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DM Does…The Music News – “Mountain Of Mixes To Market” – Music Is The Answer Newsletter – Wednesday 26th January

Just when we thought we could get our feet back under the table & to our regular D.J. focuses, up come a veritable feast of compilations & tracks, which have kind of forced our hand (in a good way of course) into filing another newsletter, not two weeks after the last. Indeed, with a pretty hectic February that includes trips… Read more »

Special Review – “Fulsome Threesome Makes Five” – Industri “Birthday Bonanza” – Wednesday 19th January

Not a month since our favourite social soiree upped sticks from its original home in Vauxhall, moving across to Soho, at the same time switching from a Thursday to a Wednesday, we once again find ourselves exerting our energies into a review of this cherished club night in our calendar, the history of Minty’s marvel having had plaudits poured all… Read more »

DM Recomends – “The Celebration Crowd” – Industri “A Birthday Bash Extra-ordinaire” – Wednesday 19th January – Special Focus

Now you should know by now that we love a bit of a birthday bash, indeed it hardly seems a month (well it isn’t quite yet actually) since we were celebrating our very own at Beyond, although with ours wrapped up in pre Christmas partying, we have come to expect that the emphasis is more on festive thoughts rather than… Read more »

DM Reports/Reviews – “Terrific Twelve Months Of Tunes” – 2010 Year Music Review

As much as our bar, club & event yearly round-up reviews have become a tradition, our look back at any year would not be complete without our full on reflection of the music & the D.J.’s that have made our year, indeed, without the music and without the D.J.’s, the bars, clubs & events would not exist as they do… Read more »

Club Review – “Tremdendous Twenty Turn” – Trade 20th Brithday – Sunday 31st October

Casting our minds back to when we were twenty, finds us frolicking in the clubs in & around Johannesburg, our informative years having been spent in South Africa, but in moving to London when we did, signalled a real step change in the way we clubbed. And the music we listened to, the hi-nrg sounds of the eighties transforming to… Read more »