wednesday 24th February

With the BRIT’s overwhelmingly outperforming its Atlantic opposite, the stateside GRAMMY’s was well & truly kicked into the long grass by its UK counterpart, but what made this British music industry spectacle so much more superb than that other ghastly award attempt, and why was the winner of the night an affirmation of how brilliant the BRIT’s has become?  … Read more »