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We were gushing over Grammy’s, beaming for the Bafta’s, bewitched by the Brits & overjoyed with the Oscar’s, and now it’s time to roll out the red carpet one more time, polish up those acceptance speeches & herald the winners once again, as the 20th Boyz Magazine awards are upon us. But with little over 20 hours to go before voting closes, Disco Matt takes a last minute look at these much anticipated twentieth anniversary awards & what makes them that extra bit special this year.



Acceptance Speeches Await

We have always had a penchant for a decent awards ceremony, the excitement, the glamour the pomp & the circumstance that seems to go hand in hand with these yearly events never failing to draw us in each & every time and while the season, which seems to start just after Christmas & end sometime in April, is bursting with dedications to all sorts of arts, we do favour the the big four, as our anticpaition & expectation rises for our favourite actor, actress, director, film, pop star, band or group scooping that coveted crown within their field. Indeed we love everything that goes with these colossal ceremonies, the acceptance speeches often as entertaining as the spectacles themselves, this year has been no different to others, as we were amazed when the fabulous flick, The Artist,  picked up one  Oscar after the next, while we were amused when Meryl Streep lost her shoe on the way up to collect her Bafta, Colin Firth retrieving it like the Prince coming to  Cinderella’s rescue,  although the highlight of the awards ceremony season so far has to be the finger moment at The Brit’s when Adele  showed her disgust at being cut short by the ITV producers.


Gets Our Votes

However, with these ceremonies pretty much done & dusted, we can now set our minds on the next set of awards and ones that are probably much closer to our hearts than all the rest, as the scene is close on set for the annual Boyz scene awards, celebrating everything that is fabulous about probably the most gorgeously gregarious gay playing fields on the globe, the institution that has become this weekly magazine’s annual accolades marking a magnificent milestone this year, as it has been a whole 20 years since it started sharing its spoils across a scene that both it & we feel so privileged to be part of. So, given this momentous occasion in the magazine’s history, we couldn’t let the moment pass without trumpeting our own tribute for these amazing awards and what special & extra categories have appeared this year to mark that marvellous twentieth milestone, while running down some of our own contenders for the likes of best bar, club, event, business, music maker & more, hinting to our forthcoming special feature that will wrap up awards from Attitude, SeenQueen, Boyz &, of course, our own in a neat & tidy package for posterity.


Best Club?

But before we do all that, we thought we would remind those of you that have yet to cast your vote that you now have little over 20 hours to do so, as voting for these special scene awards closes at midnight tonight (Tuesday 6th March), meaning you really need to get your skates on with your selections. So, lets share that all important direct link now, as a click onto will take you straight to the voting page,  although if you are already on our website then a simple click on the Boyz award banner under our “Businesses” section will also suffice. And in making this simple selection, you will find yourselves presented with the first of the special 20th anniversary additions, as the Boyz team have put up a fabulous prize draw that each & everyone that casts their vote(s) gets entered into, with the chance of winning a luxury (gay of course) cruise for two with RSVP Vacations (, “…the originator of the gay & lesbian vacation concept…” the prize worth over £2,300, we taking a punt that it may be their new for 2012 exotic Med  cruise taking in Barcelona, Valencia, Casablanca & Ibiza, while there are extra prizes donated by Ministry of Sound in the form of five pairs of stylish, gym friendly, MOS 005 headphones, so six great reasons (among a host of others) why you should be casting your votes before it’s too late, what do they say, “…you have to be in it to win it…”.


Best D.J.?

So, you have got past that initial simple selection, what beholds these Boyz 20th anniversary scene awards? Well, they tell us that it shouldn’t take more than five minutes to vote, although there are a whole raft of categories & options to choose from and plenty of options within each category to, is north, south east or west you are voting for?, while that is perhaps one of the easiest decisions, as within each there is a long list of hopefuls vying for your vote. However, if you have your firm favourites then wading through the categories should be very straight forward and we are assured that you don’t need to make a selection in each & every section, rather just cast your vote were you want to. That said, with this year’s voting that little bit more special, it’s worth adding your vote to the 20th anniversary selections, namely, “Ultimate Gay Bar Or Pub”, “Ultimate Cabaret Performer”, “Ultimate Gay Club &” Ultimate Gay Club D.J.” and don’t worry, you needn’t have been around on the scene for the last twenty years to cast a vote here. Plus, the great thing with a lot of the voting categories is that Boyz allow you to add your own selection suggestions, they making voting as straight forward as possible, unlike some polls that we could mention that have tried to complicate things, while validating your vote is as secure as it can be as a full name along with a valid e-mail address is required, hence little opportunity to cheat (why would anyone?!?!).


