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Reviews/Films – “Anger At Atrocities Against Armenians” – The Promise – Wednesday 3rd May

Remarkably revealing as well as angering narrative of the atrocities against Armenians by the Ottoman Empire genocidal government, “The Promise” chronicles the religious, social & ethnic divides within what is now known as Turkey, but did this modern-day epic of a movie live up to both its title & it’s more classical cinematic colossus’s, or did the potential of this… Read more »

Recommends/Films – “Must Have’s & Maybe’s” – Film Newsletter Special ~ DVD Releases – Monday 11th July

With so many screenplays at the start of the year scoring so highly in our estimation, it was inevitable that come their release on DVD, we would be inundated with must additions to our collection, while in amongst these are others not quite so superb but worthy of consideration, we taking a look at the must have’s and the maybe’s… Read more »