Weekend Focus – “Way Out Wackiness With The Woo” – Gutterball – Saturday 9th October

Now, it kind of goes without saying that we all too often fall into the trap of normality (some would say mundaness) on any given weekend, the trappings of Soho & Vauxhall plus the likes of Matinee, SuperMartXe et all, very much precluding us from venturing forth to pastures more prolific. But if we boldly went where we rarely go,… Read more »

Weekend Focus – “Supercharged Spanish Smash Goes Supersexy – SuperMartXe “Porno Star” – Saturday 9th October

We can hardly believe that it has been just over three months since we saw the infamous beach ball bouncing around The Coronet, our last visit having been devoted to home-grown brand Hype, although as good as that party was, there is no question that the Spanish import that took London by storm just under two years ago (November 2008… Read more »

Club Review – “Poolside Plunge In Paris” – SuperSize Pool Party – Saturday 26th September

Whilst our first steps into a club and onto the dancefloor were deep down in the southern hemisphere in South Africa, the real roots of our clubbing devotions are planted firmly here in London, although having been accustomed to plenty of travelling in our youth, the penchant to take combine two incredible passions in our life has been an ambition… Read more »

Weekend Focus – “Sophistication & Style At Sound” – TTD Launch – Sunday 3rd October

There is no doubt that there seems to be a resurgence in Sunday afternoon clubbing, or at least the penchant to party on the seventh day of the week, but very much with the desire for something a little different to the norm. In some ways, this desire is a return to the days when DTPM was founded, the first… Read more »

Weekend Focus – “Remember The Rave” – Reactivate – Saturday 2nd October

The late 80’s & early nineties (yes we are talking about last century, but it wasn’t that long ago), was dominated by the rave culture, the desire by the youth to take over some warehouse somewhere & party to pumping hard house cum techno music that saw a whole generation of clubbers immerse themselves in the trend that was taking… Read more »

Weekend Focus – “Amazing Afterhours Alterations” – A:M Re-Launch – Saturday 2nd October

    When it comes to a bit of afterhours clubbing action on the gAylist scene, one tends to think about Sunday mornings, Trade being the mother of them all throughout the nineties & early on in the nougties, the crown then having been wrestled away by the brilliance of Beyond, which has since gone on to dominate the market,… Read more »

Disco Matt-ers – “Oliver & Orange” – Wednesday 28th September

This Saturday sees the massive re-launch of amazing afterhours club A.M., the Orange Group brand that has been reigning supreme for close on 10 years in the capital and amidst a whole host of “…careful tweaks…” is the introduction of a new promoter, taking the helm of this Vauxhall institution. Without question, 2010 has been one amazing rollercoaster of a… Read more »