Best Promoter?

Well, as they say in the business, that’s a wrap, although with the results due out later this month, we will be commissioning a special feature, “I Would Like To Thank”, bringing you these Boyz awards results  and also analysing them against our very own winners in the London categories for Best New Club, Best Club Weekly, Best Club Monthly, Best Club Event, Best Club Newcomer, Best Promoter, Best D.J. & Best D.J. Newcomer, having brought you our abridged club review of 2011, “Emotionally Enthralling Expeditions & Experiences”, which we still aim to put out there, hopefully by next weekend, those clubs & events we supported during the last year, while we will also be looking internationally to the clubbing brands, the D.J.’s & the promoters that floated our boat during our travels abroad. But more than that, we will also be going in-depth on the SeenQueen awards, looking at the losers as well as the winners in what has always been THE scene awards of the year, although with a change in the voting process, seemed to dip in favour this time round, while with Attitude Magazine also having their scene say, we will bring you their results too. So, while the big four may already be fading into the memory banks, it is still all celebration steam ahead for this spectacular scene that we find ourselves in, so get Boyz voting and see you on the other side with our results review. (DISCO MATT)


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The History.......

Disco Matt had a reputation for being London’s original party boy & independent journalist who gained a reputation for supporting & promoting one of the world’s most prolific clubbing scenes. Through a series of reports, he previewed, reviewed & recommended London gay clubs, as well as the diverse gay/metrosexual London club/bar culture, linking to & reviewing the scene top D.J.’s and generally covering the gay scene including international gay events.

Regularly reporting on the top events across the scene, Disco Matt’s reviews, over the years, developed a strong following, not just by clubbers, D.J’s, promoters & scene faces, but people far and wide that were looking for an insight to the incredible scene that is London. He also previewed upcoming events that signalled, either a major change or update of existing clubs, new ventures on the gAylist/metrosexual scene, or where he considered events that deserved more comprehensive coverage to that provided in other posts.

And of these other posts, these included his "recommends" issues, covering events during the calendar week & month, compiled as "Weekend Focuses" which detailed specific events, "Best Bites" which ran down his top choices in any given weekend, "Rest Bites" giving mention to other hot spots & "Extra Bites" which covered hot off the press & last minute news that deserved an extra shout. All these posts aimed to guide his readers through what was best on offer in gAylist/land London as well as ground breaking new clubs where metrosexuality was the name of the game and thus acted as additions not replacements to his full previews.

Then there were his reports & features on the latest news to hit the scene, whether it was music, clubbing or otherwise. Here he aimed to tackle burning issues affecting the clubbing world, as well as reporting on topical news that escapes his "review", "preview" &/or "recommends" posts.

Plus, having a keen ear for a great sound & an in-depth knowledge of the D.J. scene in London & beyond, Disco Matt regularly recommended, through his “Music Is The Answer” posts, the latest tracks that were either hitting or about to hit the dance floors, as well as compilation works worth more than just a listen, focussing on D.J’s careers & profiles, as well as promoting new talent.

The Present.....

Disco Matt, after a long lay-off, has decided change the focus of his activity, diversifying into to other forms of media, including film, theatre, radio & television where his reviewing, recommending & reporting will be replicated & resurrected while he will also point his promotions through banner visuals & video's linked to all these areas along with his core activities/passions.

Disco Matt is therefore undergoing a period of transition where the "old" will merge with the "new", his aim to continue with many of the elements from his history, while the focus is shifting away from clubbing towards his main passion, music. However, the activity for which he was best known & famed, his reviews, will span the full range of the media areas he will be covering henceforth, his recommending & reporting complimenting his event coverage which, through visual banners on his website & social media pages, aims to broaden his appeal to a much wider audience interested in the latest most cutting edge areas of media & entertainment he will be covering, film, theatre, radio, television, video and of course, music.

Exciting times are ahead, so watch this space.....

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