Recommends – “Fulsome Foursome” – Weekend Best Bites – Friday 12th to Sunday 14th April – Newsletter

With spring having finally sprung, it seems the scene is also springing into action this weekend, a champion choice of a marvellous set of Saturday meets seeing us extend our Best Bites from three to four, we offering ample alternatives to what will no doubt be the most dynamic draw & most popular party of the day.


Having been plagued with a serious viral illness along with other health complications, we have been pretty much out of action for a good few weeks, but with a determination to do what we do best, we thought we would kick start our return with our Weekend Recommends newsletter, picking out our Best Bites of where to be & be seen on the scene this weekend, we acknowledging that one party looks like being the most dynamic draw, while the other three offer ample alternatives for those looking for something a little different.



So let’s get to it and to our first Best Bite, which goes to DISH, which returns this Saturday (13th Sept) at East Bloc for its fourth outing of the year, this brilliant brand having celebrated its birthday back in January and has continued to ride a wave crest that has seen both the February & March events packed to the rafters. Indeed part of the draw of DISH is that amazing atmosphere that host venue East Bloc engenders, the underground & cavernous nature of the club harping back to the decadent feel of the nineties, yet with an up to date & modern twist, many party goers of that era making comparisons with Crash. AS for DISH itself, in the twelve of so months that it has been running, promoters Tom Stephan & Borja Pena have benefitted from a loyal following while also attracting one of the most stylishly mixed crowds we have seen in a long while, DISH’s forefather, MEAT, also having cemented the latter as one of the hip, hot & happening events on the capitals clubbing calendar. AS for this month’s event, well the team seem to be sticking with that winning formula, which thirty neatly explain by saying “…Here at DISH we follow a very simple recipe,  quality beats served by London’s finest chefs…” the chefs clearly the D.J.’s, no less than six serving up scores of scintillating sounds across three rooms of fun, the aptly named “Main Dish” room brimming with “…hearty beats to satisfy!…” from both Tom & Borja, while the “Side Dish” second space sees Mark-Ashley Dupé & Daniel Delay will keep the room jumping & pumping with “…familiar favourites we all know and love!…”. But it doesn’t stop there as the compact & bijou “Tapas” third room where Cathal & Franx De Crystal will “…tease your appetite with a bit of spice!…” translating to tons of terrific tunes, proceedings helped along by hosts La Pequeña, Andrew Moore & Tomino, doors opening at East Bloc this Saturday (14th Apr) from 10.30 p.m., with DISH running to a planned 6 a.m. finish, entry £7 before midnight, £10 thereafter, the team urging you to arrive early to guarantee entry, more detail should you need it out at &/or



So onto our second Best Bite and we stick with Shoreditch, moving slightly further round to Hoxton in fact and to The Hoxton Pony, a venue that was very much at the forefront of the explosion of this area as the new hip, happening & trendsetting spot in London a small handful of years ago and while Hoxton may have been absorbed into the expanse that we known as Shoreditch, it remains at the epicentre of metrosexual clubbing activity. Indeed, The Hoxton Pony, having firmly established its niche yet stylish clubbing & socialising set following its launch in 2009, can also be proud as being part of the expansion of the Shoreditch scene which today sees one of the biggest concentration of club venues in the whole of London. Famed for its decadence and a smidgen of anarchy, The Hoxton Pony is particularly popular with locals on a Friday night, a whole host of D.J.’s from across the capital landing on this jewel in the Hoxton clubbing crown, names such as Zach Burns & Tony English adding their own brand of upfront house music to the more electro tech beats of the Pony’s resident D.J.’s. However, it is Saturday’s and particularly the venue’s new night, Rapture, that is turning heads & drawing the crowds, the promoters saying of this night, “…Rapture delivers the ultimate night of mayhem and despicable party antics with a mixed crowd…”, this Saturday (13th April) seeing one The Hoxton Pony’s favourite D.J.’s hit the decks for a specially extended 6 hour set and one that will surely showcase Tony’s diverse genre styles which range from electro through upfront vocal house to more eurostyle beats that belie his indistinct links with Spain & Ibiza. Indeed, having played out to capacity crowds for  polysexual clubbing brand Puscha, for whom he has been a resident for close on 10 years, his repertoire also extends to familiar gay territory parties including Lovechild, Hustlaball, Popcorn at Heaven and the recent launched club collaboration, This Is Prohibition, while Spanish clubbing brand SuperMartXe is among a number of other mainland & Ibiza based clubs he has played for, while he was the creator of Gaydar Radio’s very popular Saturday night show, Club Nation & has hosted a number of other radio shows in his time. As for Rapture itself, well it takes place at The Hoxton Pony this coming Saturday (13th April) from an early start of 8 p.m., running through till 2.a.m,  the team hinting that you should “…dress to impress, we’re the most glamorous and best night out in Shoreditch. No other night will offer you the opportunity to mix fashion, hedonism and exhibitionism…”, entry £8 while its £6 for guestlist entrants before 10 p.m., further info including dresscode policy out at



To our third Best Bite now and we head into Soho for monthly meet BakeBox which plays out for the third time at the Green Carnation this Saturday (13th April), no doubt building on the success of the launch back in February when it was known as Baked. However, a shift in the name change has only served to attract even more attention and last month’s meet was every bit as popular, the blend of house classics & anthems with more upfront & current house tunes, with a dollop of disco for good measure, really hitting the mark with followers of the BakeBox beats recipe. And promoters Chris Brogan & Jay Jaymen have very much created a brand that offers something delightfully different to the norm, the light & fluffy music policy setting it aside for its clubbing compatriots, both boys say of BakeBox, “…this is our Box. It’s not just any Box. It’s a Box full of YOUR favourites. And by favourites, we mean all those tracks that get your feet tapping, hands clapping, divas singing and men jigging…” adding “…we are bringing back more fun, more frolics and more floor fillers for those who love their classic, vocal and disco house and a whole lot of anthems. BakeBox has been mixed and prepared by the very best DJs, bringing Soho something fresh and new!…”, guest D.J. Nathan Six fitting in with the formula really well. Indeed, having seen more than a handful of prolific performances from the talent individual, Nathan having played for the likes of Beyond, Matinee & SuperMartXe, while he was a staple resident ingredient for the sadly demised Profile & Lo-Profile where his sounds selections showed just why the BakeBox team have chosen him for this next party, his sets nothing short of spectacular on all the occasions we have seen him play. As for the BakeBox event detail, well its takes place this Saturday (13th April) at The Green Carnation from 9 p.m., entry on the door just £8 with a special concessions price of £5 before midnight, while once inside there are a number of drinks deals exclusive to “BakeBoxers”, which include £10 bottles of house red/white wine, £3.50 on Becks & Corona and £4.50 house double spirits & mixers, further info out & available at &/or



So, we reach our fourth Best Bite and, surprisingly for some, land on Matinee which returns to London this Saturday (13th April) with its “Starship” party, surely set to see host venue Fire a complete roadblock and, potentially, uncomfortable with it. Indeed, we have stated our case against the venue as the right place for this Spanish superclub & global brand giant, not least that Matinee is famed for its flamboyant & huge production, the arched nature of Fire just not right. But it seems that the London promotions team are intent on continuing the matinee story here and one thing that we cannot deny is its sheer popularity, hence that we felt it should be included here. And, true to form with the matinee top brass, they are flying across one of their main resident super star D.J.’s to headline this London event, Lydia Sanz very much part of a team that has recently expanded, Lydia having become more popular across Europe in recent months, hence why she is being used more & more often as part of the touring team. But the list of D.J.’s extend much further, Matinee London landing some of its top residents for this “Starship” event, D’Johnny, Gonzalo Rivas and Jamie Head joining Lydia in the Fire main room, while Massimo Paramour and Maze & Masters sort he sounds in the second Mirrorarch space, while across in the third, lounge room, its Rob Sykes, Zach Burns & Fabio Luigi that offer something delightfully different to the full-on main room. As for the production/, well expect the usual Matinee thrills & spills, even if the stage has nowhere near that impact “Starship” deserves, while we are sure the dancers with be dressed to the high nines in space themed costumes to make up for the lack of stage space. In terms of the event detail, Matinee “Starship” takes place this coming Saturday (13th April) at Fire in Vauxhall, doors opening at 11 p.m. and the party running through to a planned 7 a.m. finish, although with Beyond (the official “Starship” afterparty) opening its doors at the early time of, we reckon it may drain Fire earlier than the Matinee team would like. In terms of tickets, you can grab yours online at priced at a hefty £15, while Soho outlets Prowler & Clone Zone are also selling, the advance way the best way to go, as queues to get in are likely to be lengthy & slow, while keep your eyes peeled once in for special entry passes to Beyond, further info & the latest news on Matinee “Starship” up at


Well, that’s just about it for this our first Best Bites newsletter in a number of weeks and while we remain too unwell to step out, we hope we have given you a diverse enough choice of where to lay your hat this Saturday particularly. But whatever you do and wherever it finds you, have a great weekend and remember, to “Be There!” you need to Go There!”. (DISCO MATT) 

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